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The news that Britians biggest supermarket chain Tesco was the only supermarket with a very poor set of profits over the Christmas period, has meant the Boycott of Israeli goods is biting, the boycott idea originally was a Jewish one which they implemented on Germany in 1933.

Hitting a country economically should pull it back into line, Britian now has huge immigrant communities who see what is happening in Palestine and the occupied territories and are speaking out in the only way they can, with an economic boycott.

Tesco named after daughter Tessa Cohen alongside Sainsbury's were among the original funders of Tony Blair’s false flag New Labour, and Tesco and Sainsbury were granted special tax wise status, and it has been a source of anger that Tesco take billions from the UK economy yet put nothing back, in fact wherever you see a Tesco, be assured many jobs were lost for the few they create and they have bought much other land in the area so no other supermarkets can get a foothold, and now Tesco have been secretly investing heavily in the Far East, and are moving assets before the coming Iran/Syria/Lebanon wars.

Tesco main offices were heavily staked by wire tappers, much industrial espionage is done in the main by Israelis, but any information is saleable Rupert Murdoch being the main beneficiary, and the death of the "spy in the suitcase" Gareth Williams, was the focus of a string of intercepts climaxing just after Christmas 2010. Gareth whose intel medical file lists him as borderline aspergers, was a brilliant mathematician and codebreaker who was on secondment to GCHQ, which is largely funded by the American NSA, who oversee everything they do, routine assessments are sent to Langley and then shared with Israel, the word is that Gareth broke coded signals for an intended Israeli false flag bombing campaign on the British mainland with fingers pointing to Iran for which Iran and British based radical Muslims would be blamed.

Yesterday’s news pictures of US soldiers urinating on dead people has infuriated both the British and the huge new immigrant communities here in Britian, and already we are seeing a growing trend worldwide telling the USA to take their military bases and constant wars and go home.

Remember in W W II Hitler had a German soldier shot for urinating up a war memorial for allied soldiers. Gareth like many intellectuals was said to be a little naive and have little "common sense" relationships were not easy for him, and it was claimed he was a cross dresser, there was a huge row over who had jurisdiction the police or Intel and the police were furious to not be allowed to investigate the murder, they were told to say unofficially that violence in homosexual pickup relationships is common and the killing may not be intelligence related. Cross dressing spies are not unusual, spy Guy Burgess would often go to clubs dressed as a woman, where he was mockingly known as "warty" because of a large wart on his upper lip which he always hid up as a lipstick smudge.

Reporters talk at newspaper desks seem to favour the theory that Gareth was picked up and came home with a guest, who got him talking before inflicting on Gareth a horrible death, and our government is hiding the truth from us.

M I 5 informants claim that the 3 main political parties in Britian have strong Israeli lobbies, and even the 2 nationalist parties the BNP ( British national Party) and the EDL ( English Defence League ) are strongly pro-Israel, not pro-Nationalist as you would expect.

Scotland’s SNP are trying to pull away from Britian and achieve independence, when this is achieved one of the top aspects they consider is both a refusal to condone the coming war on Iran and to demand a free and fresh look at the Lockerbie disaster where a Boeing 747 Jumbo jet exploded in the air over Scotland and 270 people died.

The former Scottish minister lord Selkirk of Douglas is said to have wanted CIA operative Vincent Cannistraro to appear at the inquest and explain what interest the CIA had if any in the flight, he also resisted Foreign Office pressure to leave Lockerbie alone, His father Douglas Douglas-Hamilton was one of those who met Rudolph Hess on his peace mission to Britian, both men were Scottish through and through and do not like British interference in Scottish affairs.

Superspy Jonathan Pollards US top secret information on US defence, security capability and weak spots has been turning up not just in Israel but in Iran and Russia, this leaves the USA very vulnerable in certain bacteriological and nuclear theatres.

The CIA chief at the time of Lockerbie was William Casey and just hours before he was due to testify on the Arms/contra scandal on CIA drug trafficking on Pan Am flights he was taken ill and died, it seems whenever a man speaks out on what he knows on false flag attacks, be it Gareth Williams, William Casey or Dr. David Kelly they are among a very long list who were silenced.

