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Israel School Children Recruited for War Machine

Israeli school teachers paid to push children into military recruitment

from Moshe Solomons in Tel Aviv

Israel is encouraging and financing a new form of patriotism by offering bonuses to high school teachers who succeed in persuading kids to do Israeli army service. The move has sparked a wave of criticism of the Ministry of Education.
­The initiative by the Ministry of Education that circulated in schools last year outlined the new policy of granting end of year bonuses to full-time teachers in Israel’s schools based on “achievements in learning”, ”social achievements”, and “achievements in values”.
The top 40 per cent of schools with a “high rate of enlistment for military, national or civil service” will receive funds to award their teachers with bonuses, according to the circular obtained by the Christian Science Monitor.
Those ranked among top ten percent will receive funds to grant bonuses in the amount of $2,160, while an equivalent of $1,620 will be paid for the next 10 per cent.
Critics of the move by the ministry say the militarization of the education system infringes on the future generation’s ability to participate in the Middle East. Supporters say recuitment must remain high to ensure the security of the nation, citing army complaints that the percentage of young people taking up military service has dropped in recent years.
Those who oppose the pay scheme say that military propaganda comes at the cost of student education.
“Educating to prepare for the army and to encourage enlistment comes at the expense of regular education, which is meant to educate for democracy and citizenship,” Sharaf Hassan, educational director for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel told the Monitor.
Such an approach can also result in xenophobia, argues the former education minister Yossi Sarid kids are being taught to hate arabs and Chrstians.
“The ministry of education is taking Israel in a more militaristic, more nationalistic, more xenophobic, and more chauvinistic direction. It’s not education, it’s a sort of indoctrination and hatred,” Sarid said.
The education ministry claims that the bonus program is “designed to develop excellence among teachers and pupils.”
Moshe Solomons said "But this behavior and attitude  is making Israel hated throughout the world ."

The Torture Machine Now Targeted On American Citizens

The Torture Machine Now Targeted On American Citizens
Posted: 15 Feb 2012 11:31 PM PST
Hi Tap, I Have some very interesting stuff on More 'SCUM BAGS' but due to your slow Internet Connection, I will send it to you when you get back to UK. But for now here is an Article on Abu Ghraib.

He knew what went on. The only question is will he be held accountable?Here is another Top Piece of 'DEPRAVED HUMANITY' better known as 'RUMSFELD' or Donald to his CLOSE ASSOCIATES if he has any, that of course excludes THE BUSH'S, CLINTONS, OBAMA, MAJOR, BLAIR, & BROWN & THATCHER WHO IS ALO ON THE LIST, who are equally as bad , & some far worse than he is.

Pictures from Abu Ghraib JailFormer Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been stripped of legal immunity for acts of torture against US citizens authorized while he was in office. The 7th Circuit made the ruling in the case of two American contractors who were tortured by the US military in Iraq after uncovering a smuggling ring within an Iraqi security company. The company was under contract to the Department of Defense. The company was assisting Iraqi insurgent groups in the “mass acquisition” of American weapons. TAP - The point is the American (one world government) government has always armed its 'enemies'. The Soviet Union. The Vietcong. Hitler. The Taliban. Iraqi Insurgents. There wouldn't be any wars unless they were manufactured and manipulated into being. The 'contractors' supplying the insurgency were contracted to the US government. The problem was once they were found out, they had to be sacrificed to keep the secret closed. The ruling comes as Rumsfeld begins his book tourwith a visit to Boston on Monday, September 26, and as new, uncensored photos of Abu Ghraib spark fresh outrage across Internet. Awareness is growing that Bush-era crimes went far beyond mere waterboarding

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters in 2004 of photos withheld by the Defense Department from Abu Ghraib, “The American public needs to understand, we’re talking about rape and murder here… We’re not just talking about giving people a humiliating experience. We’re talking about rape and murder and some very serious charges.” And journalist Seymour Hersh says: “boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has.”Rumsfeld resigned days before a criminal complaint was filed in Germanyin which the American general who commanded the military police battalion at Abu Ghraib had promised to testify. General Janis Karpinski in an interview with was asked: “Do you feel like Rumsfeld is at the heart of all of this and should be held completely accountable for what happened [at Abu Ghraib]?”Karpinski answered: “Yes, absolutely.” In the criminal complaint filed in Germany against Rumsfeld, Karpinskisubmitted 17 pages of testimony and offered to appear before the German prosecutor as a witness. Congressman Kendrick Meek of Florida, who participated in the hearings on Abu Ghraib, said of Rumsfeld: “There was no way Rumsfeld didn’t know what was going on. He’s a guy who wants to know everything.”And Major General Antonio Taguba, who led the official Army investigation into Abu Ghraib, said in his report:“there is no longer any doubt as to whether the [Bush] administration has committed war crimes. The only question is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.”..............

