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Is swine flu the final step in the Illuminati plan to drastically reduce the earth population?


It's a proven fact that the Illuminati plans to reduce the earths population to under 500,000,000. There bird flu didn't work as well as they intended, is the swine flu the ext and possibly final generation of the virus they inted to use to cull the heard so to speak? Is there anything we can do about it?

Isn’t the illuminati diamond the coolest thing ever to get a tattoo of?

illuminati science

It'll be on my back so it won't be visible plus it's a nod to art (great design), science (earth, air, fire, and water were thought to be the four elements at one time), and history (the illuminati were thought to have existed in the past and some think they still do today). Any thoughts?

Psychic Study?

psychic study

Hi, everyone, I'm a psychic who goes on YAHOO! Answers to help, to ask, and to have fun. I'm doing a study on life and such. If you have any questions, ask them in your answers and I'll try to answer them, but first, my questions. What do you dream about (please add details), what moods do you have the most, what sign are you, are you an ant-jonas or a jonas-lover, what music do you like, are you trapped or free? All answers are thanked. Hope you don't mind answering them. :D