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HENRY FORD; 'time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving'
Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863 during the american civil war, and in 1903 he started the Ford Motor company, and worked with another resident of East Michigan Thomas Edison, on Fords ideas on perfecting the internal combustion engine.
Henry Ford wanted a car that the average man in the street could afford, and like Adolf Hitler after him with the volkswagen,Henry worked tirelessly
on the revolutionary design that was cheap yet functional and produced the Model T in 1908 which sold for £220, this great car was made without major change in many countries for 19 years, and to encourage the project he raised wages across the board and in 1914 paid his workers $5 a day, a terrific wage for that time and the workers loved him and worked hard and reduced the time incurred in the manufacture of each car from 14 hours down to 1 hour 33 minutes,
this made Ford one of the worlds richest men.
Those wanting employment had to answer a stringent questionaire, Ford wanted to capitalise on every mans existing skills, alcoholics and communists were refused but Ford embraced many men with past criminal records into the company.
Ford was first to bring in the production line where each man specialised in his own skills and Henry limited the hours his workers could put in, as he said he wanted his people to be able to afford his cars and the time to use them with their families, the more he built the more he could reduce the price,
Henrys slogan with the Model T was;
' you can have it in any colour you like as long as its black'
The Model T was known affectionately as a 'Flivver' or a 'Tin lizzie, and was seen in many silent films of the twenties, Charie Chaplin who stole Stan Laurels tramp figure was often pictured witha Model T, but Ford himself lived very frugally and felt he looked after his men so well they did not need trade unions,
and was refused loans for expansion by Jewish banks, Henry vented his anger in the Ford newsletter, this meant problems with the hard left from both communists and jews, even when he built a production facility in Russia, and to allay gossip and attacks from the controlled press, funded his own newspaper the Dearborn Independent, in which he spoke out about what he felt was the Jewish threat from international bankers.
The severe depression of the thirties was to culminate in W.W.II and Henry who put his factories behind the war effort said; 'I told you so'
Henry was a family man and urged his workers to join Ford Clubs and learn square dancing and to go weekend camping
and socialise with other workers in wholesome american activities.
He also had built a museum and a theme park expressing the best of american history and future technology, this was called the Greenfield Village
In 1914 President Wilson was pressured to instigate the federal reserve bank, and the Jewish Bernard Baruch in charge of the war industries board,
and in 1915 one of Henrys supporters, a diplomat and clever pacifist, jewess Rosika Schwimmer brought to Henry secret documentation on German jewish bankers
being behind the war, so Henry brough ta team of diplomats, educators and other celebrities to Europe ina chated ship to stop what he called;
'the madness of the war' , and was savaged by the controlled US press.
Henry was very well informed and hit back, and in 1921 the same bankers tried to take the Ford motor company away from Henry, and
Henrys pal Thomas Edison an incredible inventor, was to claim the Hollywood Jews stole some of his early patents to start the movie industry,
and Henry may have been over protective of his own methods factory and patents,
but the Jews had their revenge and got the laws changed and new motoring tax laws brought in
which killed off the Model T with its 2-9 litre 20-BHP engine being specifically targetted.
Henry claimed that the federal reserve was a huge scam and that Americans should always have control of their own finances,
or the day would come when the public would be robbed and dragged into a series of disastrous wars.
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Some years ago one Christmas eve, I was invited to attend a 70th birthday celebration

held at a Masonic lodge for intelligence and allied personnel.

An amusing senior policeman telling filthy jokes to the guests, introduced me to

To an inebriated old chap dozing in front of a blazing fire, who had been at guard at Spandau prison where Hess was held.

Almost word for word I remember what he said to me and I repeat it here.

“The history books say that Hess, the second most powerful man in Germany,

who had bodyguards 24 hours a day, could not even go to the toilet on his own, yet we are told he slipped away from them, went to an airfield which was guarded in time of war, got in without being recognised, bolted on extra large fuel tanks without being challenged, gave a signature for fuel, and warmed up the engine for the statutory 20 minutes without being stopped, Britain was at war with Germany and anyone stealing an aeroplane was shot down instantly, yet although there were no maps, he knew exactly where to fly to in Scotland, British interception fighters were told keep away,”

I then asked him what it was he was telling me ?
“Simply this he said, that luring Hess to Britain was an M.I.6 “sting operation”

to embarrass Hitler, we then said, you do as we tell you, but Hitler said “keep him”

Hess told us that the Katyn Forest murders, were the work of the N.K.V.D

( Stalinist intell forces ) which we already knew but blamed Germany,

Hess said again the Hitler wanted peace with us, and that Germany Britain and the U.S were all part of the Anglo Saxon brotherhood, and he did not want war among them, particularly he wanted Churchill to stop bombing civilians.

Remember that at Dunkirk Hitler allowed the British army to escape, he could have annihilated our forces who were largely defenceless in the water, but he wanted our forces strong because all through the war, we were negotiating with Germany over the seriousness of the Soviet threat.

“This guard at Spandau, said Hess was fitted up at the Nuremberg trials and given a life sentence, he was also given mind altering drugs, which made him appear mad before the trial, and all Germans were beaten and serially kicked in the groin, on Churchill’s orders, Hess desperately wanted to discuss the “Jewish question”

but Britain was refused to consider help, by the international financiers themselves.

Their leader Rothschild is on record as saying and I quote;

“there will be no room in the new land for schorrers” ( beggars or poor Jews )

Some years later I discussed this with a senior wartime M.I.6 officer who said;

“ no one in the prison is allowed to speak to Hess, he has not been allowed to speak for 25 years, the whisper is, that the man in prison is not Hess at all because the prison doctor claims he does not have Hess’s chest or leg wounds from W.W.1”

Sir. Anthony Blunt added to this by saying Britain knew it was the Soviet forces who liquidated thousands of the polish intelligentsia at Katyn forest, the concern in the Cambridge Universities was that when Russia conquered Britain, the talk was that our intelligentsia would go the same way.

He did manage to get me Hess’s handprint on a sheet of paper, this can be compared to Hess’s son for similarities between father and son, and identity proof of who the man in Spandau was.