Binyam, Genital-SlicingBinyam Mohamed was seized by the Pakistani Forces in April 2002 and turned over to the Americans for a $5,000 bounty. He was held for more than five years without charge or trial in Bagram Air Force Base, Guantánamo Bay, and third country “black” sites.In his diary he describes being flown by a US government plane to a prison in Morocco. He writes:“They cut off my clothes with some kind of doctor’s scalpel. I was naked. I tried to put on a brave face. But maybe I was going to be raped. Maybe they’d electrocute me. Maybe castrate me…One of them took my penis in his hand and began to make cuts. He did it once, and they stood still for maybe a minute, watching my reaction. I was in agony. They must have done this 20 to 30 times, in maybe two hours. There was blood all over. ‘I told you I was going to teach you who’s the man,’ [one] eventually said.“They cut all over my private parts. One of them said it would be better just to cut it off, as I would only breed terrorists. I asked for a doctor.“I was in Morocco for 18 months. Once they began this, they would do it to me about once a month. One time I asked a guard: ‘What’s the point of this? I’ve got nothing I can say to them. I’ve told them everything I possibly could.’Just by the way this is the Law SuiteLaw Suit in Spanish Court directed against George H. W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack H. Obama, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown.BUT NOTHING CAME OF IT Link:-MADRID/CAIRO: Public inquiries on the decision to wage war on Iraq that are silent about the crimes committed, the victims involved, and provide for no sanction, whatever their outcome, are not enough. Illegal acts should entail consequences: the dead and the harmed deserve justice.On 6 October 2009, working with and on behalf of Iraqi plaintiffs, we filed a case before Spanish law against four US presidents and four UK prime ministers for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq. The case presented spanned 19 years, including not only the wholesale destruction of Iraq witnessed from 2003, but also the sanctions period during which 1.5 million excess Iraqi deaths were recorded.We brought the case to Spain because its laws of universal jurisdiction are based on principles enshrined in its constitution. All humanity knows the crimes committed in Iraq by those we accused, but no jurisdiction is bringing them to justice. We presented with Iraqi victims a solid case drawing on evidence contained in over 900 documents and that refer to thousands of individual incidents from which a pattern of accumulated harm and intent can be discerned.When we brought our case, we knew that the Spanish Senate would soon vote on an amendment earlier passed by the lower house of parliament to curtail the application of universal jurisdiction in Spain. ............One more jurisdiction to fallDespite submitting a 110-page long referenced accusation (the Introduction of which is appended to this statement), the Spanish public prosecutor and the judge assigned to our case determined there was no reason to investigate. Their arguments were erroneous and could easily have been refuted if we could have appealed. To do so we needed a professional Spanish lawyer — either in a paid capacity or as a volunteer who wished to help the Iraqi people in its struggle for justice. As we had limited ..........Remembering that the Invasion was Launched on a False Flag, I think they probably have a valid case, for investigating, don't you?We continue to believe that the violent killing of over one million people in Iraq since 2003 alone, the ongoing US occupation — that carries direct legal responsibility — and the displacement of up to a fifth of the Iraqi population from the terror that occupation has entailed and incited suggests strongly that the claims we put forward ought to be further investigated.Call for wider collective effort to prosecuteAt present, failed international justice allows US and UK war criminals to stand above international law. Understanding that this constitutes an attack — or makes possible future attacks — on the human rights of everyone, everywhere, we will continue to advocate the use of all possible avenues, including UN institutions, the International Criminal Court, and popular tribunals, to highlight and bring before law and moral and public opinion US and UK crimes in Iraq. ................
Torture Now Aimed at Americans
, Programs Designed to Obtain False Confessions, Not IntelligenceThe worst of the worst is that Rumsfeld’s logic strikes directly at the foundations of our democracy and the legitimacy of the War on Terror. The torture methods studied and adopted by the Bush administration were not new, but adopted from the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape program (SERE) which is taught to elite military units. The program was developed during the Cold War, in response to North Korean, Chinese, and Soviet Bloc torture methods. But the aim of those methods was never to obtain intelligence, but to elicit false confessions. The Bush administration asked the military to “reverse engineer” the methods, i.e. figure out how to break down resistance to false confessions.Appallingly, this could explain that even photos such as those of feces-smeared prisoners at Abu Ghraib might not, as we would hope, be only the individual work of particularly demented guards, but part of systematic degradation authorized at the highest levels.

Exhibit: Abu Ghraib, Female torture fan Harman.This could go far toward explaining why the Bush administration seemed so tone-deaf to intelligence professionals, including legendary CIA Director William Colby, who essentially told them they were doing it all wrong. A startling level of consensus existed within the intelligence community that the way to produce good intelligence was to gain the trust of prisoners and to prove everything they had been told by their recruiters, about the cruelty and degeneracy of America, to be wrong.THE IMAGES SHOWN ARE NOT AS BAD AS SOME THAT ARE CIRCULATING!Read of more US Crimes against Humanity :-Welcome to Boston, Mr. Rumsfeld. You Are Under Arrest- by Ralph Lopez - 2011-09-20Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been stripped of legal immunity for acts of torture against US citizens authorized while he was in office.VIDEO: Make No Mistake, NATO is Committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Libya- by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Julien Teil, Mathieu Ozanon - 2011-08-28Expose the lies. This GRTV video was produced in Libya by a team of committed journalists, researchers and cameramen that are witnesses to NATO's war crimes.
Denial, Selective Perception and Military Atrocities
.- by Felicity Arbuthnot - 2010-09-22It was under the watch of his father, George Bush, Snr., that in 1991, thousands of Iraqi conscripts were buried alive in southern Iraq...EXTRACT - An Abu Ghraib Military Intelligence e-mail, dated 17th August 2003, reads of the prisons inmates: "The gloves are coming off . . . Col. Boltz has made it clear that we want these individuals broken."(9)

In fact the 6th March 2003, Defense Department "Working Group Report on Detainee Interrogations in the Global War on Terrorism" requested by Donald Rumsfeld, read: "In order to respect the President's inherent constitutional authority to manage a military campaign, (prohibition of torture) must be construed as inapplicable to interrogations undertaken pursuant to his Commander-in-Chief authority." On 20th March Iraq was illegally invaded and in April: "Rumsfeld issues a final policy approving twenty four special interrogation techniques, some of which need his permission to be used."(10) With yet again, so little regard for international law or the U.S., Constitution, at the top, it is little wonder there is often either scant or none for either, leading to a culture of depravity down the chain of command..Law Suit against 4 US Presidents & 4 UK Prime Ministers for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide in Iraq- by Brussells Tribunal - 2010-02-10Statement on Closure of Legal Case for Iraq in SpainCHENEY NEXT ..............REGARDS ......... WASP

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Saddam Hussein Still Lives
Posted: 15 Feb 2012 06:05 PM PST

This comment came into the blog, raising a key question. Gregory Pitchford is saying on The Tap Blog that he wants Alex Jones to call him to discuss why he was appallingly victimised after trying to call the Alex Jones Show and reveal information about Abu Ghraib jail having a vast HD porn site, clearly illegal but tolerated by the US Army. Gregory associates his military service in Iraq as a fight for Freedom Of Speech for Iraqis. He says he is now carrying on the same fight on behalf of Americans.Most people would admire Gregory for his determination not to be suppressed and silenced by whichever authorities are working him over so nastily, with forced medication, sound waves that are disturbing his dogs and cutting off of his phone and computer. But what about the poor Iraqis? They've been victims of American and British brutality for twenty years. Their country and way of life have been destroyed and handed over to corporations like Halliburton, Monsanto and other corrupt giant enterprises of evil.

