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britains religious PSY/OP part TWO

It's hard to give an account of the validity of these two videos without any other information on it. It is a continuance of the DaVinci Code and  the  actual Priori of Sion. The whole specter of the existence of  the Magdelan Conspiracy ready to turn the Christian religion on it's ear.

Mummy Pets

Do you want to mummify your family pet, just as the Egyptians did? Watch as people in Salt Lake City have their own pet mummified. Egyptian lovers or blue cool aid drinkers?

Richard Dawkins — The God Delusion

The famous atheist views religion as absurd and pointless. He says God is not different from the tooth fairy.
No matter your views on the nature of God there is always room for an atheist at this table. Richard Dawkins has been carrying the torch for quite some time and a facinating researcher on the topic of belief. The history of religion is inseperable from the Illuminati Archives and this is a counterpoint in a sense to the material that we post here and at other conspiracy web sites.

Hidden Books in Vatican PT.1of4

Secret Societies and the reactions to the adjenda of the Vatican. This TV show is focused around the  latest  Dan Brown book, "Angels and Demons", the secrets of Rome and history of the secrets of belieef of the world. The Illuminati and their legacy and are they still here.


Keep watching this bull for the North American Union. Picture Franco's Spain or Mussolini's Italy. Hitler was to overarching, he needed to be more dollar based, he missed the Euro by 70 years. En corporata, es Stata! The corporation is the state. Listen to this, it's all been in the news, but when you get to listen to this madness we've been living through if you don't want to throw up maybe there is something wrong with you.