The father of ex BBC TV producer John Leigh, was in wartime intelligence

and this is his statement verbatim;’ I was given a map and told to go immediately with all haste in my motorbike and sidecar to pick up a very distinguished German who was landing in Scotland and pick him up and bring him here, before the others got him’ This tell us that British intelligence was split over the Fate of Hess.

Remember that Neville Chamberlain had made extensive inquiries through security sources as Hitler was coming to power, and Admiral Barry Domvile had the most AIPs right to the top of the Third Reich, ( agents in place ) and he insisted Hitler was nota threat to Britain but to Russia.

I also managed to get a statement after long bargaining from one of Hess’s arresting officers, he confirmed what I had heard, but added, that Hess was expected in his aircraft, this shows our government knew of his planned arrival.

He knew of him being drugged for long periods to make him appear “mad”

He also believed that, Hess was switched for another prisoner, he said it was rumoured that Hess was with the Kings brother and peacemaker, the Duke of Kent on a flight over Scotland when it came down, and all were killed.

The technique used to sabotage the plane is the usual unimaginative one used by the British, in such cases as the General Sikhorsky crash, again ordered by Churchill, and the later crash where we lost 29 top Irish intelligence operatives in Ireland, when under great pressure from the Americans.

Anthony Blunt claimed Britain did not want to shorten W.W.II with the treaty brought by Hess and rejected without consultation.

Churchill said many times he wanted “total war” and

”the complete elimination of Germany, as a nation”

These paragraphs, “ The complete elimination of Germany as a nation”

and “total war”

were used consistently by the Rothschild financial backers who put Churchill into power over two world wars,

During the Arab/Israeli 6 day war a highly placed Rabbbi who advised on the Nuremberg trials and a good friend, gave me further back up information.

That Churchill was in the grip of these men there can be no doubt, it is documented that he was a 33rd degree mason, had been in unsavoury magical practises, and made his personal fortunes from the suffering of others in the Boer war, to protect Jewish investment in the South African diamond and gold mines, and two world wars.

No one can answer the question;

“name one person who was in Churchill’s war cabinet “ ?

Because it was the age of the dictator, Franco, Mussolini, Hirohito, Stalin, Hitler and Churchill, this strange situation was initiated guided and accomplished by the moneymen, for their own purposes, these dictators were just chess pieces on a board to play another game for profit.

Independent analysts have said that the only winners of these wars are the money lenders, the international banks that fund these conflicts, they are the only winners.

Remember both sides in the Napoleonic wars were funded by just one bank, Rothschilds, for the worlds 2 most important nations at that time to have been bankrolled by one bank shows incredible economic power, Rothschild’ agent at the battle rushed the news back to Britain that Britain had lost, bringing on a stock market crash, Rothschild then bought all British stocks, selling at vast profit when the truth came out.

It was this same financial double dealing that drove Hitler to demand the Jews leave Germany as W.W.II drew near, because of the profiteering after the Franco/Prussian war, W.W.1 and the collapse of the German currencies meant that in 1914 there were 4;20 marks to the dollar, but by 1923 the U.S dollar bought 4;2 trillion marks.

* Footnote Rudolph Hess who flew to Britain to ask for peace was being considered for release to his family, but alas he died on August 17 1987 aged 93.

Sections of the British establishment were anxious he may yet tell the truth, and a garbled doctors report, started the rumour that he was garrotted at Spandau prison by two special forces operatives, to prevent his release and the truth coming out.

