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Aleister Crowely: Wickedest Man in the World pt.6

The two Los Angeles magicians agreed. Tom, who had been a witch for five years and hadn't raised his hand when asked for contactee testimony, said that the Higher Intelligences are imbedded in our language and numbers, as the Cabalists think, and have no other kind of existence. He added that every time he tried to explain this he saw that people thought he was going schizophrenic and he began to fear that they might be right, so he preferred not to talk about it at all. Tom-who is a computer programmer by profession, a witch only by religion-later added a bit to this, saying that all that exists is information and coding; we only imagine we have bodies and live in space-time dimensions.

The Secret Rulers of The World: The Bilderberg – 4 of 5




Secret Rulers of the World was a five part series of documentary films written, directed by and featuring British journalist Jon Ronson.

Ronson teams up with reporter James P. Tucker, Jr., who has been investigating the Bilderberg Group, an annual invitation-only conference, for over thirty years. According to Tucker, around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in business, academic, or political circles, meet annually in secret. The duo encounter unwelcoming suited security men and a car chase. Ronson also interviews Group founder Denis Healey.



This series of posts are what we're all about. The Nazi occult history and its effects on the history of the United States, Old Europe, and by extension, the world. The occult Thule society and its tentacles through the history of western magic and secret societies up to the present. If you are into animations and don't know about this movie.    

 It deals heavily in a "what if" manner about the Thule society and Alchemy. There were 51 animated episodes over three years that lead up to this 2 hr feature film. Totally incredible movie right up the Illuminati alley.

The Occult Experience

A few days ago I posted the H.R. Giger segment from this film, The Occult Experience. Below you can watch The Occult Experience full length documentary in its entirety.

Watch the entire rare and obscure 1987 documentary video:
The Occult Experience

An examination of occultism as practiced in different parts of the world.

This is a good video for those that may or may not be somewhat interested in the occult. It touches up on several occultic religious such as Wiccan and Satanism and dismisses religious bias that the Christian church has thrown at the practice of the occult for so many centuries. I recognized a few of those that were interviewed such as Micheal Aquino and Anton Levay as guests put on such talk shows like Geraldo Ravera and Sally Jassy Raphael and remembered all the boo's that they received even before they began to explain themselves and their religion. If you watch this documentary with an open mind and remove the blinders that most of society has dished out, you may find that most occult religions are just.....misunderstood.


An Award Winning Documentary, June 30, 2004 Reviewer: A viewer The Occult Experience film was produced by Cinetel Productions Ltd in 1987, then later released on VHS in 1992 and approximate running time is 87 minutes. This rare, less than 10,000 copies made is an award-winning documentary that covers the subjects of Witchcraft and the Goddess Movement, Satanism, Shamanism, Christianity, Druidism and Egyptian ritual magick found across North America and Europe. In addition, this award-winning documentary also provides the viewer with an inside look into the Solitary practice as well as a look into Circles, Groves and Covens, each with its own spiritual customs through revealing interviews and filmed rituals by Z. Budapest, Alex Sanders, Janet & Stuart Farrar, Margot Adler, Selena Fox, Michael Aquino and Olivia Robertson to name just a few in a close up look into the various spiritual practices of old and new.


Aleister Crowley: The Other Loch Ness Monster

In year 2000 BBC Scotland made a short documentaroy about Boleskine, Crowley's house on the banks on Loch Ness. The show was called The Other Loch Ness Monster, but the BBC have so far refused to show it outside of Scotland. Channel Four have filmed a more throughgoing documentary although broadcast has again been delayed due to editorial difficulties. Now you can watch the entire Aleister Crowley "mystical" thelemic documentary video entitled "The Other Loch Ness Monster" with appearance by Kenneth Anger.

Watch the Aleister Crowley video "The Other Loch Ness Monster"

Aleister Crowley was perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood personality to figure in the new era of modern day witchcraft. Known by the popular press of his time as “The Great Beast” and “The Wickedest Man in the World”, Crowley was a powerful magician, poet, prophet and famed occultist. He was also a one-time witch, though most of the elders of the craft would discredit him the title.

Crowley began to travel, mostly in the East studying Eastern Occult systems and 'Tantric Yoga'; he also studied 'Buddhism' and the 'I Ching'. Then for a time he lived in an isolated setting near to Loch Ness in Scotland. In 1903 he met and then married Rose Edith Kelly, sister of the well-known artist Sir Gerald Kelly. She bore him one child. While they where on holiday in Egypt the following year, April 1904, he and Rose took part in a magical ritual during which he alleges to have received a message from the God's. As a result of this communication he wrote down the first three chapters of his most famous book “Liber Legis, the Book of Law”. This book contains his oft-quoted dictum: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the Law, Love under Will”, upon which Crowley based the rest of his life and teachings. -

The Confessions of Aleister Crowley : An Autobiography
Magick: Liber Aba : Book 4 (Magick Bk. 4)
The Book of the Law/Liber Al Vel Legis