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RFID Chip Commercial

You still think it's bullshit? Here's a link to one way they will start implementing the chip. The Real ID Act of 2005 would turn our state drivers licenses into a genuine national identity card and impose numerous new burdens on taxpayers, citizens, immigrants, and state governments while doing nothing to protect against terrorism. As a result, it is stirring intense opposition from many groups across the political spectrum. This Web site provides information about opposing Real ID. http://www.realnightmare.or


What do you think of this? Yes, a benign application. I have seen this commercial and think that it is one of  the slicker pieces of corporate advertising that I've seen in a long time,. akin to the cash pass.

Obama’s Deception New World Order And The RFID Chip, 666

For more information on the Bigger picture visit nowheretorun1984's youtube page. Get Informed, Be Active! These videos clearly portray the mainstream media wittily selecting the most positive benefit of the RFID chip to mesmerize the masses with. This is 100% entirely false. It is very well known in science that your body is basically a biological computer. The RFID Chip will be the data base. Your every move you make, breathe you take or thought you have will be followed by their national database. Have you ever heard of tapping phones? Well, we all submissively agreed that we would allow that for our safety and now they want us to allow this?? Pretty soon you will not be able to buy or sell without this chip. Its time to start looking at the biblical prophesies with an open mind my friends. For Further information, and there is a lot, but the evidence is enough to convince anyone I can assure you, please contact me at thank you and show as many of your family members, neighbors and friends my videos and visit to explain to your loved ones that this is only a form of ultimate control, and ultimately the final stage to their deadly plan.

The world is a small  little bubble. The end game of this technology is not  far off. Of course the initial applications will be innocuous and benign. ity is the extension of the technology into our daily lives that starts to create the environments for a dangerous sci-fi sequel.

RFID: Tracking Everything Part 1

RFID: Tracking Everything Part 1 With Katherine Albrecht. She has been waging a one woman campaign against this technology to bring attention to the topic for many years now. She is on all the talk shows as an expert counter point  opiniion to the corporate overlords. Please give her a listen. If now now then you'll see her on your news shows more and  more.

RFID chips tracking you? It’s here!!!

A Utah news  program that does a pretty fair job of reporting on the topic of RFID chipping and some of the ramifications of the future of spy technology.

We need our lawmakers  to put this technology down. There is no other option. Unfortunately the founding fathers were a little hazey on RFID chips and the potential for invasion of privacy. Unfortunately the third amendment doesn't quite cover it.

‘Terror Storm’ Documentary by Alex Jones

Alex Jones' latest film covers in detail the proven history of government sponsored terrorism, and focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11.

Throughout history, criminal elements inside governments have carried out terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them. TerrorStorm reveals how, in the last hundred years, Western leaders have repeatedly murdered their own citizens while posing as their saviors.

In TerrorStorm you will discover that September 11th, the attacks of 7/7 in London, and many other terrorist events were self-inflicted wounds. You will witness British Special Forces troops caught in the act of staging terror attacks in Iraq and see official US government documents laying out plans to hijack passenger planes by remote control. You will learn how the Reichstag fire, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the US-backed Iranian coup of 1953 are all interconnected false-flag terror events.

This powerful documentary explores the mindset of the average brainwashed Westerner. It delves deeply in to the systems of control which have been scientifically-crafted to imprison their minds and keep their eyes closed to the realities of the world around them.

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Shopping Mall Security in the year 2017

Chris Oakley's experimental short film, "The Catalogue" is a video scenario of what a shopping mall's security would be like with the implementation of RFID tags used for real-time surveillance.

The Catalogue - Walking in a mall in 2017
An experimental short film by Chris Oakley

Crystallizing a vision of ‘us seen by them’, The Catalogue explores the codification of humanity on behalf of corporate entities. Through the manipulation of footage captured from life in the retail environment, it places the viewer into the position of a remote and dispassionate agency, observing humanity as a series of units whose value is defined by their spending capacity and future needs.

The Catalogue @ YouTube

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