The hardest part for Gregory, who is seeking to make a psychological recovery from the awful things he experienced in Iraq, must surely be to confront that fact the he was part of invading army that carried out acts of great barbarity. He should never have been there in the first place, and the results of his being there are catastrophic for the world.Here is the comment.
To Gregory Pitchford from Anonymous
- I don't know why Alex Jones has to specifically get involved here. I doubt he will be interested in an interview about with a soldier about Planet X, porn and Freedom of Speech. BTW you didn't fight for freedom of speech in Iraq. Saying such things is going to put Alex Jones off. You fought in Iraq to a) prevent Saddam opening a stargate b) grab the oil c) neutralise opposition to the globalist one world state.Gregory describes the suffering of himself and his comrades in Iraq. Anyone would feel deeply sorry for the soldiers and especially the families who lost sons and fathers. But unless an equivalent sympathy is held for the Iraqis, who were also victims, and on a far greater scale than the occupying armies, the search for sympathy to his cause is indeed lessened. All are victims of the One World Government that orchestrated the war into being, funded and supported the 'enemy', and is still carrying out acts of terror in that country to ensure total disintegration of the society that once existed there, with the nation gradually being broken up.I guess for the soldiers like Gregory, the intuitive knowledge that their own suffering in Iraq, and subsequent to it, was to take part in an enterprise of evil, is simply too much to bear. Maybe that is one reason why Gregory is seeking to ascribe guilt to others, like Alex Jones, in a need to find a psychological scapegoat. Gregory is wondering if Alex Jones is a CIA frontman, because he doesn't delve into certain areas of inquiry, and because he hasn't called him to apologise over what's being done to him. There are a lot of questions to answer, and much unravelling of issues to do.Alex Jones must surely basically be in agreement with Gregory, as the comment suggests, that Free Speech in America is now a key battleground for the future of humankind. My friends from the USA tell me they now hate travelling, due to the intrusions of the TSA. Freedom is rapidly eroding there. Gregory Pitchfords and Alex Jones' should join forces and fight on the same side. Can we see a handshake over all this, and a reconciliation. Maybe Gregory, you need to make some concessions too, as well as seeing all the problems as residing in the camp of others.COMMENTS -Good post.Be friends. You're on the same team.Alex Jones cannot defeat the globalists by himself, which is why he needs Gregory Pitchford and the rest of us. You just have to know which side you are on and charge for victory.9:54 PMGregory Pitchford said...Personally for me, the hardest part in Abu Ghraib was having to build a relationship with the Chief and his assistants to keep the peace in the camp and at the same time hear day after day after day after day after day..."Is the HAPPY BUS here Sergeant Pitchford" When will the Happy Bus come?" The Happy bus was the bus that took them home. The Marines would have a saying, "Round them up and let M.I. sort them out" I know there were many innocent civilians who were there only because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I felt their pain and cried many nights with feelings of guilt. The judical process was so backed up that many of them had been there for years. Familiy members, brothers, fathers, cousins all there separate even from each other in different camps that were only 20 feet from each other. I did my absolute best to make the situation as fair as possible while others just mocked and laughed at them using the abuse of Korans to stir shit up. When a full bird Colonel walks into Guard Mount prior to your shift and tells the entire oncoming crew that everyone one of them was a mistake and that they never should have made it into the prison alive it becomes quite disturbing. I did my best in a fucked up situation of injustice, most of us did but if you want me to say that our cause was completely unjust, I won't. I am Christian first and a Soldier second. A soldier of a Country, that while has done some horrible things, represents something I very much believe in, The Truth for Justice and the American Way. A way of life that is a shining beacon on a hill for all to see. While tyrants like Sadamm had their sons show up at the prison for a drunken target practice of Shia prisoners and surpress the rights of their population like Freedom of Speech, we here in America walking around like our rights are a given and can never be surpressed. I am greatly afraid that the training our soldiers have received in the ever increasing detainee operations will one day be used on another entirely different population. A population that should be listening to Alex Jones and wake up before its too late.11:24 PMTapestry said...Demonising your enemies is how they get you to fight. But was any of it true? Saddam wasn't executed or put on trial. His own wife shouted out,'That's not my husband.' They always use doubles. The 'hanging' wasn't real as many commenters have demonstrated.1:45 AM

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Another Terror War Coming on Gaza

Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza causing no damage ?
Wednesday, 28 December 2011
The rockets were fired from from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. (File photo)

The rockets were fired from from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. (File photo)


Palestinian armed groups fired two rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel late on Wednesday, causing neither casualties nor damage, the Israeli military said.

“Two rockets fired from Gaza exploded in open fields in the Eshkol region,” an army spokesman told AFP, adding that there were no casualties or damage.
Earlier on Wednesday, a rocket fired from Gaza landed in the Sha’ar Hanegev region. It did not explode or cause any casualties or damage, police said.

The attacks came after two Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip killed one Palestinian and wounded about 20 others late on Tuesday.

The Israeli army said the strikes were against “global jihad” targets in the Palestinian territory who were planning cross-border attacks from neighboring Egypt.

OK, first.. Is it not strange to everyone that these rocket attacks never seem to hit any targets or kill anyone? That alone should have already been a dead giveaway that this is another staged attack by Israeli Mossad agents or other agent provocateurs, just to get world opinion on the side of the criminal Israelis as they plan for another deadly attack on Gaza.

And oh yes, these monsters are most certainly planning another campaign against Gaza. I want to present the following article, from PressTV, at, entitled: "Israel Preparing For Another Gaza War" right here for everyone to see for themselves that these criminals are getting ready to go on another campaign of mass murder against Palestinians trapped in Gaza. I have further comments to follow:


Dr Alexander Cannon, psychic medic with links to King Edward VIIIWho invented the psychostephokyrtographmanometer ?

