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  1. Roach

    We cannot blame ourselves for the plight of this nation. We have been marginalized and brainwashed for nearly a century. Remember this, they can never put a camera inside of your mind. If your mind is active and free, they can never take away your liberty. Do not blame your brother, the warmongers, or the Christians. We have all failed and been made to fail by distraction and propaganda. They have been searching for the right time to strike. The endgame is upon us. I have never been so inspired by a black man, yes, that includes Obama. Obama is a socialist and no better than Bush. We have been set up to fail from the beginning. We are still a colony of Great Britain. All of this, the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, and so on have been lies to shroud our eyes in distractions. We are being systematically erased. I am not talking about the human race; I am talking about the free-thinking human race. We will be rats to a feeder bar. We already are. We have begged for our slavery, and now they will shove it right in our face.
    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” -Dr. Ron Paul

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