I just got done watching the anime “ghost hunter”. Does anyone know of any other occult/horror anime?

occult psychic

'ghost hunter' is i guess what would be called a occult/horror anime. i really loved this anime and at only 24 episodes felt it to short. Does anyone know any other anime's like this? Sadly google doesnt seem to be much help. Actually i would of really loved to see mai's powers develop more but it was so short.

(basicly does any one know of any other anime's in the occult/horror gender that deal with spirits, occult, psychic, and myth like ghost hunter does? Perhaps someone with developing powers?)


  1. Nergal

    You might check out the anime xxxHolic. It isnt exactly a horror anime, but it does have a heavy emphasis on occult and myth type things. I really enjoyed this show, and found the cultural references to be very interesting.

    Another anime of this type that comes to mind is Hundred Stories… It is a horror genre show, but I cant comment a whole lot on this one, since I havent seen it all yet.

    Hope this helps!

  2. charice266

    Try Mushishi, Vampire Princess Miyu, Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi, Jigoku Shoujo, or 100 Stories (Requiem from the Darkness)

  3. lenat

    I don’t really have a anime that’s like it. Honestly “Ghost Hunt” is one of a kind I haven’t seem much like it before. And I’ve seen ALOT of anime in my day. But as far as how many episodes there were. It might not be the end of the show! They might make a second season. I know I’m hoping they do. But I’m not really sure how the anime did in Japan. :( :( but here’s hoping for a second season!

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