Dr.Alexander Cannon numbered the qualifications  MD. Phd. MA.  K.C.A. Dpm. Chb. F.R.G.S. and F.R.S.A  among his achievements,
he became Vice President of Hong Hong Medical Society, Medical Chief of prisons, head of Medical dept.Morbid anatomy at Hong Kong Uni, and Chief psychiatrist
and medical jurist to the High Court of Justice, he also served as British Consul and port medical officer in Canton, he lectured to the royal Society on psychiatry and was a Board member on the British Medical Council and an executive council member, and was on permanent call from the Home Office.
He travelled to Tibet india and China to study mysticism, and on his triumphant return to England in the early thirties served as psychiatrist and research scientist at Colney Hatch Hospital, and among other things tried unsuccessfully to treat king George VI for tobacco addiction with herbs and hypnotism, he stated back then that; "disease can be detected by its smell, every disease has its own odour"      and this has recently been confirmed, and dogs are being trained to sniff out cancers in particular before they show.
He also said; "That Armageddon would start in  1937"    just two years out, and in fact in late 1936 when churchill took the bankers bribe to call a war on Germany
it was a close run thing that his date would be correct.
He also developed a device like a Wimshurst machine for thought reading, a sort of early lie detector which he called a  "Psychostephokyrtographmanometer"
Because of his amazing array of skills, both medical psychiatric and mystical,  he was asked to join Winston Churchill's Black team' of occultists fighting W W II
Psuedo astrologer louis De-Wohl claimed after the war he had been in charge, and he had a luxury private suite at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, his visitors were said to be mainly Rockefeller HQ agents based in Manhattan negotiating with the I.R.D ( Information. Research Dept. )a propaganda body who ran the Black Team but it looks like it was Archbishop Cosmo Lang, the Church of Englands occult expert  who was the boss, not much paperwork survives on this episode except some of Cannon Glendinings hand written notes, Dennis Wheatley has written some of this in his books as has Dion Fortune ( the medium Violet Firth) the major occultist Rev. Montague Summers claimed at his time at Trinity College he had made many friends and  warned continually of homosexual debauchery and communist subversion, this was the Lord Rothschild debating group "The Apostles"
 It has also been alleged by Dennis Bardons of Panorama fame in his research for a never aired programme that Aleister Crowley was close to Churchill, both men were 33rd degree masons and were seen more than once in the same group at Beachey Head before W W II
The Metropolitan Police chief Sir Kenneth Newman recounted how his predecessor in the job told of a Morris car being driven erratically by Hampstead Heath
the police stopped the vehicle and a man smelling of alcohol and a young lad were taken to the station and put in seperate cells, the lad had a pound note in his pocket which he said the man gave him to buy sweets, a pound was a lot of money back then the man claimed he was Guy Burgess and refused to answer any questions and kept repeating he was a senior government official and was on his way to see an official in Hampstead, the policeman went on that Guy Burgess was dirty unkempt and unshaven and so was strip searched, he had  apparently been wiping his bottom on his shirt tail, and when allowed one phone call, within the hour a Home Office official arived with Sir Anthony Blunt who took the pair and relevant paperwork from the police doctor away with them, by all accounts Guy Burgess was taken to be treated by Dr Cannon, Cannon was told to cure his alcoholism and Homosexuality to prepare him to marry Churchill's daughter Clarrisa, this crazy plan was maybe to deny his homosexual past and insure he would never be investigated.
 The policeman went on to say that the piars destination was rumoured to be Sir Simon Marks the S I S chief and boss of Marks and Spencer Hampstead and in W W II was the best place for a beat bobby in the whole of the capital, as being an upmarket Jewish area, it was all closed up as the wealthy Jews all went to America for the wars duration, the pairs destination was rumoured to be Sir Simon Marks the S I S chief and boss of marks and Soencer.
Some years later an address in Bedford Row was burgled in what police described as a ; "very professional job" the external alarm was avoided, and the inner door which was also alarmed, had the bottom door panel cut out preventing the inner alarm from ringing and the only files taken were the massive Guy Burgess file and the Verik Tolle  ( Otto John ) files.
Dr. Alexander Cannon  was King Edward VIII personal practitioner, not as a recent film said Lionel Logue who was only his speech therapist, so why was Dr.Alexander Cannon  airbrushed from history and put under virtual house arrest at Ballamore Castle in the Isle of man for the wars duration and forbidden to speak in public or practise again ?
Lord Moran Churchills doctor claimed Dr. Alexander Cannon was treating king Edward VIII for alcoholism, but this was in fact said by insiders to be untrue,
the real reason appears to be Churchill wanted Dr.Cannon to use his influence to stop Edward VIII the queen mother and the royals from talking to Adolf Hitler,
mainly through people like Sir Anthony blunt.
The stated reason for the abdication of the immensly popular Edward VIII, was Wallace Simpson, but Edward had had a string of affairs with married women and Churchill didn't give a damn,  the real reason was Edward VIII s constant attempts at peacemaking, which Churchill did not want as he was determined for war, the mysterious death of the kings brother the Duke of Kent in an air crash was strangely by the same method taught by MI5 in sabotage training, the Duke was having meetings with senior Germans for peace, remember the Russians murdered their royal family in 1917, and the British royal family was terrified it would happen to them as the pundits all said after the depression of the thirties would lead to  what Home Office minister Herbert Morrsion said; "Bolshevism is coming all across europe"
Churchill wanted to use mind control techniques allegedly used under Cannons tutorship at Colney Hatch Hospital, Colney Hatch was the largest asylum in Europe, and the war dept. used the inmates for experiments after W W 1, Cannon refused and threatened to whistleblow on the workings of the Black team, overnight he was sent to the Isle of Man and forbidden to contact Edward or any other bigwigs,  the Rothschild propaganda apparatus began their whispers, false stories appeared in the press, a radio broadcast said he had gone mad, and at his home he was phoned several times by 'impressarios' tricking him to put on conjuring shows to show he was a quack, and the illustrious Dr. Cannon became branded  the 'Yorshire Yogi' a laughing stock overnight.
The last person the Royals wanted was Sir Anthony Blunt in charge of their pictures after he had supported the Soviet terrors,
 but the appoinment was duly made with Rothschild insistance.
T Stokes London

