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Why aren’t USA using aerial spraying to kill Afghan opium ?

The only important question is; how long will we be fooled into thinking those who engineer these kinds of wars are simpletons who have our best interests at heart? They tricked us into Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin scam and they did it again in Iraq with the WMD scam. 

Step 1; Plant the seeds for the creation and development of a puppet global enemy. The Bush Sr. team financed and supplied both bin Laden and Saddam in the 1980s. The House of Saud helped with step 1.

Step 2; make the puppet enemies angry.The Bush Sr. team set up military bases on Saudi holy land after giving Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait. The House of Saud helped with step 2.

Step 3; allow the puppet enemy to attack. 9/11 was allowed to happen.The House of Saud helped with step 3.

Step 4; make sure the puppet enemy has enough resources to keep up a good fight.That's where the billions of dollars flowing from Afghan opium comes into the game. Afghan opium pays for the IED'S that kill and wound our marines and soldiers yet USAGOV does not aerial spray (for eradication) the wide open Afghan opium fields like we do the Columbian coca fields.

Step 5; profiteer off the resulting conflict financially (high oil prices and corrupt defence contracts)and use the war to meet neo-con expansionist goals (permanent military bases throughout the middle east). The House of Saud is participating in step 5.

CIA says Afghan Opium Trafficking pays for al-Queda's world-wide terror attacks and also pays for the IED's that kill and cripple our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan:
Page #7 last paragraph in "Narcotics" section
Former CIA Director George Tenat;
"there is ample evidence that Islamic extremists such as Usama bin Ladin use profits from the drug trade to support their terror campaign."

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"It seems clear to me heroin is the No. 1 financial asset of Osama bin Laden," Representative Mark Steven Kirk, Illinois
Republican, told The Washington Times almost 3 years ago when he came back from a fact-finding mission in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Bin Laden is reaping $24 million alone from one narcotics network in Kandahar, Afghanistan, according to Mr. Kirk's investigation. "The most important thing here is to change the language to not describe Osama bin Laden anymore as a terrorist, but to more accurately describe him as a narco-terrorist," said Representative Kirk.

CIA’s war in Pakistan – 22 March 2009

Find out the latest from Islamibad and the price Pakistan has had to pay for its involvement with the US in the war on terror. 

The US military has been coming under an increasing number of attacks for the high number of civilians being killed by their missile strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Leon Panetta, the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency, put the attacks high on the agenda during his visit to Islamabad in Pakistan.

War MadeEasy Part 1

Narrated by Sean Penn and based on the work of media critic and best-selling author Norman Solomon, who traveled with Penn to Baghdad just before the war to call attention to the dangers of a U.S. invasion, WAR MADE EASY reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to expose 50 years of government spin and media collusion that has dragged our country into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq.

This video is really important in that it brings the truth of propaganda to the public of the manipulations of governments that bring war for the sake of peace andin it's name. This is very much in it's production quality and tone a very mainstream piece with a message.

Bob Dylan Masters of War NWO Illuminati Conspiracy

This is Bob Dylan: Masters of War, but its how I see it with my world view. We need to resist these men of war, for evil men only prevail when good men do nothing...

This video incorporates some esoteric symbology that you need eyes to see, ears to ear and the knowledge to see the intentions. 

Babylon was the worlds first One World Government. The initiates and Adepts of the Orders strive for the Great Work to come into Fruition.

A One World Totalitarian Socialist Empire.

Take notice of how the European Parliament building and the Tower of Babel "Blend".

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Fahrenheit 9/11 – Halliburton Scene

Don't say we didn't warn you. If you missed it the first time around, here it is again. Think of all the money they've made since. How could we have put up with this for eight years? Halliburton ssn't going away anytime soon.

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama
Its really good. Check it out if you have time. Unfortunately it can't be embedded in Illuminati Archives.