Disney’s Corporate Control Over Your Children

The Disney Company's massive success in the 20th century is based on creating an image of innocence, magic and fun. Its animated films in particular are almost universally lauded as wholesome family entertainment, enjoying massive popularity among children and endorsement from parents and teachers.

Mickey Mouse Monopoly takes a close and critical look at the world these films create and the stories they tell about race, gender and class and reaches disturbing conclusions about the values propagated under the guise of innocence and fun. This daring new video insightfully analyzes Disney's cultural pedagogy, examines its corporate power, and explores its vast influence on our global culture. Including interviews with cultural critics, media scholars, child psychologists, kindergarten teachers, multicultural educators, college students and children, Mickey Mouse Monopoly will provoke audiences to confront comfortable assumptions about an American institution that is virtually synonymous with childhood pleasure.

Interviewees include Henry Giroux, Diane Levin, Gail Dines, Elizabeth Hadley, Carolyn Newberger, Alvin Poussaint, and Justin Lewis.

Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power



  1. lin

    I appreciate what you have written I had many disney movies and I have got rid of them all now and its difficult to tell so many how evil it is as they had it in their lives from children and they dont see the danger or maybe are afraid to as they have to face it for themselves! I know others would appreciate it too so dont take any notice of the above comment which was probably stated out of fear and ignorance or a vested interest thanks for your hard work and research! lin

  2. Lari

    This is a serious problem we, parents, should face with more responsability, now. We need to guide our children through faith and teach them about God. We need to guard their souls from such wolves in sheep clothing, as Disney is. Let us turn off the tv and encourage them do some other things that are way more productive and less distructive. If we want our children to be obedient, we should not let them watch role models that show the oposite.

  3. Sam

    Teach them about faith and God? Give me a break. If your kids grow up bad, it is your own damn fault. Don’t blame Disney, they aren’t evil. They are just in the business of bringing kids happiness. Your just plain stupid.

    People like you who shelter their kids are more likely to have their kids behave badly in society.

    If your so worried about Disney corrupting your kids minds then I suggest you move to the woods where you can raise them in an environment with no cell phones so they won’t text and you could even teach them how to hunt and fish! THATS A FANTASTIC IDEA!

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