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Peter Mandelson is currently involved in a bitter legal dispute with Cherie Blair over a passage in his recent memoirs which tells of a letter from Cherie Blair in which she makes a vitriolic and hateful attack on Gordon Brown, legal buffs are urging calmness as Cherie knows enough about Mandelson and teenage boys to create big problems, but neither will come out of this very well, as both are hated by the British public, Cherie was caught days ago offering Tony Blair items including an autograph on ebay for ten pounds, while owning 7 houses and Tony earning an estimated 20 million pounds since leaving office, quite apart from Cheries huge earnings of Matrix Chambers. The N.S A eavesdrop on all our ministers, and Insiders say they have lived apart for some time.
Mandelson who while Britians business minister holidayed on Oleg Deripaskas yacht an alleged dozen times, Deripaska who is banned in the USA for organised crime connections, and faces an arrest warrant if he returns to Russia is known to have mafia associates, and was named in the Daily Mail 23rd May 2010 as being involved along with Mandelson and Nat Rothschild in a £500 milion pound aluminium deal that cost many British jobs, the underground student newspaper 'arsole news'
created a storm by equating these 3 Jews with a new axis of evil.
Mandelson officially endorsed a political candidate Leo Gillan in March 2003, but lost to 'hangus the monkey' a man in a monkey suit whose political slogan was to offer free banannas to school children, the fact that the British public would prefer a monkey to mandelson was very telling.
Mandelson who pushed hard for the internet censorship bill has much to keep secret, and the recent case of the french culture minister Frederic Mitterand paying young boys for sex opened up several other big names in politics, Mandelson was admitted into a French hospital recently with prostrate problems, the french doctor claimed the real reason was felching injuries, the gay sport where a cardboard tube is inserted into the rectum and a small furry animal slid down it,
the French doctor claimed it was the scratches inside Peter that had to be treated.
Now Peter Mandelson is a controlling patron of the NSPCC, Margaret Hodge ( nee Oppenheimer ) was childrens minister and knew Mandelson and Tony Blair very well indeed, they also knew Childline founders Sarah Caplin and Esther Ranzten and controller Michael grade, and have been noticeably silent on several alleged scandals
in childrens homes across the country, but this info was strangely silenced by Tony Blairs D notices, so who was he protecting ?
one investigative journalist asked if childline was set up monitor and hide the crimes of certain people, ?
Tony has had to cancel book signings after being pelted with eggs plastic bottles and shoes, one lady tried to give him a bag of coins to represent Tonys thirty pieces of silver, while Peter Mandelson the Rothschild apparatchik for Britian, has been thrown from office three times and while criticising Tony and Cheries earnings
hides his own earnings in a secret blind trust, mandelson is the current First secretary of state,
i have the feeling hangus the monkey could make a much better job of things.
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When Tony Blair was prime minister, he made almost one law change per day and his wife Cherie set up the
Matrix Chambers law firm to cash in on these changes, Cheries earnings are undisclosed but her barristers earned on average £243,000 annually,
in the last years figures attainable for Matrix Chambers, they earnt a wopping £13.4 million.
Cherie is an expert in human rights legislation, and knows because she helped draft the following changes, Proceeds of crime act 2002, which is a UK act of parliament which provides for the civil recovery of financial assets from illegal acts, such as faked up foreign wars, and the race relations act and its many variants and ammendations 1976, which provides for the prosecution of any act that brings hurt or violence to others of a different race, e g those from Iraq and Afghanistan, and recent racial threats to those in Iran.
David Murfee-Faulk an N.S.A whistelblower has broken the story that while Tony Blair was in office the US administration saw him as a pinocchio character and did not trust him, and spied on his personal emails and telephone calls, exactly as spy Jonathan Pollard claimed previously, Murfee-Faulks had top secret clearance at at army listening post for the N.S.A and said secret tapes and recordings of Blair and others still exist,
and that Blair was in the pocket of Lord Levy an alleged mossad activist, and that New Labour was funded totally through surrogate donors of this foreign power.
Adreinne Kinne a second whistleblower has confirmed this and said that all internal calls in Iraq were taped, and any journalist who was deemed ' not onside' was in great danger of being killed by 'terrorist attacks or insurgent bombings'

While huge illegal monetary sums are being made by a few, this same government that admits over a billion pounds a year is paid to fraudulent claimants abroad, and made huge fraudulent payouts to its own M.Ps is actually guilty of theft and benefit scams itself, as most benefit fraud is actually committed by this same government, withholding from old age pensioners by making claim forms impossible to work out, this stolen money is technically called “clawback funds” and is used to bolster other economic areas, this practice is encouraged by Government to cheat the British people in need who are genuinely entitled to it, they also throw off thousands of people each week from the claims procedure and these are often those who fought the governments racist wars for it. Insider rumours are that Cherie Blair and her sister Lauren Booth are not in agreement with Tonys crooked dealings, isnt it a nice thought to think Tony and Cherie will be caught out and prosectued with their own laws

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Winston who led Britain into 2 world wars with his famous ”victory” salute, was in a recent rigged newspaper poll voted Britain’s greatest Englishman.

Both soviet wartime documentatin and Rothschild archives have exposed Winston as a long term Zionist puppet, and serving illuminati interest before that of Britain.

He has been shown to be from documental research and Humint, (human intelligence)

To have been a Druid priest, a one time fringe spiritualist a secret jew and member of the golden dawn, and most damning of all, a 33rd degree mason, masonry is universally accepted as a racist anti Christian and an elitist anti ordinary people organisation.

This establishes his interest in the occult from day one, and he himself has said on record that he escaped capture in the Boer war, by his psychic ability to choose to knock on the one door that would give him shelter, his statement here is questionable from archive material research but let’s leave this for now.

His “V” salute is a recognized greeting of the horned god, the symbol of the Devil worshipping Illuminati, as demonstrated in “Skull and bones” initiates, cabbalists call this sign the "nail" the sign of Satan and the version of the “V” salute as shown in the Star Trek programmes by Spock, is the Rabbi’s greeting in the Hebrew tradition, the hand split down the centre represents the 2 fingers on each side of the “V” in deVil, as the initials DE and IL represent the fingers.

The thumb held in front symbolizes the subservience of the will to a greater power.

The thumb in history has represented the ego, the will power and the personal identity.

The initial “V” is the 22nd letter in the alphabet, a sacred number in Hebrew numerology, and corresponds in the tarot pack to the major arcana.

Winston changed sides in his political career four times, and his skills were on offer on several more occasions for the right price, including his 150,000 pounds to bring Britain into W.W.II for Rothschild’s bankers against Germany.

