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Alex Jones on Fox News Regarding DC Madam Palfrey’s Murder

Fox News' Geraldo has 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones on to examine the evidence that shows that DC Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey was murdered-- despite the official claim that she committed suicide.

Jones points out the numerous statements Palfrey made in refutation of suicide, as well as the criminology that women rarely hang themselves, generally preferring pills.

Geraldo and two co-hosts admit they agree with Alex Jones-- that claims of Palfrey's suicide are "stinky" and suspicious and that the case should be further investigated.

One woman even says that the John's on Palfreys list-- including many high-level politicians-- should be revealed and prosecuted.

Palfrey's hi-rise apartment manager in Florida says he saw Palfrey only days before her death when she told him a contract may be out on her life. Additionally, she made arrangments to secure her apartment for the next six years-- the approximate time she expected to be in prison--seemingly pointing to the idea that she expected to stay alive.

Heaven’s Gate Cult Classroom Video Sessions

Beyond Human: Heaven's Gate Classroom Video Session One

Beyond Human: Heaven's Gate Classroom Video Session Two

This year with marks the 10th anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate suicides that took place March 23, 1997 in Rancho Santa Fe outside of Sand Diego in Southern California.

This video features Marshall Applewhite. He was the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult. He died in the cult's suicide in 1997.These are clips obtained while filming the documentary "Heaven's Gate: The Day After. They were given to us by Chuck Humphrey, who was known as RKKody while he was with the Heaven's Gate group, just prior to his suicide in 1998.

While attending Boise State University in the mid eighties director Sergio Myers encountered members of the Heaven’s Gate cult who were on campus recruiting new members. Three years later, after the mass suicide of 39 members, Myers compiled footage taken from the Idaho recruiting session.

It is the director’s goal to portray the cult members as people who loved life, and welcomed the "next level" - not as fanatics. Through the use of their farewell video, one can see the joy on the cult members’ faces two days prior to their deaths. This was not a dangerous group such as the Manson Family or as extreme as the Branch Davidians; but ultimately, as in Jonestown, the lives of numerous people are gone for reasons to complex to fathom.

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