1. doingitnowoncemore

    @rfl133 What crap atheist couldn’t see it you are a liar and you know it that is the worst type of lie

  2. rfl133

    @MinistryofWeed me and 3 friends were smokin herb. It just appeared for half a second brighter than anything I’ve ever seen but it didn’t hurt your eyes. Me and my “seeking” friend saw it and the two athiests said they didn’t see anything. So I took that as a major sign of an intelligent Creator basically saying “hello”.

  3. MinistryofWeed

    @rfl133 well i can’t argue with what you saw. fair play to ya.
    do you mind telling me what was happenin when the orb apppeared? by that i mean, was it a seance, just havin a drink or out of no-where for no reason. if you don’t mind, i’m just intrested.

  4. rfl133

    @MinistryofWeed Well the other reason I know is that me and another “seeker” saw an orb of light in the middle of a table and athiests couldn’t see it. That’s what has changed my life. 1 love.


    @blavatsky3 you’re obviously quite new to this channel, so… just FYI:
    Fknnewz/Deek knows that the official story of 9/11 is nonsense. He’s mentioned it quite a lot here. He’s even interviewed Richard Gage.
    I don’t see what that has to do with this video tho…

  6. MinistryofWeed

    @rfl133 i know what your saying and i suppose it could seem like an answered pray but maybe you called the bird, some people call it ‘willing’ because at the end of the day we all started as bacteria in an ocean so comunicating through energy, waves whatever its calling is more realistic.
    the bible seems to have taken human nature, behaviour and spirtulism and told us god did it. rubbish.
    i seek freedom, i was shown the way but god didn’t do it

  7. blavatsky3

    He doesn’t sound happy to me….If you would like to learn more about the controlled implosion of Building-7 on 9/11 & why over 1500 Professional Architects & Engineers are demanding a NEW INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION… goto vv vv vv dot ae911truth dot o rg

  8. rfl133

    @MinistryofWeed All I’m sayin’ is your thoughts or “prayers” are heard. The bald eagle came instantly. It’s enough proof for me to know that our creator can do anything. I’m not religious at all. I just seek our Creator with all my heart and soul. You will be shown things if you seek.

  9. MinistryofWeed

    @rfl133 everything is a theory. its all just someones oppinion based on some evidence they found then someone else finds some different evidence and proves the other wrong.
    i see you like the bible, that is nothing more than a story that persuades you to conform to someone else way with the promise of better things when you die. it was only wrote 400 years ago, its a commercial manual not a spirtual guide.
    what created the big bang, not who- google it it can explan better than i

  10. MinistryofWeed

    @rfl133 the big bang, google it. no the sun didn’t create the universe, the sun is a star and there are many stars in the universe.

  11. rfl133

    @1952YOU1320TUBE1952 whatever you say… I was pointing out that I’m equal to everyone and that gives me an ego. Alright.,.. that makes sense…

  12. rfl133

    @MinistryofWeed how did the dun get there? How did Earth get here? The sun created the Universe?

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