Archbishop Lang the Church of England expert on occult subjects, prior to W.W.II

was privy to Churchill’s putting together the “Black Team” those wartime astrologers,

dowsers and ritual magicians, under the stewardship of Louis de Whol.

Dennis Wheatley, Dion Fortune and Ian Fleming all claimed that Churchill had wartime dealings with Aleister Crowley, advertised as the world’s “wickedest man.” who incidentally claimed Winston Churchill was the most scariest man he ever met.

Churchill wanted occult advice on all wartime events, even insisting on mass fake astrological pamphlet drops, and other propaganda leaflets being dropped from British aircraft over Germany.

The master-spy, and general toe-rag sir Anthony Blunt has said on record Hitler was negotiating for peace right through the war, and sent his deputy Rudolph Hess to Britain to pursue an honourable peace which Churchill continually refused, following Rothschild advice for total destruction as shown in his needless firebombing of German dormitory cities, this can be seen as the typical

“Satanic Sacrifice” as recorded in the Old Testament as a “burnt offering “ and in the biblical burning of witches.

Sir Anthony Blunt put on record his distaste at Churchill’s support of the Soviet rape squads sent in to defile the women and children in the last days of the Third Reich, disrupting the eugenics tables and racial purity, this is Satanism at its worst.

Britain’s intelligence services had saturation coverage of the Third Reich up to and through W.W.II and told us the Germans were a threat to Russia, not Britain, so Churchill formed his own intelligence service called the S.O.E these were recruited from leftie rabble rousers and socialist sympathizers, and were told to; “set Europe ablaze” the purpose was to sacrifice Europe for Churchill’s ambitions, and to insure Germany would clamp down on them, which was exactly what happened.

It was suggested to me some years ago, that Churchill was blackmailed over a homosexual affair with his secretary into a pro-Zionist stance, in a similar fashion to what happened with the Prime minister Edward Heath with the “sailor rent boy” activities,

and the Tony Blair Lord Levy “Miranda” revelations”

Soviet spy Eugene Ivanov was just one who documented Churchill’s alcoholism and mental instability, now in G.R.U archives.

Britain in the thirties had a posture that assisted Germany in its anti-Russia stance, yet Churchill on his own, in pure Tony Blair fashion, turns the tables and decides Germany is the enemy and took us to war.

Hitler had a thing about the Anglo Saxon race, that is Germany, Britain and the U.S.A

and did not want war.

If we had listened to our intelligence services we would have let Russia and Germany fight it out, and we could have easily dealt with the weakened winner, and the Cold war would never have happened, but Churchill had Vernon Kell reputedly the world best intelligence chief retired off and murdered as would not go along with the Churchill plans.

Britain will now complete its dismantling of the United Kingdom, breaking England into 8 regional zones, and have every domestic decision made by the modern Hitler replacement in Europe.

Some Churchill memorabilia has come out for sale today aa London auction house, itsa pity the truth has yet to come out.

* Instigator of wartime “Black Team”
* Many photos taken of Churchill giving his Rabbi salute
* Named by several top occultists as satanically involved.
* Links to Aleister Crowley

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The Boer war was over confiscating and protecting the rich mining interests in S Africa for the Rothschild and Oppenheimer NWO families, and it was them who devised the concentration camp system used in the area, and will bring it out again to be used again in the coming Palestine/Lebanon/Iran/Syria road map terror wars, not ,many people realise it was Rothschild banking syndicates who funded the building of the German work camps that enclosed large numbers of their own people, who were the "schnorrers" Rohschilds word for the poor Jews who were to be the sacrifice.

Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, who was born in 1894 and educated at Eton and Sandhurst, before coming an M.P for Peebles and Midlothian, and was a confidante of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, he was among those arrested without charge 70 years ago, on May 23rd 1940 and interred in Brixton prison until 26th Sept 1944, when being released he again took up his seat in parliament.

Lord Rothschild instigated Regulation B, to imprison anyone without legal help for speaking out against the slaughter of W.W.II under the pretence of pro-German 5th column activity, and hundreds of people, including many ex-servicemen who wanted Britain to keep out of the war, were interned for the wars duration, when the public at large knew the pronounced reason for the war, the attack on Poland was a lie.

Hitler had a thing about the Arian race e. g. the Anglo Saxons, Germans British and Americans, were he said all brothers under the skin, and no way would he declare war on Britain, so the ground had to be prepared by racist lies deception and mass propaganda, to bring this war about.

Britain in the late thirties was a place where the universities, industry, the mines, the B.B.C and the intelligence services became Socialist/pro-Russia, and anti-Germany.

Our own intelligence services had said Germany was no threat to Britain, while Russia was busy infiltrating and subverting, Admiral Barry Domville head of naval intelligence, was also one of those imprisoned for the wars duration for insisting Germany was not the threat Russia was.

Naval intelligence had the best spy rings in the Third Reich, and Admiral Domville was in a position to know what was going on, and we knew almost everything.

Publisher Robert Maxwell had excellent intelligence connections and he said;

“The scenario after the problems of W.W.1 where the Jews supported Russia,

meant they now had to leave Germany before W.W.II.

Jewish refugees began flooding into Britain, and adopted English names as did Robert Maxwell, and acted as fifth columnists to lobby for war with Geramny.”

