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The Jesuits Then and Now Part 1

Audio program (radio) on how Weishaup and the Jesuits and the intertwined histories of the organizations. Really cool stuff. Skull and Bones started as a Jesuit organization and spin off. The history of the Illuminati and the lacework of the ages.

How close are we to Martial Law in the US? ALERT!

Gun confiscation and the elimination of Posse Commotodus and the clergy being used as puppets by the government to placate the public into letting the military do whatever the hell they want under martial law. sounds like Stalinist Russia or a third world country. Republicrats unite!

POLICE STATE 2000 – “Operation Urban Warrior” Pt. 1/3

In Mpls. in 2000 we had only heaard radio reports and I don't know if this was widely covered in the media. Oakland California Marine/ Army military exercises for land invasion force psy-ops. This was training for training for domestic and urban invasion force. Operation Urban Warrior with foreign military(undisclosed) involved in the training exercises.


"Even today there is little point in assuring the survival of a nation if it's traditions do not survive with it."

Big Change. Barack or Mcain. The same singularity of vision of secret meetings behind closed doors. They are all on the same team. Barack-Hillary-Johnny Boy. All the same.

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Real Life Witch Craft

Flying Humanoids Filmed Over Mexican Skies

Testimony from dozens of persons and police officers depict seeing what appear to be witches with pointed hats flying through the skies of remote Mexican towns. Several people videotaped the strange phenomenon. The creatures appear to infest the skies over an old cemetery.

1 of the Majestic 12

It takes a long time for Dr. Burisch to get angry, but he tells it like it is, in this rare footage. Dan's calm and cool exterior, as he sat with the Majestic-12, worked in some of the most demanding SAP facilities on earth and handled hours of direct interviews for the public is the norm, but in this rare footage, he doesn't pull any punches talking about the attacks he's had to endure, just because he's told people the truth. It's an eye-opener.