1. judahbenhur1000

    not that was funny mind you the Bieb probably wouldn’t agree but thats what comes from being anIDOL

  2. Amessagehidden

    WARNING!!! When played reversed, “Baby, baby, baby oh, I thought you’d always be mine, baby baby baby oh, like baby” becomes “YOUR MONEY NOW REAPS THE WORLD, JUSTIN B, OBEY SATAN. THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, WORLD, NEW WORLD, NEW”

    Don’t believe me? I made a video with all the proof you need. This is by far the creepiest thing I have every heard in my life! Click on my name and watch the vid..

  3. Amessagehidden

    It doesn’t say the whole nigga bomb the banks or whatever.. if you slow it down and enhance the audio, it actually says “your money reaps the world, Justin B, obey Satan.. whole wide world, world, new world, new.. ” I enhanced the audio and you can find it under my videos, ITS FREAKY!!!

  4. 3219roxyyy

    Some people have so much time on their hands that all they do is make fun of celebs. ” when you define others, you define yourself”. You guys are what I call HATERS!

  5. HolidayHelm

    haha! Bieber got kicked out of heaven! But HOW did he get to heaven in the first place?

  6. 12cyutegal

    u know 1 thing with abt these soo called artists first they come out good in the fame n then they get hype n then they sing things that will fool people..then they get offered a deall with the DEVIL and then their music changes n so does their IMGAE they start doing hand signs n covering themselves n singing things that make no sense people open ur eyes its the illuminati they r trying to get us in the trap they r trying to let us praise the devil.. watch out

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