Winston Churchill who owed huge debts for gambling drinking and whoring,

accepted 150,000 pounds from the Zionist banking cartels to call for another war on Germany, he changed parties 4 times in his career, and because of his initials W.C. he was known as “the shithouse “

The home Office minister, Herbert Morrison, who also helped lead the Jewish underground, announced in the Times of March 10th that; ”he wanted to see quote; “Bolshevisation all across Europe”

Allegedly, the real reason for the imprisonment of British nationals was the opposition to growing Zionist power and manipulation in Britain.

In his timeless book “lies in wartime” A Ponsonby tells of how wars are brought about, and in Admiral Barry Domvilles book, “From admiral to cabin boy” we read just how unnecessary Britain’s involvement was, and Sefton Delmer tells us in his books of the dirty tricks and rumours put about to bring both Britian and the USA into the war.

The Jewish historian David Cohen also tells us that Napoleon, the Kaiser,

Hitler, Nasser, Saddham Hussein, and Osame Bin Laden were all used in the same formula as “bogeymen”

to get the people to fight wars for the crooked banking cartels who fund crooked governments..

In America in the fifties, senator Joseph Mc’Carthy under secret briefings from J. Edgar Hoover, Constantin Volkov, Boris Klamenkov and Igor Gouzenko exposed the Communist/Zionist activities leading to WWII, and of the corruption in State dept and Hollywood, the hate propaganda put out by these Hollywood wartime films are regularly still shown on the B.B.C.

In 1975 the U.N stated that Zionism is pure racism, but the Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, told The British cold war think tank, all is necessarily justifiable in the long war.

Lord Rothschild and his wife Tess, who masterminded Britain’s entry to the war, and whose banks funded both sides, was code named; “David and Rosa” spies for Russia and later for Israel.

The Home Secretary, Herbert Morrison, Grandfather of Peter Mandleson, was codenamed “Star”

Rothschild influenced Churchill to cover up the Russian murders of intellectuals in the Katyn Forest, similarly 315 intellectuals have recently been murdered in Iraq by Mossad, and a fake bombing war was instigated between Shiites and Sunnis, under the rules of “divide and conquer”.

Its surely time now to have an enquiry of why we went into W.W.II

and why 235 people were imprisoned during this period without trial,

and a proper enquiry into Toerag Tony’s war on Iraq

Experts are already telling us Reg 18 B will again be brought out to intern dissidents

in the very near future.

T Stokes London

With thanks to;

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The rich mining deposits in South Africa should have made it a very wealthy place,

but outside interests had the huge swathes of gold and diamonds in their sights,

and locals live in dire poverty while mining the most expensive precious stones on the planet.

The Oppenheimer family, have enjoyed a 70 year monopoly on the worlds diamond supply through a holding company known as Anglo American, which in turn is owned by De Beers, with the Oppenheimer family definitely in charge.

This Oppenheimer diamond cartel is incredibly wealthy, and has used many underhand methods including kidnap and terrorism to maintain its grip and to influence us to buy its diamonds.

The British politician Tony Blair is close to Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer )

who was named consistently in the London childrens homes pedophile scandal.

Hollywood starlets are never seen without flashing off their precious stones, and actress Elizabeth Taylor alongside the British Royal family have been bribed to wear them to functions.

The saying that “ Diamonds are a girls best friend “ is known world wide, and recently declassified C.I A documents particularly the ”Venona” transcripts show the Los Alamos spy ring to be a mainly Jewish ring and revolving around the Oppenheimer’s,

both the Jonathan Pollard ring, the Cambridge Apostles and the Heidi Fleiss vice rings all worked for Jewish paymasters based in Jerusalem.

The Oppenheimer documents state that diplomatic bags have been used to transport diamonds round the world to bribe politicians, particularly Idi Amin Dada and Ugandas Pres Mugabe, and any diamonds not coming through their channels are labeled “Blood diamonds”and we are told they are tainted.

British masterspy Sir Anthony Blunt, claimed that Lord Rothschild was the leader of

The communist spy networks in Britain, and was untouchable because their bank funded the British war effort, yet refused help to Jews in the wartime work camps.

Blunt claimed in debriefings that on Rothschild’s orders, diplomatic pouches would be unstitched at the seams, the contents read, and sometimes altered and the bags re-stitched by a specially trained super-seamstress.

Melitta Norwood has also said that when she was a communist spy for the top secret Tubular Alloys Project,

if there were any problems, get to a Rothschild safe house, such as number 4 Bentinck Street where she would be given small diamonds and wait to be smuggled to Russia.

All the gold mines in South Africa are owned and mined by the Rothschild Syndicates, who control the flow of gold, and its price on the world stage, and can determine which national currencies tied to it fail or prosper, the newspapers said George Soros, the international money dealer with Rothschild backing exploited Britain’s monetary system and took from the British taxpayers on “Black Wednesday “ the reputed sum of up to ten billion dollars, in just one day of speculation.

George Soros whose real name was Gyorgy Schwartz,was a link in a chain of international financiers, along with the Warburg’s whose financial power can make or break any country in the world, and we now see the hold of the bankers over the most powerful nations in the world, what they did to Germany in the thirties very shortly they will do to us.

