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Why aren’t USA using aerial spraying to kill Afghan opium ?

The only important question is; how long will we be fooled into thinking those who engineer these kinds of wars are simpletons who have our best interests at heart? They tricked us into Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin scam and they did it again in Iraq with the WMD scam. 

Step 1; Plant the seeds for the creation and development of a puppet global enemy. The Bush Sr. team financed and supplied both bin Laden and Saddam in the 1980s. The House of Saud helped with step 1.

Step 2; make the puppet enemies angry.The Bush Sr. team set up military bases on Saudi holy land after giving Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait. The House of Saud helped with step 2.

Step 3; allow the puppet enemy to attack. 9/11 was allowed to happen.The House of Saud helped with step 3.

Step 4; make sure the puppet enemy has enough resources to keep up a good fight.That's where the billions of dollars flowing from Afghan opium comes into the game. Afghan opium pays for the IED'S that kill and wound our marines and soldiers yet USAGOV does not aerial spray (for eradication) the wide open Afghan opium fields like we do the Columbian coca fields.

Step 5; profiteer off the resulting conflict financially (high oil prices and corrupt defence contracts)and use the war to meet neo-con expansionist goals (permanent military bases throughout the middle east). The House of Saud is participating in step 5.

CIA says Afghan Opium Trafficking pays for al-Queda's world-wide terror attacks and also pays for the IED's that kill and cripple our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan:
Page #7 last paragraph in "Narcotics" section
Former CIA Director George Tenat;
"there is ample evidence that Islamic extremists such as Usama bin Ladin use profits from the drug trade to support their terror campaign."

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"It seems clear to me heroin is the No. 1 financial asset of Osama bin Laden," Representative Mark Steven Kirk, Illinois
Republican, told The Washington Times almost 3 years ago when he came back from a fact-finding mission in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Bin Laden is reaping $24 million alone from one narcotics network in Kandahar, Afghanistan, according to Mr. Kirk's investigation. "The most important thing here is to change the language to not describe Osama bin Laden anymore as a terrorist, but to more accurately describe him as a narco-terrorist," said Representative Kirk.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Political Animal

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Israelis Are Not Jews and American Leaders Are Not Christians. Life-Curve of the Superpowers Is on the Decline.

If you have not had ever listened to the man in Arabic uninterupted

, this is your chance. I was listening to this speech and the measured, rhythmic, reserved, and hypnotic cadence that he employs, and could not help but hear something of an Obama in his tone. Politicians. I found this interesting, hope you will also.

Illuminati Social Engineering: Kick Ass Women part1

After the last 80 years, the insidious propaganda and American culture itself are indistinguishable from each other. This series is really enlightening as to the effects of how marketing and social engineering decide at the end of the day the way that the public will perceive to be the reality. After you see this vid series it will shiift your consciousness 180 degrees. This is a good as it gets in pulling back the veil of obstruvcation and the ways in which feminism was itself used as a tool of the Illuminati and others to essentially create growth and a doubling of the tax base and shifting the woorking engine of society.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad on Holocaust

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is asked by MSNBC anchor Brian Williams to clarify his statements about the Holocaust. (September 2006)

Ahmadinejad  makes very clear that his stance is understood but does not admit that there was a tragedy perpetrated on the Jewish people, but does make a circular argument about the place of the Jewish people in history. He also makes a case for the Palestinians and other groups of people that suffered through the war and died. 58 million of them, civilians, that died. He does not recognize a distinction between Jews and any other group that suffered during the war, though he obviously is a bit less broken up about the Jewish people's plight. As a politician he wants to speak in the here and now and not be consumed with arguing a past that can not be changed, only debated.


Brad Setzer of the Council on Foreign Relations. Please take some time to ponder the look on this stiff's face. What are they trying to sell here? Hey, don't worry about anything here and just continue to stay the course. I have to compliment this interviewer for not letting this guy go on the issues. This is propaganda.

CFR's new web blog:

CIA’s war in Pakistan – 22 March 2009

Find out the latest from Islamibad and the price Pakistan has had to pay for its involvement with the US in the war on terror. 

The US military has been coming under an increasing number of attacks for the high number of civilians being killed by their missile strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Leon Panetta, the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency, put the attacks high on the agenda during his visit to Islamabad in Pakistan.