Bring The Troops Home


The English Civil war was fought when Oliver Cromwell was approached and financed to attack  King Charles 1st and his supporters, by two Dutch Jewish moneylenders, Fernadez Carvajal an expert in military procurement,  and Manasseh Ben Israel a large project moneylender, they said they would make Cromwell a very wealthy man and after the war was over he could then install his favourite brand of christianity, and then unsurprisingly,  in 1643 all the Jews were duly allowed back into Britian after being expelled by King Edward 1st under the 'Stautes of Jewry' law forbidding charging large interests on loans.
In 1646 the history books tell us of King Charles needing safe passage across Cromwell's  Roundhead country, and his guide a rough countryman called 'Mucky Porter'
was told to show a white goose feather at each roundhead stopping  point, this ensured King Charles safe passage across enemy country, this white feather was used again so devastatingly by Jewish women to accuse service -exempt young men some just schoolboys of cowardice in 2 word wars.
Contempory accounts say Cromwell after several bitter and bloody battles was very troubled and did not want to execute King Charles Ist,
 and spent the night before it in anguish and prayer in his little home which still survives in Cambridgeshire, nevertheless Charles was executed in 1649.
In Ireland too Cromwell a puppet of the moneymen, caused deep rifts in the differing Christian sects by ruthless oppression of any dissent, ensuring no healing of these divisions could ever occur.
The Bank of England was established in 1649 by these foreign moneylenders and the East India company was financed by these same people, when after Clive of India's victory at Plassey India in 1757 giving direct East India company rule over India's richest province of Bengal, they tripled the local land tax causing a mass famine that killed 10 million people, one third of the local population, and British ships were soon said to be distributing 2000 chests of opium from local poppies each year,
and in 1793 Indian poppy growers were forbidden to sell to anyone else.
The company ensured that vast amounts of poppies were grown to export opium to China, and the East Inda company grew very rich, and in 1773 Warren Hastings brought all opium production under British Bank of England  monopoly, and while 17 million Chinese died from addiction,  the Bank of England prospered.
1882 was the year that the East India company funded the creation of the 'Opium Trust' now known as 'The skull and Bones' to twist pervert and to profiteer, most US presidents are skull and bones members.
The first opium war was fought in 1839 and after the bloodshed  the British took the island of Hong Kong
The second opium war by the Chinese to stop the drug being pushed on them was in Queen Victorias reign 1856 where Britain and France joined forces to plunder as much as they could, and yet the East India company claim they paved the way for collectivism Globalisation Multicultuarism NoBorders Prog Gayworld and the Big-Society.
The famous US whistleblower Philip Agee told of remote airstrips being used by the US government to distribute huge quantities of drugs in one instance the US authorities sent one ton of cocaine through Miami International airport,  and likewise Mike Rupert has told of US drug running in the Vietnam war whose same drugs  helped to cripple many US vets coming home from the war, said to be supplied  and run courtesy of George Soros and his pal Henry Kissenger under Operation Pheonix.
Operation Garden plot again about government drug money.
 Pres Lyndon Johnston was aware that the Texas airfield was a major CIA drug running distribution point, taped discussions still exist in the FBI archives of the banks laundering drug money, after putting up the cash to fund them to pay crooked politicians to work for the banker funded N.W.O to push more drugs both legal and illegal.
The British newspaper the Guardian in 20 Nov 2007 said the drugs trade is worth around £7-8 billion a year,  but in 2003 a UN report claimed that the global drugs trade was estimated to be worth a huge $321.6 miilion per year, and much of this by governments,
 and this is why the drive to decriminalise drugs so you can buy what you need over a counter at a low price will never happen,
because your government and its backers are making mega bucks pushing these drugs onto your kids.
So how much money is enough?  Rothschild who took over the entire British economy after the battle of Waterloo when he funded the war effort of both countries, Britian and France is said to own half the worlds wealth, and was behind both the French revolution and the Russian revolution, and when Hitler took back the economy from the Jewish bankers and told them to leave Germany, they came to London and New York and brought these countries to war,  destroying Germany exactly as promised, not many people know we fought Germany to give control of the country back to the Jewish bankers.
Sir Anthony Blunt said repeatedly when questioned by British Intel that Guy Burgess recruited both he and Lord Rothschild to the communist cause, but this is a downright lie, in his latter years under the influence of a hospital anaesthetic, he blurted out that Rothschild convinced them that when Rothschilds Russia ruled Britian those that helped would be given positions of great power, and the rest of the country an economically destroyed wasteland, Kim Philby on his arrival in Russia was horrified to find things very different from the high position he was promised, and taking to alcohol begged the British embassy for a reconciliation, Rothschild pulled strings to make sure none of the traitors ever came back and talked.
100 years ago England was the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth, but the wars this past 100 years are said to be resonsible for 35 milion 654 thousand  deaths from conflict alone, bankrupting the country and making the banks filthy rich beyond belief.
USA TODAY revealed that US forces in Afhanistan now supply 90% of the worlds opium, this is blamed on the local Taliban, who say continually drugs and alcohol are not allowed and imbibing of either in their strict Muslim society  has stiff penalties, and in 1996  the San Jose Mercury ran a series of articles on the origin of crack cocaine to Los Angeles street gangs which brought in millions in drug prifits for the CIA to fund Nicaraguan Contras, and Oliver North was then forced to admit the US government was behind pushing drugs to fund the Iran/Contra affair, and insiders say the CIA brought down PanAm103 to destroy Major Charles McKee and his case of evidence on CIA drug running activities.
The enormous amounts of money in  drug cultivation and  pushing, has shown in a recent test that every dollar bill and British banknote, bear minute  traces of hard drugs.
The people who own the banks control the government which is why instead of the banks bailing out the people, the people bail the banks, these moneymen manufacture boom and bust they cause depressions and recessions by just holding money in bank vaults, this is always done throughout history before being released to fund a war,
it does not matter whether you vote Conservative or New labour, Democrat or Republican the banking faces behind the scenes are always the same and Rothschilds is the bankers bank, the name behind the scenes for the most despicable manufactured evil, massive suffering poverty and spent lives taken for the profit of the few.
 Princess Diana was due to go to Palestine on her land mine campaign, this one event signed her death warrant, similarly Dr David Kelly the worlds top WMD expert said Iraq had no WMDs and MP Robin Cook said the same, so all had to be killed, as the people awaken the corrupt moneymen and their kin know something is in the air and Canberra Synagogue was said to be the worlds first to have installed a secret nuclear bunker, but not for the people of course, just gods chosen master race.
Rupert Murdoch recently exposed for massive telephone tapping mail intercepts and postal vote rigging, is funded and controlled by Rothschild  who is pushing for more wars on Iran, Syria, Lebanon etc to give the entire Middle East to Israel under the 'Road map' fought of course  not with their own but our soldiers.
So all these campaigns are bound to fail that want to bring home the troops fighting in these spurious government  wars who protect and distribute  the opium crops,
 and when you see this remembrance sunday all these old soldiers and others wearing their poppies, you know they are really celebrating the 350 years of the satanic banking cartels who earn money from fostering these wars and pushing drugs to their kids, and are laughing at them for celebrating thier own destruction and wearing the badge of the drug running bankers, the red poppy.
Shakespeare says in The Merchant of Venice; 'truth will come to light, murder cannot be hid for long' and people all over the world are beginning to ask questions,
and those heroic young men in two world wars who joined up to defend queen and country to find they were really fighting for a corrupt government and its bankers
are no doubt lying very angry in their graves.
ISIAAH 11-16 'and the lion shall lay down with the lamb' The lion represents the British crown, the establishment and Military/Industrial complex, the lamb or sheep in Christs terminology represents the people, so the governments wars on its own people will end with the lion and the sheeple  laying down together, it wont come soon enough for many.
T Stokes London