During the six day war a leading London Rabbi told me that if the dollar was low, they would buy 50 millions worth, creating a shortage, so the price went up, and they then sold, next day it may be the Mark or the yen, or the pound that was low, so the same went on there, and over time huge amounts of money were slushing around the world, with no one actually working for any of it.

This meant that the money men could put their own politicians up who would have no choice but to do as they asked, and puppets like George bush and Tony Blair have declared many wars for their profits,

the next being the planned racist attacks on Iran Lebanon Palestine and Syria,

The British politician Henry Hyndman claimed the Boer war was a war for Jews, but many now are saying all wars are for Jewish profit as they own both the Republicans and Democrats in the U.S.A and Intelligence operatives tell us they own both Conservative Lib/dems and New Labour in Britian.

One Jewish banker impatient and hungry for power, James Goldsmith started his own party, to split the Conservative vote, and bring New Labour to power, New Labour was a Zionist front organsiation from start to finish.

Intercepted wire taps on Tony Blairs handler Lord levy, suggest Tony Blair may soon be employed by the Carlyle group, who have connections to armaments, oil minerals and money movements.

The Rothschild and Rockefeller group also own the oil industries, this monetary group together makes a power block that is unassailable.

Publisher Jan Hoch, who hid under the name of Robert Maxwell, told us in intelligence briefings that he fell out of favour with this group whom he said ran the world.

Winston Churchill in the Boer war, fought in the South Africa of Cecil Rhodes, an agent for J P Morgan, the Boer war was fought to keep the Jews in charge of the mining economy, while the local people lived in poverty.

Winston Churchill was himself an agent and pictured here is the paymaster. ( see photo )

yet South Africa and Rhodesia donated men and lives to Britain’s fight against Germany in W W II

When surrounding countries were being seduced into the Soviet communist orbit,

Britain betrayed the Rhodesians and helped the communists.

Any politician who would take back financial control from the Jewish banks

was murdered, it is said that Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and Adolph Hitler,

all wanted an independent monetary system, free from outside manipulation

and all paid with their lives.

Was Hitler a Jew ? there is no doubt he took many of their ideas on board,

and to do this had to have a deep knowledge of what they were about, many Jews helped Hitler to power against the international bankers, and his master race philosophy was taken from the Jewish teachings that said they were Gods chosen people, the forbidding of Jews to marry out, can equate to the ideas that Arians can only marry other Arians, and Eugenics is an extremely important part.

But it is in the monetary arena that similarities really coincide, Hitler built up the German nation from a smashed country in just a few years by adopting the Jewish “ first rule of the shul” and that is never to spend the money with outsiders,

it must always circulate internally.

National Socialism means the money and wealth in that country, for the people in that country, and not the international money speculators dealers and money changers, and by this method gave Germany full employment, the only time history has ever seen this.

This is directly opposite to the monetary policies of Thatcherism whereby the cheapest source is sought out under the “ free market economy”

Margaret Thatcher, in her economic experiment raised V.A.T taxes to over 17%

Closing most small business’and shutting the British mines, light engineering, car makers, motorcycle manufacturers, shipbuilding industries and bought in from cheaper sources abroad, many of those men who lost their jobs 30 years ago,

are still unemployed, and now we have imported in hordes of workers from abroad to compete for the few jobs there are.

The monetary loss to Britain was colossal, the C.I A speculated the economist who

sold the idea to the Thatcherite think tank was himself a Soviet agent, the soviets claim

it was a Zionist plot, as it appeared to be the Jews who cleaned up.

whichever may be right, just a few people own the major part of the world’s mineral resources, and the vast majority are kept in total poverty, and even the Jews in my own family say, that cant be right.

* with thanks to the Liberal synagogues alliance

T Stokes London

UK Illuminati Sex Trafficking

The war on terror has taken a new turn,

and Operation Ore the world wide hunt which saw many internet pedophiles prosecuted, has led to Operation Radium, which is the British national security campaign against the British government allowing the trafficking of women and children into Britain for the sex industry.

Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Vanterpool in charge at Cambridge shire,

Raided 119 mafia brothels, some girls claimed they had to service 60 clients a day, and 5 showed signs of torture, figures vary for arrests from 41 to 57, but the people who run the premises are never found, only the person in charge at that one house.

The Ely Standard of July 10th 2008 ran the article where a Chinese female masseuse ran a house and police seized her client lists and bank books, showing she banked last year 81,000 pounds and had an expensive car and lifestyle, she was jailed for 15 months.

The Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski consistently denies using children in their brothels, and claim they are just fulfilling a need supplying women and rent boys, and say that other mafias and gangs also operate freely in Britain, and do use children, he says his money is made up from supplying half price labour to the factories and farms in the area, and that the British government itself is responsible for people trafficking,

Starting from bringing in Caribbean’s after the devastation after W.W.II

Many senior Russian mafia operatives live in the Norfolk Kings Lyn area, where the New Labour M.P George Turner some 10 years ago, foolishly agreed to huge numbers of Soviet Bloc refugees coming to the area in exchange for more local funding from central government, a promise which never materialized.

