Roman Catholic Mercenary Armies

"Some Blackwater executives even boast of their membership in the Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, a Christian militia formed in the eleventh century, before the first Crusades, with the mission of defending "territories that the Crusaders had conquered from the Moslems." 
taken from the preface of
Jeremy Scahill's book titled, "Blackwater: The Rise Of The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army".

Britain releases files on UFO sightings

Britain has opened up 1000 files to the public on UFOS that were kept secret. This short vid sketches out some information on countries and their positions on the UFO question.

Are the heads of the Illuminati at the Vatican?

what do you guys think? Is the Vatican one of the most powerful Illuminati fronts with the pope being one of the bosses of the Illuminati? 

Hidden Books in Vatican PT.4of4

This series is very revealing about the secrets and hints at the nature of books that have never come to life. The speculation of the influence of the Illuminati and their goals with asserting their goals over the world are discussed here. Where did the Illuminati come from?

Hidden Books in Vatican PT.3of4

What's Hidden in the Vatican Library? The agenda of the Church and all Secret Societies is world domination. Pornocracy is the rule of the people by harlots and more of the sorted and secret history is discussed in this series. Very intriguing documentary.

Hidden Books in Vatican PT.2of4

The Bavarian illuminati hisstory. There are speculations on the nature of the scope of the secret societies and their goals including the toppling of foreign governments and the goals of world domination. One World ain't one love.

Hidden Books in Vatican PT.1of4

Secret Societies and the reactions to the adjenda of the Vatican. This TV show is focused around the  latest  Dan Brown book, "Angels and Demons", the secrets of Rome and history of the secrets of belieef of the world. The Illuminati and their legacy and are they still here.

The Jesuits Then and Now Part 1

Audio program (radio) on how Weishaup and the Jesuits and the intertwined histories of the organizations. Really cool stuff. Skull and Bones started as a Jesuit organization and spin off. The history of the Illuminati and the lacework of the ages.

Malachi Martin Planet X Nibiru 2012 Vatican

Art Bell and the great Malachi Martin and the Vatican's keen interest and the knowledge of what might be approaching the planet in our near future.

Malachi Martin Art Bell with video

Now a classic Art Bell interview with Fr. Malachi Martin. This is a must listen for all folks interested in the material we post here at Illuminati Archives. Like I said a must listen...; demon possesion, illuminati Vatican connections, and all kinds of great stuff. sorry got a little exited there.