Bill Hicks Enlightening Video Clip Collection

Have a happy Jesus day, winter solstice, Chanukah, mushroom day or whichever you celebrate this season and New Year. Enjoy the Bill Hicks video clips.

comedian and philosopher Bill HicksWilliam Melvin Hicks, better known as Bill Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994), was a controversial American stand-up comedian, satirist, and social critic.

Hicks is often compared to Lenny Bruce (although he frequently denied knowing much about Bruce's life or work) and Sam Kinison (a contemporary and friend). Comedian Richard Pryor figured largely as an inspiration and stand-up idol for Hicks, as did Woody Allen who also served strongly as a very early influence for a pre-teen Hicks. Like Lenny Bruce, Hicks challenged formal and informal forces of censorship, and suggested a disconnect between the values and operations of modern life, particularly in the United States, a country toward which his humor frequently adopted a tone ranging from cynicism to scathing critique. Hicks characterized his own performances as "Chomsky with dick jokes". - Wiki

Bill Hicks on patriotism and the adoption of a new flag.

Bill Hicks describes how certain drugs may have been left here by god to speed up and facilitate mankinds evolution.

Mr. Bill Hicks explains how life is just a ride.

Bill Hicks explains how America has become bullies of the world, post Persian Gulf "war".

In Other News, Positive LSD Story by Bill Hicks

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