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BMW ZHP snow Drifting

BreakerOhio asked:

BMW ZHP snow Drifting. I didn't mount the camera this time. Just switched it on when the roads were clear and did all the recording by myself. One thing I miss about the S2000 now is driving it over the winter because of the fun I had driving it in the winters. Call it crazy, but I enjoy the challenge of learning and understanding the mechanics and techniques to have full control of what I want the car to do. I was unsure from no experience in the BMW in the snow yet, but I was confident that the car being Rear Wheel drive would deliver a similar experience, although without a Limited Slip Differential, so it requires a bit more work to slide the car. Which is no problem, I like the challenge. So the BMW has been put to the test every chance I get (rain, snow, dry roads) and I'm adapting to the new car minuse LSD. Miss the LSD control I had with the S2000, but I value the experience of understanding the difference between the differentials. Now I have a stronger understanding of the mechanics and behaviors of Open Differential and know what needs to be done to compensate for them to make the car still drive the way I want it to. "It's not the stones inside my shoes It's not the risk of what's to lose...It's the nature of the experiment It's the patterns of my temperament"