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Project Lucifer, The Silver Surfer, and The Second Sun

"Look towards the west.. to the second sun.. a furnace burns where once was none. The organic hexagon temple has been summoned via the telepathy of the unified consciousness. We melt into the shifting holograms of oblivion as the first light of the new eon dawns upon us. The rays penetrate into translucent Cymatic frequency that guide the cogs and spirals of time. In an endless black ocean of the known vibration.. through the hallways of Always.. and the midnight of dreamscapes. I'd like to credit for most of my information regarding Project Lucifer including some direct quotes. Until then ohh my brothers.. Viddy well.. Viddy Well..."

If you believe Richard Hoglund than you are on your way to biting into the fare offered by the hollow earth crowd. Take this and  apply it to interplanetary conspiracy drink the cool aid and sit back.

The Star*Gates Michael Tsarion

my theories about the possibility of star gates in ancient Sumer. this topic is attached to a forum, elsewhere on the net. unless you've studied the topics in question, it probably won't make alot of sense to you, as it only skims the basic points of the forum discussion. otherwise, thinking cap and your own research may be required.


The Cuboid Stargate

An investigation into the syncromystic connections and occult symbolism within Nintendo's GameCube, Super Mario Brothers and other popular culture icons.

Jake Kotze's Synchromystic Cuboid Stargate

An investigation of the cuboid shape and it's significance in conspiracy theory and the occult using synchromystic references in pop culture. Included we see more speculation and verification involving the 9/11 mega-ritual and the occult purpose of the Freedom Tower. - Jake Kotze