1. dan91709

    BUT(!) You didn’t explain why the US was forced to destroy the World Trade Towers in New York on 9-1-1. It was to stop the Annunaki Vice Overlord of the Southern Hole from buying up all of the world’s gold – thus depriving the human race of the raw materials for its new HARRP-powered super-gravity buzz bomb needed to destroy the evil planet Nibiru (or “Mongo” as it was known in the ancient tongue) – thus setting the whole human race free from Vile Worshipfulness – The Evil Emperor Ming! (UGH!!)

  2. CharlieChimp26

    The Space Bar on my Icke 9.1-1 isn’t working! It was working fine before I watched this! :0(

  3. doyougototowndriver

    Is this this same guy who wrote the story of a London bus found on the moon? its so bollocks its a joke!

  4. troubledseed

    Nah your a fucking delusional sheep. Probubly a paid “elite cock sucker” that does the nitty gritty work for the elite. its entirely possible and probubly true but will you deny this OF COURSE!!!

  5. troubledseed

    Yes it does hahaha. Man you do the work i wish i had the time and patience for… So thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart and all of it. The one thing i remember hearing from an astrophysicist who had a very compelling story about when he was 17 working on qauntum physics was that. He only came out with his info because in the year 2012 nothing surprises anyone and everyone is so plugged in he wont be globally ridiculed but there are always ALWAYS Skeptics!!! ignore them, your awsome

  6. dpcrozier99

    nonsense, why would the pope want blair to convert to catholicisim. noone else previous in his position changed faith. bilderberg group not jewish?

  7. tonygilbert73

    after seeing this awesome video created by someone very sharp indeed! so brilliantly is the order in which the details are delivered! AWESOME Video!
    I love the last part because of how much of a surprise it is to imagine the reality of the point if that were the truth.. that we actually owe debt to the New World Order for keeping us safe from the Alien Threat…. whoa! or should I say Woe Woe Woe?

  8. Truth101Productions

    For this theory to truly make sense it requires alot of background about other conspiracy topics. There is no gold left in America’s federal reserve either.

  9. salvadory

    dutchsinse already came up with this theory – he will now flag you for infringement violations

  10. vryc

    No, no Hut. This is a STUNNING piece of research. Riveting. To make so many connections seems ‘beyond belief’ and yet here we are.


  11. cars2024

    i wonder if this guy believes what he says or if its supposed to be a joke – if he believes what he says he has got to be the most delusional man on the planet but if its supposed to be a joke he probably should find a new job

  12. monk3yboy69

    I would have thought that transdimensional beings would not have had difficulty wiping us out. We battle to get across our own towns let alone trying to cross dimensions. Goodness….these beings probably look to us for amusement!!!

  13. Mikebagisitichy

    This video is FACT and connecting the dots for myself it makes perfect sence, It is hard to believe but so is any truth!

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