What is the Illuminati Conspiracy and what does it have to do with music?

illuminati conspiracy

I'm so confused. Tell me in the simplest form if you know because i tried reading it on websites but they give too much information which confused me.


  1. Erik Wyatt

    The Illuminati conspiracy is steering the events of the world to usher in a New Luciferian Age heralded by the arrival of the Antichrist aka “The Beast”. This plan has been in development for centuries as the families of the Illuminati have worked patiently towards that goal. In order to accomplish this, they use power, influence, money. They own the governments, education, media, most religious leaders and of course, music. They would not pass up the opportunity which music affords to condition the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Music is the manipulation of sound. Songcraft is very strategically put together for conveying messages in the same way that advertising does. In many cases this is done subliminally with techniques such as backward masking, chanting, rhythm, etc. Hope this helps friend.

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