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Giants:Mystery and the Myth – Pt. 5/6

This unique special looks at the whole phenomenon of giants from the earliest beginnings of civilization to the present. Also features interviews of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Cosmic Code which talks about the content of the Sumerian Tablets. According to a scientist's experiment on fish in a biodome with double the atmospheric pressure and a few other conditions, the fish grow to an unbelievable size which is proof that Earth had the right conditions back then to support the idea of Giants ever existing. 

Giants:Mystery and the Myth - Pt. 5/6

Anunnaki Bloodlines

Virtually all open-minded historical and theological scholars agree the Old Testament's book of Genesis was extracted from the older Sumerian records, if only because of the similarity in their Comparative Religions. The Enuma Elish, the Sumerian Epic of Creation, and Genesis have a variety of common elements. Stories of a Great Flood and Deluge, among other stories, are also common to both Sumerian and Biblical accounts. An inevitable conclusion is that the Anunnaki were as real as Noah, Moses or Abraham.

Ancient Technology (Part 2)

2007 Lecture by Jason Martell a youngster by comparison to his peers and it's a good thing to have even younger people disseminating this type of information. Ancient archeology and devices that need to be explained in a new way without the biases of the OG..!!!(Old Gaurd.)Martell has been a guest on Art Bell and has done the circuit. He also mentions in this lecture about how he recreated the Baghdad Battery for a program on the History Channel.

Zecharia Sitchin interview Part 2

Zecharia Sitchin explains his teories of the Annunaki and the origins of the human race on earth

The great Zacharia Sitchin presenting his work at a conference. If you are wondering how Sitchin's work is  tied to the Illuminati,...Anu, "He who in heaven dwells." The worship of Sirius/ Osiris and Enki and Inanna down to The Bohemian Grove. The furthest reaches of the darkest depths of the origin of power. Part 2.