HENRY FORD; 'time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving'
Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863 during the american civil war, and in 1903 he started the Ford Motor company, and worked with another resident of East Michigan Thomas Edison, on Fords ideas on perfecting the internal combustion engine.
Henry Ford wanted a car that the average man in the street could afford, and like Adolf Hitler after him with the volkswagen,Henry worked tirelessly
on the revolutionary design that was cheap yet functional and produced the Model T in 1908 which sold for £220, this great car was made without major change in many countries for 19 years, and to encourage the project he raised wages across the board and in 1914 paid his workers $5 a day, a terrific wage for that time and the workers loved him and worked hard and reduced the time incurred in the manufacture of each car from 14 hours down to 1 hour 33 minutes,
this made Ford one of the worlds richest men.
Those wanting employment had to answer a stringent questionaire, Ford wanted to capitalise on every mans existing skills, alcoholics and communists were refused but Ford embraced many men with past criminal records into the company.
Ford was first to bring in the production line where each man specialised in his own skills and Henry limited the hours his workers could put in, as he said he wanted his people to be able to afford his cars and the time to use them with their families, the more he built the more he could reduce the price,
Henrys slogan with the Model T was;
' you can have it in any colour you like as long as its black'
The Model T was known affectionately as a 'Flivver' or a 'Tin lizzie, and was seen in many silent films of the twenties, Charie Chaplin who stole Stan Laurels tramp figure was often pictured witha Model T, but Ford himself lived very frugally and felt he looked after his men so well they did not need trade unions,
and was refused loans for expansion by Jewish banks, Henry vented his anger in the Ford newsletter, this meant problems with the hard left from both communists and jews, even when he built a production facility in Russia, and to allay gossip and attacks from the controlled press, funded his own newspaper the Dearborn Independent, in which he spoke out about what he felt was the Jewish threat from international bankers.
The severe depression of the thirties was to culminate in W.W.II and Henry who put his factories behind the war effort said; 'I told you so'
Henry was a family man and urged his workers to join Ford Clubs and learn square dancing and to go weekend camping
and socialise with other workers in wholesome american activities.
He also had built a museum and a theme park expressing the best of american history and future technology, this was called the Greenfield Village
In 1914 President Wilson was pressured to instigate the federal reserve bank, and the Jewish Bernard Baruch in charge of the war industries board,
and in 1915 one of Henrys supporters, a diplomat and clever pacifist, jewess Rosika Schwimmer brought to Henry secret documentation on German jewish bankers
being behind the war, so Henry brough ta team of diplomats, educators and other celebrities to Europe ina chated ship to stop what he called;
'the madness of the war' , and was savaged by the controlled US press.
Henry was very well informed and hit back, and in 1921 the same bankers tried to take the Ford motor company away from Henry, and
Henrys pal Thomas Edison an incredible inventor, was to claim the Hollywood Jews stole some of his early patents to start the movie industry,
and Henry may have been over protective of his own methods factory and patents,
but the Jews had their revenge and got the laws changed and new motoring tax laws brought in
which killed off the Model T with its 2-9 litre 20-BHP engine being specifically targetted.
Henry claimed that the federal reserve was a huge scam and that Americans should always have control of their own finances,
or the day would come when the public would be robbed and dragged into a series of disastrous wars.
T Stokes London



by Barry Chamish

Armed with paintball guns and marshmallow treats, a platoon of Israeli commandos were shocked by actual violence against them as they landed on the ship. "Wait, thought one, were is the band, where are the balloons?"
PM Netanyahu's defence of the killing of nine activists was, our troops were attacked. Well, of course they were. They gatecrashed a party and you know how Turks hate intruders. He'll get nowhere if that's the best he can come up with. But it's better than, this operation was done so stupidly, it had to have been a planned fiasco. But neither he nor any critic dare name the planner of the embarrassment.