George Galloway On The Real Deal-Israel/ Palastine

this Brit talk show host tells the truth on the matter of the Palestinian and Israeli situation and tells  it like it is. What a shame the world stood by after the war and let these people be over run off of their land. The state of Israel and the Zionist movement  has kept the world in turmoil for a long time. See through the crap that they shovel at  you on the 5:00 o'clock news. Its all about power, land, and water. What the near east has always been about.

The Mossad’s Ambassador to Washington

I knew Israel's new ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren. Now normally, so what? But I have been flooded with letters, petitions and articles asking why this non-diplomat, with one irrelevant book in his CV, was chosen over dozens of high- ranking Foreign Ministry bureaucrats, who toiled for years hoping to be appointed to the highest posting on earth. Let's summarize the confusion with a letter from a longtime source, followed by a phone call from him from Israel:

What an incredibly off the wall pick for ambassador. Absolutely no government service- and the only academic credentials he has is from Shalem Center.
The pick reminds me of Dore Gold but that was to the UN- not US Ambassador. At least had an academic record. Oren is a one time author of a conventional book on one event in Israeli history. What gives?

Why so off the wall? Well for one thing, he opposes, on paper at least, PM Netanyahu's basic security positions:

Netanyahu's candidate for U.S. envoy backs one-sided pullout
By Barak Ravid Haaretz Last update - 06:01 24/04/2009

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's candidate for Israeli ambassador to
Washington, Dr. Michael Oren, supports a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from
the West Bank and an evacuation of most of the settlements.

Oren, a visiting Georgetown University professor, said in a lecture there
last month, "The only alternative for Israel to save itself as a Jewish
state is by unilaterally withdrawing from the West Bank and evacuating most
of the settlements."

To get to the bottom of the mystery, I have something personal to contribute. In 1979, Michael Oren and I were drafted into the Israeli army on the same day, arrived at the Bakkum Induction Center on the same bus, and became really good buddies in the two days we waited until we were assigned separate units. I ended up a sand-eating drudge and he got the best the army could offer, induction into the Mossad.
Michael looked tall, blond and gentile, so he was given a press card from the Kansas City Star, and toured Middle Eastern capitals as a journalist, not for Kansas, but for Israel. After our service ended, we met and, while I could only describe a bland time in the military, he described his tours of Iraq and Syria, the risks of being discovered, looking down on the Galilee from the Syrian POV, and, I remember this point most clearly, how good the food was in Damascus.
What my correspondents didn't know was the Oren was not a nobody in the Israeli establishment, he was a Mossad, at least, asset, and probably much more than that. And the Mossad has decided to primp and prime him as a future Prime Minister for their purposes, though not necessarily for Israel's good.
A relevant digression: Oren was not the first high-level Netanyahu appointment I knew in Israel. In 1997 he appointed Dr. Dore Gold his UN Ambassador and I knew him somewhat more than superficially. My piano playing pal Bob Blake was friends with the Wouk brothers, and I knew one of them, Joey from our days at Hebrew University. The Wouk's father, Herman, wrote such hit books as The Caine Mutiny and War And Remembrance, the first much better than the second. The Wouk brothers were friends with Dore Gold and we all met at Bob's apartment in the center of Jerusalem on numerous occasions. I liked Dore, I found out, more than he liked me, but I did not consider him UN ambassadorial material.
But once in his new appointment, I understood the reason for his advancement. He began writing articles, endlessly praising the personal advice and written diplomacy of Henry Kissinger. Gold was on board and with my different reading of Kissinger, we were now officially on two separate ships...his, the far more dangerous for Israel.
Two Prime Ministers who came out of Israel's Washington embassy were Yitzhak Rabin and Binyamin Netanyahu. Kissinger was the primary American handler of both. Rabin began, in 1968, a modest kibbutz socialist and ended up going on the electoral stump for Nixon and Kissinger by 1972. During the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Kissinger told PM Golda Meir that if she wanted Israel rearmed, she would have to step down and somehow, appoint the political novice, Rabin, as her successor.
In September 1995, barely a month before he was murdered, Rabin told an unamusing story on Israeli tv. Apparently, Kissinger phoned him to complain about Netanyahu. It seems that he interrupted Kissinger the day before, asking Henry to alter his Golan Heights position. While I got the message loud and clear that both Israel's PM and the leader of the opposition were run by Kissinger, Rabin viewed the story as something that passed for lighthearted.
Rabin was corrupted after he arrived in Washington, Netanyahu was pre-corrupted, but both saw their careers rise by associating with Kissinger's think tank, the Council On Foreign Relations. And Israel pays the price with a government run by a mentality that has nothing to do with its people's actual thinking. And though Israel just elected a right- wing government in a landslide, what they get are rulers about to fete a Nazi pope and, sending a talentless anti-religious cretin named Achinoam Nimni to the Eurovision, a big deal in Israel, but only on her condition that she invite an Arab to sing with her.
In short, voting is a waste of time and change is cosmetic. In Michael Oren, Washington took its first steps to sneaking him in to the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, whether the Israelis or Netanyahu like it or not.
As for who Oren will listen to as ambassador; as everyone says, once in the Mossad, always in the Mossad.


