Skull & Bones Secret Society Heroin Roots

Skull and Bones, the infamous secret society out of Yale with members including George W. Bush, John Kerry along with ten members from Bush's present cabinet was founded on illegal opium smuggling trade.

Skull and Bones Secret Society Founded On Opium Smuggling(The Skull and Bones Secret Number is 322)

This is just a sound bite of what should be of great concern to all freedom-loving Americans. If you want to understand the full depth of what we face in the fight for freedom, listen to the radio interview linked on this vid. Take care.

911 Truth : Flushing out Skull and Bones @ Conspiracy Reviews

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  1. Tank n Dave

    Quite convenient that the video has been “Removed due to violation of terms…..”when it in fact is obviously i direct attack on some of the most powerful men in america!!!!!!!!!!
    who’s in charge here?????????

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