Russian millionaires with questionable credentials are said to have given substantial financial donations to New Labour.

Cambridge shire Constabulary head Paul Fullwood said, “these forced into sex acts are in a horrible practice and it must be stamped out”

Particularly targeted for blackmail are those who work at the local airbases and have access to secrets, the war on terror is presently gearing up to warn these personnel, but more and more workers at the factories with technical knowledge, teachers, policemen and a senior evangelical preacher are on the files and are also laying themselves open to blackmail by visiting these establishments.

Underground gambling dens, offer a free servicing for big winners at selected brothels, where the money is then reclaimed often by force, and similar tactics are seen at mafia run dogfights where huge monetary sums change hands in betting and blackmail.

One arrested man at a brothel, claimed the brothels were a good thing, and that everyone was entitled to a sex life, and that the girls must be treated better and the trend for Saturdays is for many men to go to a football match then a takeaway and a few beers and end with a relaxing brothel visit.

N.W. Cambridge shire and joint vice chairman of the all-party group on women and children trafficking, Shailesh Vara said; ”it is a tragedy that in the same year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of transatlantic slavery, we allow this awful slavery on our own doorstep.

Gambling prostitution and blackmail have always been the stock in trade of the Soviet K.G.B. many of these men are now back in Britain again, as businessmen and gangmasters.

We ignore them at our peril.

T Stokes London

With thanks to special branch

Women against

Ivan Lukaszewski


Chief Constable Julie Spence


In 1938 Hitler instigated closer cooperation with England, the proposal was for a tie up of all the European countries, to be led by Germany and Britain, in a military economic and trading partnership, primarily for a power block against the threat of advancing Soviet Socialism, he was subsequently made man of the year by Homes and gardens magazine, he was feted on radio and manpower magazine claimed he had put Germany back on its feet, and Britain should copy German industrial ideas, and workers across Britain asked if Germany could raise the peoples living standards, why cant we ?

In 1942 during W.W.II a group of high ranking Nazi economists met to discuss British cooperation in what Hitler called the E.E.C. European Economic Community or

( Europaische Wirtschafftgemeinschafft, )

The town of Bridgenorth in Shropshire was chosen to be its central office, as during the war many sympathizers to Germany’s plight were said to live in the general area.

Rudolph Hess’s incredible flight to Britain to discuss why Britain had cheated on its agreements, meant although found innocent at Nuremberg, Hess had to be locked away for life, and ex Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain voted the most popular prime minister ever was forced from office and found dead less than a year later,

Soviet spy Ursula kuscinski caimed he was murdered to silence him,

Chamberlain claimed war over Poland was a total nonsense, it was a war to allow

Jewish control of international finance.

In 1967 Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his deputy Lord George Brown

went to Strasbourg France, discuss terms for entering the Common market, and the French said No to us.

Remember, Hitler’s proposal was a Europe led by Germany and Britain,

but Churchill took us to war with Germany to prevent this, so now the common market was led by Germany and France, and they did not need us, Dennis Healey and Lord George Brown were intelligence informants, and their chilling reports on this is still in intell archives, where he said they ridiculed and made fun of the British.

In January 1st 1973 prime minister Edward Heath was blackmailed over photos taken with young boys from a children’s home on his yacht Morning Cloud, and agreed to very poor terms to Britain entering the Common market, he assured the nation this would not affect our national sovereignty, but knew all long this was a cover for a federal Europe where democracy would be extinguished for British citizens, and we would be ruled by a Europe we claimed we went to war to stay out of, and in order to finance this a heavy new E U tax is being presently worked out to go on top of all our present taxes.

Leo Abse was a member of parliament and a flamboyant homosexual, Abse was an informant to Mossad, and told of high level pedophilia and Satanism organized from the riske Putsch night club with several well known pop personalities, Edward Heath lord Mc.Alpine Sir Anthony Blunt and Jeremy Thorpe taking young boys from children’s homes for sex.

As Jeremy Thorpe was becoming a famous politician, boys recognized him, and Leo Abse claimed he and the House of commons speaker had to organize some “suicides”, even Thorpe’s own wife fell ‘asleep” while driving her car and was killed.

The governments own car fleet, will always have drivers who talk, and many would name politicians who were seen with under age boys, Leo Abse was to claim that it was right and proper to sodomise young boys to keep them on the straight and narrow.

According to information statements from Derry Mainwaring-Wright, Jeremy Thorpe and Edward Heath had dozens of boys murdered during satanic buggery attacks.

several people were bought off with money paid by Lady Sainsbury and the Sanyanim.

So because Heath was blackmailed, Britain will now contribute her economy to support the European army, police force, economy in fact all our laws will be made in Brussels.

The war on terror, is an excuse for taking away our free speech, our human rights our democratic freedoms and even the ability to grow and buy our own food, and to foist on us higher taxes, I D cards and travel restrictions with this betrayal to Brussels.

The real reason for importing in millions of people from round the world into our tiny island, is to destroy the British essence, character and identity and to skew voting figures.

T Stokes London