Jude Law and Lady GaGa performing Poker Face

DarkDreamyAngel asked:

This is a FAN-MADE video i made because i was bored :P no offense to either Lady GaGa or Jude Law! i love them both! :) --NO COPYRIGHT INFRAGMENT INTENDED!--


  1. Chelmoe

    @vacinestoxic Excuse me? Do NOT call me a moron. You are the moron if you really care that much. You’re just trolling, trying to get a rise out of people.

  2. vacinestoxic

    @Chelmoe You are an idiot. A moron. A media fool. Please don’t reply. Keep drinking the water.

  3. Chelmoe

    @vacinestoxic seriously, what is so wrong with Lady Gaga? and Madonna?! Madonna is a great role model. She is a strong, independant woman.

  4. vacinestoxic

    She is a NWO whore.
    The Demon Seed
    Madonna’s apprentice
    Pushing perversion
    Poisoning the public
    Demoralizing society
    ANYONE who likes, admires, or aspires to be like her is a fool.

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