More about Moshe Dayan, the Yom Kippur War and the USS Liberty at:

Feature Interview - The Dr. Stan Monteith Show
Did US President Lyndon Johnson Order The Sinking of The Liberty?
Listen to Author Barry Chamish Tell The Story.
Note: Copy and paste the above link to your browser for listening. An excellent Program.

BOOK REVIEW -Gemma Blech, Jerusalem

Barry Chamish's newest book, THE conPROMISED LAND is well named. Barry has an impressive list of published books, and is well known as Israel's leading investigative reporter. His seminal work on the murder of Yitzhak Rabin was on the best seller list for some time and he has continued to amass evidence for the true nature of that infamous event. The shocking cover-up, even conspiracy, that continues to surround that modern day political assassination, lies at the root of so much of the blindness of the Israeli public.

In Barry Chamish's latest book, THE ConPROMISED LAND, we are given summaries of all the events, murders, plans and dirty deals, in which Israel is and has been involved. Some of his previous books may have submerged the reader in names and political parties which, to the uninitiated, have been somewhat overwhelming. This book is far more straight forward. All the personalities involved – both inside and outside Israel are better drawn – even in some cases with ironic humor. Barry uses his own news reports to set the scene for assorted events – always backed up by multiple sources and Internet references.

It is timely that I am writing this brief review just as Israel's leaders – both political and religious, blindly and foolishly hand over Mt Zion in Jerusalem to the Vatican. [This long planned and warned about by Chamish]. The ramifications of the hand over of the so-called 'Russian Compound' a few months ago to Putin, [who had NO legal claim to it], has yet to bear its evil fruit. And I hardly need to remind readers of the consequences of the destruction and abandonment of Gush Katif in 2005.

So, THE conPROMISED LAND details just how compromised Israel has become – both wittingly and unwittingly - caught up in the plans of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Vatican and the ever-pervasive 'Jewish' Sabateans. Too many these days think that these groups have no real teeth but as this book demonstrates their plans are far from innocent and their dismembering of the Jewish State is going from strength to strength. The book is of course disturbing, yet at the same time liberating, as for so many of us the 'official story' of Israel has never really added up – and here we can understand the Real Story – and even one hopes, try and expose the lies, plans, cover-ups and conspiracies and save Israel while there is still time.

THE conPROMISED LAND can be ordered direct from the publisher
or, if that proves difficult, from the author at


My Atlanta lecture on the upcoming papal visit was a somewhat controversial hit. I noted for a tv interview that the pope had promised to perform miracles in Israel. Yes, he will walk underwater, he will cure a ham, and he will make a blind man deaf. You don't want to miss the Wermacht volunteer when he gets to his Holy Land. And join two activists protesting the concessions Israel will concede to the Holy See:

Rally with Shalom International TO KEEP JERUSALEM UNITED, when Pope Benedict visits Israel ­
May 7-15 / Iyar 13-21 (
Details: Bob Kunst 305-864-5110,

And Dr. Daisy Stern:

But first, watch me at:


by Barry Chamish

Michael Parenti — The Myth of the Founding Fathers 1/3

As the United States government claims to spread democracy around the world and is deeply involved in ghost writing constitutions for other countries, the spotlight falls back on this country. Is the current US system a democracy, - has it ever been one? In The Myth of the Founding Fathers Michael Parenti takes us back to the early days of the republic. Who were the founding fathers, what were their goals in writing the US constitution? Whom did they exclude and whom did they favor? What was their attitude towards slavery? How many of them actually wanted to create a monarchy? And who - in the end - ratified the constitution after it was written?