Earthquakes caused by HAARP? Conspiracy Theory #77

Does Harp cause some of these swarms of earthquakes that have been shaking parts of the world not accustomed to regular tectonic vibrations? Who knows. But for those of us watching through the USGS and Google Earth, our answers seem to come from educated guesses, and I would say, "some of the activity 'could' have been manipulated by instruments currently being utilized by the Navy and Air Force of the United States. Satellites, HIPAS, and HAARP have the ability, when used congruantly ...


  1. corhanem

    Okay, the connect-the-dots was amusing, although not very convincing. I will say, though, I did very much enjoy the instrumental Metallica. Nice touch.

  2. metalanguie

    very interesting, i think is possible, we really dont know all about HAARP and other similar technology, all is possible,
    ¿The line finish in Yucatán? there are Maya´s Pyramids.

  3. 12GaugeLosAngeles

    Haarp has nothing to do with quakes, unexplained quakes can certainly be attributed to Solar activity… but is is top secret stuff, like are 51, they have nuclear bombs and high tech gadgets there, the military proposed the “alien” joke in that press conference to throw people away from the real work going on… just like this, it’s real purpose is to keep subs near Russia in good communication without the need of satellites which in a nuclear war, will probably be blown up or out of orbit.

  4. darkhorse911

    Amazing. Loved how the connect the dots were done connecting all the earthquakes with no rogue lines then when it was time to make a “dagger” lines not connecting the earthquakes were used. Satanic Reptiles? Wow, someone has really drank some bad Kool-aid.

  5. Shadowlooker12

    To call people idiots just because you do not agree is bias,idiotic and not logical.Just relax,ranting isn’t going to prove your view or anyone else view.

  6. Shadowlooker12

    no one knows if it was caused by HAARP and no one knows if it wasn’t.HAARP has the ability to do such a thing,said out of HAARP’s own staff mouths so just dismissing it is not an option.

  7. pissof20virgins

    lol f**king conspiracies lol
    lol this is bullshit btw cus all this video proves is a shitty view from a few different people with no solid proof to back it up. untill u can prove it u cant write the bollocks that u hav in the description. IDIOT

  8. 6kittie6killuall6

    this might make sense if there were no earthquakes BEFORE any of these facilities were built…. why not plot the points of earthquakes that happened before the building of these facilities and see what silly shapes you can make of them?

  9. elepax

    They have the technology in the patents they stole from Nikola Tesla, a genius, a humanitarian, who would be totally appalled at the way his work is being used against humanity, for profit, greed and destruction.

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