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The spiritual origins of humanity are tied to the alien origins of the gods and giants that once roamed the earth. What images bore out from the consciousness of the early holy man who interceded and spoke with the gods, scratched those images and painted them on ancient cave walls, remain as our collected inheritance.

The Thunderbirds Lizard People & Earth Changes Pt.2

Thunderbirds, with wingspans that average 22 feet, have breeding grounds in South America, and are slowly coming back to the U.S., said Red Elk. The Cree Indians are protectorates of an earlier breeding ground in Yukon, Canada, a "sacred bird cave," that has relics of eggs that were the size of bowling balls, he shared. Mel's Hole, definitely exists, Red Elk declared-- it's 27-27½ miles deep, connects to underground tunnels, and serves as a "blow hole" to Mount Rainier. The Yakima Indians know of another such hole, he added. 

Riddles in Stone 16-16 Secret Architecture of Washington DC

This is the final installment of the masonic investigative masterpeice. Hope you enjoyed it. 


The Qabalah Codex Video (Full version)

In depth introduction into the premises of the Qubalah, the tree of life, and metaphysical progression through it's course and stages. Professional quality and clear for such a big topic that I have heard in other places not done this well. Qubalah can be seen as the origin for Masonic  magical rituals, Golden Dawn, OTO, and all other forms of western magic including Wicca and others that base the fundamental principles of their power from the Babylonian Tree of Life.