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When a person reflects on his death and on his nakedness at death, when a person examines God's terrible court of judgment, where nothing is hidden and nothing is remitted without a punishment, when he also reflects on the instability and vanity of the world, will he not then rejoice and sweetly savor in his heart the surrender of his will to God together with his abstinence from sins? Is not his body strengthened and his blood improved, that is, is not every weakness of his soul, such as sloth and moral dissolution, driven away and the blood of divine love rejuvenated? This is because he reasons rightly that an eternal good is to be loved rather than a perishable one. Therefore divine wisdom is not precisely to be found in erudition but in good works, since many are wise in a worldly way and after their own desires but are altogether foolish with regard to God's will and commandments and the disciplining of their body. Such people are not wise but foolish and blind, for they understand perishable things that are useful for the moment, but they despise and forget the things of eternity. Others are foolish with regard to worldly delights and reputation but wise in considering the things that are of God, and they are fervent in his service. Such people are truly wise, for they savor the precepts and will of God. They have truly been enlightened and keep their eyes open in that they are always considering in what way they may reach true life and light. Others, however, walk ...

Proyecto Blue Beam de la NASA РEspa̱ol 1/2

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Proyecto Blue Beam de la NASA - Parte 1/2 Nuevo Orden Mundial (NWO) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Video original hecho por Galaxydreams Traducción al español por DreisSniper ----------------------------------------------------------------- No se sabe qué de cierto puede tener esta teoría, pero mejor conocerla por si acaso.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – 1 di 5

lautv7 asked: - ....è un documentario che rivela il tratto di una delle più straordinarie ed affascinanti donne dei tempi moderni, la mistica russa del diciannovesimo secolo, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Destinata ad un cammino solitario, lasciò il marito e la terra natale per viaggiare nel mondo alla ricerca della conoscenza occulta, una ricerca che la portò ad incontrare i grandi Mahatma e l'Antica saggezza dell'Oriente. La sua odissea doveva portarle illuminazione e nemici, fama e notorietà, devozione e risultò anche in alcuni dei più grandi classici dell'occultismo mai scritti e nella fondazione della Società Teosofica. La storia non è stata gentile con la discussa Helena Petrovna e con la sua passione per la verità spirituale. Ma la storia forse è un periodo troppo breve per darci una reale prospettiva sugli Immortali. Poiché certamente tale fu... ed è, il genio ostinato della BLAVATSKY. Edizioni Teosofiche Italiane

Brian Greene: The universe on a string

TEDtalksDirector asked: n clear, nontechnical language, string theorist Brian Greene explains how our understanding of the universe has evolved from Einstein's notions of gravity and space-time to superstring theory, where minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe. (This mind-bending theory may soon be put to the test at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.)

HAARP Conspiracy Theory Part 1 of 6

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