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New Mystery force baffles NASA

These newfound enigmas join the so-called "Pioneer anomaly" as hints that unexplained forces may appear to act on spacecraft.

A decade ago, after rigorous analyses, anomalies were seen with the identical Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft as they hurtled out of the solar system. Both seemed to experience a tiny but unexplained constant acceleration toward the sun.

A host of explanations have been bandied about for the Pioneer anomaly. At times these are rooted in conventional science — perhaps leaks from the spacecraft have affected their trajectories. At times these are rooted in more speculative physics — maybe the law of gravity itself needs to be modified. 

Military Robots

Unlike its human counterparts, an armed robot does not require food, clothing, training, motivation or a pension. The Pentagon is spending $US127 billion on a program to build heavily armed robots for the battlefield. Are we now setting a precedent of blatant disregard to Asimov's laws of robotics? There are already robots in Iraq, as you read this description -- this is no longer the realm of science fiction.

911 Conspiracy predicted in X-Files


foreshadow |fôrˈ sh adō|verb [ trans. ]be a warning or indication of (a future event) : it foreshadowed my preoccupation with jazz. See note at predict .
This is just icing on the cake and does life imitate art or art, life. I love the X-FILES and do not remember this episode. Thought that I had seen them all. Always be one short of everything, it keeps your amateur status active and keeps you on your toes.



A video of chem trail reports and the Georgian assault. An interesting compilation of news pieces also the vid starts out with information about Steve Jackson, the creator of Illuminati, the card game, being raided by the secret service. I recommend this video.