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BLACK WATER Government Cover up NWO soon to begin final plan

When everything that you know in your life is under threat what do you do? What answer do we have when our rulers are unjust and treat our citizens like a bunch of idiots. If you think that the next administration is going to lead us out of the darkness then you on crack. The election is a far gone conclusion with predetermined outcomes.

How Bush Blocked FBI Investigation of Bin Laden

Further pieces of the puzzle. Connections of specific Bin Laden investment, the Carlyle Group, and insider deals. Naming names and exposing the new rule by greenbacks. Greg Palast discusses how Bush Blocked FBI Investigation of Bin Laden, it is a hard story to tell, and well worth watching.

Carlyle Group Bush Bin-Laden 1 of 7

The success and scope of the Carlyle Group's defense business as well as their methods and practice of acquisition and growth. This is the powerful grip that private unregulated private companies/contractor's have on our government. The Cheneys and Bushies really got the fix in on this one. Cheers.