The man that killed 2 alien greys

I never quite no what to make of testimonials like this in the UFO community even with credentials of certified engineers, colonels, generals, or other scientists especially if they were employed by the government. Always difficult too tell the disinformation from 'reality' and truth, of course Phil Schnieder has the missing appendages  to prove it. I have to say that this guy has something of the ring of truth about his story or he's really f___in' crazy.


  1. ADMIN X

    First of all Phil Scneider never ever ever said they were greys.

    Get your story straight, and he didnt say he killed anything, he claimed it was a massive firefight where several soldiers and aliens alike died and he was wonded after being shot with some weapon of the aliens.

  2. Dave R

    Well, I have seen this video a few times and I can assure you that if you watch it again, you will see and hear clearly that he states a: that he killed one of the aliens and b: that it was a tall grey which emmited a foul smell. The being was reported to have been sitting, which I found odd given that people had just drilled in through the roof of their little hide out? Anywho, the further we travell in any direction the further the horizon reeceeds. : )

  3. jordan

    He stated to have killd 2 of the grey’s. i would have liked to hear in more detail exactly how this supposedly occured. i am curious as to why he felt the need to shoot at them and exactly what they were doing before he started to.

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