ihateevilbill asked:

The illuminati are real... the subliminal messages are all around you.. this is the definitive ultimate video The video YOUTUBE probably didnt care if you saw


  1. ihateevilbill

    @Fptsnowboardkid Oh, sorry, its not another humour transplant needed.. hes american, sorry mate… apparently they dont understand sarcasm :P

  2. maffoid

    Oh thank you uploader.. this movie is worth every second in gold! :)

    well, anyways these people are clearly deranged.. seeing signs, codes and paranoya is a clear sign of a schizophrenic disorder…
    Back in the medieval times those lunatics would just stand around in the market place and scream.. now they reach the whole world with their fearmongering..

    anyways, awesome video, hope people get your message.

  3. ihateevilbill

    @MrShwah Hear hear MrShwah :) Im glad some people actually do get the message in the video :)

  4. ihateevilbill

    @MuteMeli Unfortunately i think it might be you thats ‘stupid as fuck’ mate… you obviously done get what Im doing with this video at all, lol

  5. MrShwah

    Hahahahaha you fucking legend, although the Illuminati COULD be real I think this conspiracy is now getting a bit silly. Basically, TV is shit, the internet is shit, the government is shit, the media is shit, none fresh food is shit, society is shit, religion is shit, not exercising is shit, and people are just shit. We COULD blame the Illuminati for shit but blaming ‘them’ inst going to change anything. We need to change ourselves and our culture before all of the shit starts to get better.

  6. ihateevilbill

    @Chasityds111 lol, another one…. it just goes to show that in general the people that watch this shit have no mind of their own, dont understand what their seeing and make rash judgements on stuff they shouldnt even be watching. Maybe you should go back to watching the Disney channel, lmao

  7. ihateevilbill

    @heno6941 Chill out he says with two exclamation marks…laff I think Im much more chilled than someone else on here… you need your bottle… maybe your nappy changed…. there you go… that better?

  8. olivia meek

    I know subliminal messaging not only works but is used by the main stream. Anyone remember food network and the mcdonalds subliminal? Just check it out on youtube…Of course thats just one example.

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