When the first Marine who landed on the Marmara was attacked on the
spot, Admiral Marom should have changed tactics immediately. It is
hard to doubt his expertise in such simple matters, but they
continued dropping the Marines with paintball guns onto a ship which
was exploding with rage. Apparently, the Marines did not receive fire
cover from several helicopters right above them, despite being in
mortal danger. They went with mere pistols against hundreds of armed
rioters: in close combat, the rioters' knives and axes were easily
equal to Navy handguns. Someone sent the Marines to their deaths, and
one is left to ask oneself about the role of Admiral Marom, who
narrowly escaped discharge a year ago due to his tendency to frequent
strip joints, and who may be indebted to high-ranking leftists in the
establishment who saved his job.

This writer notes that "someone sent the Marines to their death" and safely blames the wrong man, Admiral Marom. He is too timid to write the obvious; Marom took orders from his superior, Defence Minister Ehud Barak. It was Barak who probably planned and certainly approved every detail of this intentional naval "fiasco." One way you can tell that he's being protected is when the military establishment starts an obvious coverup:
Yediot Ahronot's senior military analyst, Alex Fishman provided the
following Q&A in the 4 June edition relating to the commando operation that
took over the Mavi Marmara.
Q: Why weren't chains or ropes used to jam the propellers of the ship?
A: It wouldn't work. Any method that requires sending frogmen near
propellers that are running is unacceptably dangerous.

Who said anything about frogmen? This is use of obfuscation, appearing to be answering a question but actually avoiding it. Nets or shells could have been used to foul the propellers and they weren't.

Q: Why were ships simply placed to block the boat?
A: A boat can't block another ship. The only way a ship can effectively
stop another one is by ramming it.
Q: Why not ram the boat?
A: You need to hit it with a heavier ship. The Mavi Mamara might have sunk
if hit.

Here is one option: The ship receives a warning shell. With lots of advanced warning, the ship knows it must shut down engines or risk a shell in its lower hull. The flotsam is then rescued. Everyone on the ship expected this and put on their life preservers. But Israel surprised them. Instead, a small platoon arrived on deck prepared to take care of a mob outnumbering them 40-1 with goodwill, tasty treats and a fun game of paintball. All because it was a better option than sinking the ship.
In 2000, Barak was the Israeli Prime Minister who went to Camp David and gave Yasir Arafat the works, even half of Jerusalem. That his plan was inexplicably turned down by Arafat doesn't mean it couldn't be revived right now. All he needs to do is force Netanyahu out with an incident so bloody and outrageous that every nation on earth condemns Israel and its leader. One publication from the other side implies that Barak cut a deal with Rahm Emmanuel that gave him the go ahead to plan the flotilla disaster:

The Israeli press confirmed that Rahm Emmanuel had a meeting with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, whose Ministry was responsible for overseeing the Commando attack on the Flotilla.
There have been reports to the effect that Rahm Emmanuel  would "lead a team of high octane Democratic party pro-Israel political operatives to run the campaign for the Defense Minister Ehud Barak" against Netanyahu in the next Israeli election. (Ira Glunts, Could Rahm Emanuel Help Barak Unseat Netanyahu? Palestine Chronicle, June 2, 2010)
"Barak is more of a team player than Netanyahu, and appeals to many Americans and Israelis who see Netanyahu’s belligerence as an embarrassment. If Barak was elected Prime Minister and the peace process was restarted, President Obama could get the credit for the resumption of the talks."

There is an Israeli commission of inquiry that I expect will be a whitewash, but it must answer the core telling question spreading throughout the IDF and the country; Did Barak approve this operation behind the backs of the Knesset and his superior PM Netanyahu? My reading of the facts is precisely that. Which means Barak did unto Netanyahu that which, in 1982, he did unto Menachem Begin. As I recently wrote:

I learned the real facts of the Sultan Yakob massacre as told by brigade commander, Gen Avigdor Ben Gal, to the newspaper Kol Ha'ir in 1997. He set out on a jeep tour when two lower officers, took over the brigade command radio against all orders. Both would become leaders of the Labor Party; Amram Mitzna and Ehud Barak. This was not a Labor Party war; it was initiated by the newly powerful Menachem Begin and his Likud Party. If the war went well, Labor wouldn't see power again for the foreseeable future. So Barak and Mitzna were ordered to sabotage it by killing Jews. But not Labor secular Jews. Only the religious would serve their purposes. So with the maps in front of them, they deliberately sent a religious brigade to its doom.

Barak is a worm boring its way through the government. At the Herzliya Conference in 2010, he offered unilateral withdrawal
and begged the PA to assume power in Judea and Samaria. Otherwise, he warned, "Israel was in danger of becoming an apartheid nation."
Once again the Israeli public will reject any hint that their Defence minister was prepared to sacrifice the lives of their children to win political points. They have been fleeced again, under deadly attack by their own Defence Minister, and because they are not treacherous enough to order the slaughter of their own, they can't believe anyone is.
And once again as always, another Israeli Labor Party heads gets to murder with impunity.


Did Ehud Barak deliberately sabotage the flotilla operation? Hear me on Look for my name on the main page and double click.
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Meanwhile, a taste of some of what I sent out just this week. If you like the snippets and want a diet of them, don't be shy to tell me.  Best, Barry
Analysts question Korea torpedo incident
How is it that a submarine of a fifth-rate power was able to penetrate a U.S.-South Korean naval exercise and sink a ship that was designed for anti-submarine warfare?
Such questions are being fueled by suggestions in the South Korean and Japanese media that the naval exercise was intended to provoke the North to attack. The resulting public outcry in the South, according to this analysis, would bolster support for a conservative government in Seoul that is opposed to reconciliation efforts...

2010 & 2011 predictions: Pray hard that these are wrong
Bob Chapman
First 6 months of 2010, Americans will continue to live in the 'unreality'…the period between July and October is when the financial fireworrks will begin. The Fed will act unilaterally for its own survival irrespective of any political implications …(source is from insider at FEDD meetings). In the last quarter of the year we could even see Martial law, which is more likely for the first 6 months of 2011. The FDIC will collapse in September 2010. Commercial real estate is set to implode in 2010. Wall Street believes there is a 100% chance of crash in bond market, especially municipals sometime during 2010. The dollar will be devalued by the end of 2010...

Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico
NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) - In what is looming as another public
relations predicament for Goldman Sachs, the banking giant admitted
today that it made "a substantial financial bet against the Gulf of Mexico"
one day before the sinking of an oil rig in that body of water...

Chiggers, Sand Fleas and Scorpions!
From a Recon Marine in Afghanistan
From the Sand Pit it's freezing here.  I'm sitting on hard, cold dirt between rocks and shrubs at the base of the Hindu Kush Mountains , along the Dar 'yoi Pomir River , watching a hole that leads to a tunnel that leads to a cave.  Stake out, my friend, and no pizza delivery for thousands of miles.
I also glance at the area around my ass every ten to fifteen seconds to avoid another scorpion sting.  I've actually given up battling the chiggers and sand fleas, but the scorpions give a jolt like a cattle prod.  Hurts like a bastard..  The antidote tastes like transmission fluid, but God bless the Marine Corps for the five vials of it in my pack.
The one truth the Taliban cannot escape is that, believe it or not, they are human beings, which means they have to eat food and drink water.  That requires couriers and that's where an old bounty hunter like me comes in handy.  I track the couriers, locate the tunnel entrances and storage facilities, type the info into the handheld, shoot the coordinates up to the satellite link that tells the air commanders where to drop the hardware...

TEHRAN, Iran – A radical cleric called Saturday for the creation of a "Greater Iran" that would rule over the entire Middle East and Central Asia, in an event that he said would herald the coming of Islam's expected messiah.
Ayatollah Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi said the creation of what he calls an Islamic United States is a central aim of the political party he leads called Hezbollah, or Party of God, and that he hoped to make it a reality if they win the next presidential election...

Canadian Prime Minister Delivers Global Governance Plan

During the January 2010 World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the current Chairman of the G-20, presented the upcoming agenda for the G-20 and G-8 meetings to be held in Ontario in June. Many were shocked to hear this Conservative leader declare that “we also know markets need governance. For the new global economy, the G-20 is what we have.” Harper went on to speak as an avowed Keynesian committed to a one world global economy, creating a world “we have been trying to build since 1945”.
He went on to warn the world that national self interest sovereignty must be opposed to stave off a greater crisis than the current recession. For the next several months leading up to and including the G-20 meetings,  Stephen Harper will be attempting to convince the world to find global unity of purpose and adopt what he calls “Enlightened Sovereignty”...

The Wayne Madsen Report for today is a blockbuster and underscores what Larry Sinclair has been maintaining for years. Wayne's report is a pay for view service and the following is a small excerpt from it.  Wayne writes that not only is Obama gay but it names favorite clubs and a gay dating service run by Rev. Wright that Obama and another young man in the congregation used.  The other young man was later murdered.  According to WMR, Rahm (the boy ballet dancer) Emmanuel is also member of the gay club. Begin Excerpt "May 24, 2010 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago's gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city. The bath house, Man's Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago's "grand old bathhouses." WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides lifetime memberships to paying customers and that the club's computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel. However, sources close to "Man's Country" believe the U.S. Secret Service has purged the computer and filing cabinet files of the membership data on Obama and Emanuel. Members of Man's Country are also issued club identification cards. WMR learned that Obama and Emanuel possessed the ID cards, which were required for entry...

Oil and Earthquakes: History Says
Engineers Have Always Known

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media
In 1958, a geologist calculated that injecting fluid into the ground increases the chance of earthquakes. Thirty-one years later, another geologist has shown the reverse: pumping gas or oil out of the ground can also trigger earthquakes.
Pumping out underground crude contracts the rock in oil reservoirs and sets up large pressure changes over short distances, Paul Segall of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif., calculates in the October GEOLOGY. Vertical contraction makes the ground above the reservoir sink, while horizontal stresses pull surrounding rock inward. If the pull becomes strong enough to shear the rock, an earthquake results.

Although geologists have reported moderate earthquakes near gas and oil fields since the 1920s and have long suspected the wells as the cause, Segall's mathematical analysis shows specifically how and where the ground slips, says geologist C. Barry Raleigh of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. Segall's ground-breaking work discloses a dirty little secret oil engineers have always known.
"This is the first time that anyone has shown in any kind of analytical way that withdrawing fluid causes earthquakes," confirms John D. Bredehoeft of the USGS.
Because most earthquakes have been moderate in magnitude, petroleum engineers probably won't change their techniques, Raleigh says. But they didn't know about BP Oil drilling 5,000 off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico...

My new book, THE conPROMISED LAND can be ordered direct from the publisher

OR: Israel Betrayed Save Israel

Watch me in Hebrew
New. Watch me in HEBREW again:

School in Gaza Bombed

Forget about your conspiracy "theories" for a minute and look at this reality going on right now. I have friends on both sides or this war and I am presenting the information as I see it withdrawing any judgment or political view. My only opposition is that against killing the innocent and children.

Here is an email that was forwarded to me today in it's entirety.
Send to the whole world

I really wonder why Hillary & Miliband not talking about this? Do u Know why?

The bellow photos are not a Movie Shooting or Celebrating a festival with crackers... its a school in Gaza .. this is the current situation of the innocent people in Gaza !
Make sure you read till last to know what is white phosphorus! and the effect!

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza

School Bombing in Gaza


The joke is that Israel recently wants inquiry about Human Rights violations by Sri Lankan government in the war against LTTE terrorists.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Muhammad Imran


Bush Family Nazi Connection

Clear evidence that the Bush family has ties to Hitler. Prescott Bush, who should have been prosecuted as a traitor is the progenitor of one of the most powerful and dangerous families on the planet.

This material is irrefutable and still sits as the nexus of the dynasty of the Bushes and their association with the Nazi collaborators with Brown Brothers Harriman and IG Farbin( which operated Auschwitz). The interconnected web has gotten us into this unbelievable world political system and their ties to the "Business Plot".