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Giants:Mystery and the Myth – Pt. 5/6

This unique special looks at the whole phenomenon of giants from the earliest beginnings of civilization to the present. Also features interviews of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Cosmic Code which talks about the content of the Sumerian Tablets. According to a scientist's experiment on fish in a biodome with double the atmospheric pressure and a few other conditions, the fish grow to an unbelievable size which is proof that Earth had the right conditions back then to support the idea of Giants ever existing. 

Giants:Mystery and the Myth - Pt. 5/6

David Icke about Illuminati Bloodlines – Was He Right?

Does David Icke believe everything that comes into his head? I don't think that he speaks in metaphors. Maybe a vacation is in order. The media is right to ignore the reptilian angle from David Icke, he has no proof. OK I am calling him out. There is a lot of weird ideas out there and a lot of weirdos peddling messed up thesis', but this guy takes the cake. I'll still post videos from him from time to time but I think the community would be better off without. He poisons the credibilty of so many other researchers and he just cops other people's work anyways. Come and get me Icke.

Magical Egypt (preview)

Author, lecturer, and guide, John Anthony West delivered a seismic shock to archaeology in the early 1990's when he and Boston University geologist Robert Schoch revealed that the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, showed evidence of rainfall erosion. Such erosion could only mean that the Sphinx was carved during or before the rains that marked the transition of northern Africa from the last Ice Age to the present interglacial epoch, a transition that occurred in the millennia from 10,000 to 5000 BC.

Lots of fun if you are into the ancient world. 

Jordan Maxwell Sons of Gods 8/9

Returning from last weekends post of this lecture by Jordan Maxwell at the San Fran UFO conference. Jordan Maxwell Sons of God Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came. Jordan discusses the content of the Bible and shows there was more than one "God" "Elohim" that created Human Beings. Genesis 1:26, it will say "Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness".  So its not hard to imagine there were multiple "Gods" actually. There are several good sources on the roots and history of ancient religions  including judaism and christianity. However, it is not necessary to read anything to  know what is real and what is not, all you have to do is look inward and feel what  is real. And atheists Im talking about what makes you strong. Im not talking about a god.