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George H.W. Bush at the CIA – Tim Weiner

It almost seems  as if the paradox of running a secret spy agency in a Democracy if further convoluted by the selfish manipulations by the political elite who ran t. Rumsfeld and Bush running operations against each other while in the CIA is the most crazy crap . You can't wriite this material.

Journalist Tim Weiner discusses future President George H.W. Bush's appointment to Director of Central Intelligence under Gerald Ford.


In his balanced, and thus all the more disturbing, history of the CIA, Tim Weiner tells how an agency intended to inform the President about the world became so mired in cloak and dagger politics that the US now lacks the intelligence it needs to operate effectively on the world stage.

Why is it that the agency intended to provide us with intelligence about the world became a tool to shape our perception of that world for political purposes?

Why, for decades, did the agency acquire a shining reputation despite misreading nearly every global crisis?

How did the CIA misread Castro's Cuba, chances of victory in Vietnam, and the Soviet Union's staying power?

Mr. Weiner argues that these C.I.A. missteps have encouraged many of our gravest contemporary problems: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and terrorism - World Affairs Council of Oregon

Tim Weiner is a reporter for The New York Times. He has written on American intelligence for twenty years, and won the Pulitzer Prize for his work on secret national security programs. He has traveled to Afghanistan and other nations to investigate CIA covert operations firsthand.

**Good Source** Fed Reserve Employee under Geithner! Reveals Hyperinflation

Are you ready for hyperinflation?  Exploding the money supply and the recent history of economic collapse and the near future of where the money is going.

This is the real bombshell that and evidence and information that we need to know. The ugly reality is batton down the hatches and hold on tight.

Illuminati Social Engineering: Kick Ass Women part1

After the last 80 years, the insidious propaganda and American culture itself are indistinguishable from each other. This series is really enlightening as to the effects of how marketing and social engineering decide at the end of the day the way that the public will perceive to be the reality. After you see this vid series it will shiift your consciousness 180 degrees. This is a good as it gets in pulling back the veil of obstruvcation and the ways in which feminism was itself used as a tool of the Illuminati and others to essentially create growth and a doubling of the tax base and shifting the woorking engine of society.

Teutonic Zionism/ Alex Jones with Jordan Maxwell

A brief discussion of Teutonic Zionism and the roots of the occult.

NOW listen to a man who really knows a thing or two about Israel and the history of the  world. Teutonic Zionism/ Alex Jones with Jordan Maxwell 


Jordan Maxwell aka Russell Pine(28 December 1940) is a researcher and independent scholar in the fields of astro-theology, religion, secret societies, and the occult, with a focus on the foundations for modern-day religion and government. He began his work in 1959 and has produced numerous video lectures and documentaries on these subjects. He has been described by peers and fans alike as "the preeminent researcher and scholar in the field of occult/religious philosophy", although Maxwell prefers to refer to himself simply as "an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge".

Maxwell's areas of interest include Secret Societies, Ancient Symbols and Occult Emblems, Secret Meanings of Modern Symbols (from Corporate Logos to Government Emblems), Ancient Sciences and Technologies, and Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries.

Confusion regarding the actual definition of the word "occult" (Latin word simply meaning "hidden") has lead some to misunderstand Maxwell's work. As he states, "Occult doesn't mean evil or bad or corrupt. It just means hidden. Secrets. In the medical field, there are terms that doctors use; certain organs are means hidden or not in view."

ALERT – Restore The Republic Message To All Armed Forces

Transcript of February 23, 2009 Public Address to United States Military.

Today, I want to reach out to all of the men and women who are serving in the United States Armed Forces, in law enforcement, and in the intelligence services.

With our country on the brink of complete economic collapse, engaged in two wars, a military stretched to thin overseas, and the constitution discarded by our representatives in Washington, we call upon you to recall your oath of enlistment to support and defend the 

Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic and join those of us who are working to restore our constitutional republic.

Obama to Disclose X-Files on Anti-Gravity Technology?

Does Obama have any real power? Or does a "Secret Government" maintain control over it?Will Obama Declassify X-Files on Anti-Gravity? 

Countdown to May Day! 
May 1, 2009 (Obama's 100th day in Office)
Will he do it???
It's not over YET!!! 

Who is the real Illuminist?Will the Illuminati please step forward. Ca the American people handle the reality that we have been studied and meddled with as a species for our entire human history. UFO's are mainstream. The time has come