1. Hal

    I am writing to inform you about a government plot which has come to my attention. There is more than sufficient evidence to support the normal taxpaying citizens are now aware of a plot or scheme which is clearly consists of consists of much illegal activity. The plot is known by the name the “new world order”. If you take the time to google this term, you will find countless websites detailing the perpetrators evil plans for world domination. The new world order is an autonomous system of world government which would replace sovereign nation states. The entire planet would be effectively under the control of a group of globalists, with basic human rights disregarded. As part of this regime, there are plans to kill over 95% of the world’s population. This amounts to genocide. The few remaining people will be used as slaves. The recent swine flu epidemic was in fact unleashed by the government, and was intended to kill thousands. The swine flu vaccine was actually designed to infect people with the virus. Again, there are thousands of credible people campaigning online about this very subject.
    Disturbingly, there is evidence of the upcoming mass genocide readily available. If you google, ‘fema coffins’, images of plastic coffins are displayed, as well as credible and believable information about fema concentration camps, which you could also google. Some claim that these detention camps are going to be used to gas and kill citizens.
    As can be easily gleaned via the internet and the opinion of thousands of normal taxpaying citizens, the people behind this conspiracy are an organization called the freemasons. They are a cult, a sect, who have been suspected for years of being sexual criminals and severely disturbed sadists. A lot of these cases have actually been proven. Many powerful people are freemasons; there are lists of famous freemasons online.
    Most of the mainstream media that normal citizens are exposed to is controlled by the freemason cult. For example Rupert Murdoch, who controls the Fox news empire, is a well known freemason. Walt Disney was a known freemason. Unfortunately, Disney films are loaded with subliminal messages. The aforemented media is loaded with blatantly obvious and subliminal messages. Many of these messages are degrading and offensive, and appear to have become worse quite recently.
    Celebrities are being used and possibly mind controlled, as part of this plot. In addition to this, it is widely believed that the cult that is freemasonry is responsible for pedophile rings and illegal sex slave rings. There is information online which can be found via search engines. There are also documented previous cases of Masonic abuse which could be investigated. It would also be possible for officers to go undercover and infiltrate the freemason’s organization. As part of their criminal rings and behaviors, the freemasons are responsible for the abduction of normal citizens from normal homes. Normal people who work in normal jobs are also beginning to report that they are being used as sex slaves, in their own homes. The aforemented crimes are clearly illegal, and are worthy of investigation.

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