The RSS- Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh is a Hindu Extremist Organisation in India and across the World..They aim to create a Hindu Superstate within India,they have openly Oppressed ,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs along with Dalits. This video gives a number of anti-RSS perspectives and shows some of the problems surrounding nationalism  thta the west lived through with Italy and Germany.


  1. Java

    RSS is indeed a terrorist organization with ideologies very similar to Nazis during Holocaust. RSS involvements in a number of bomb blasts in India came to light recently. Two army officer’s involvement in these blasts shows that RSS is infiltrated into every part of Indian system. RSS involvement in the Gujarat genocide in 2002 is another clear fact with many of its top leaders publicly claiming their involvement and being proud of it. Around 10000 people are believed to have been killed in the genocide according to Human Rights group estimates even though the RSS supporting state government put the figure at only 3000. Ban this organization which is threatening the foundation of Indian democracy and its secular fabric.

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