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Mary Caine’s Kingston Zodiac…Libra

A jaunt around the Libran Effigy of Mary Caine's Kingston Zodiac~ Surrey and West London's magical and mysterious counterpart to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars. From the dvd film 'The Kingston Zodiac' by Mary Caine and Jonathan Barnett first shown at the London Portobello Film Festival.

The zodaic configuration in the topography of ancient London is damn near irrefutable and challenges the mainstream in more ways than the people there simply wanted their charts read. The archeology in conjunction with   the local folklore lend credibility to even some of the  furthest reaching of hypothesis.

Glastonbury Festival Origins

The forgotten origins of the original Glastonbury Festival, Rutland Boughton's Pre-War Classical Music Commune among the Ancient Mists of Avalon.....With additional commentary on Michael Eavis's own much overlooked contribution to the musical mainstreaming of many New Age ideas.  

     A glimpse into the history of the Glastonbury music Festival and the really interesting cross cultural mix up through time and space bringing us from ancient Sumer to today's current pop performers.

“IO PAN” the invocation of the dark god

invocation of the dark god and he who dwells at the grove that sits between all worlds. Believe in mysticism and magik and Crowley and Lucifer the Morning Star?


The history of mysticism seems to be corrupt charlatins that have always ruled the day. Rogues and thieves in the robes of a Magi have ever been present to take the will and the money of others.  Was all of it a crock?From the firs to the last?

Aleister Crowely: Wickedest Man in the World pt.6

The two Los Angeles magicians agreed. Tom, who had been a witch for five years and hadn't raised his hand when asked for contactee testimony, said that the Higher Intelligences are imbedded in our language and numbers, as the Cabalists think, and have no other kind of existence. He added that every time he tried to explain this he saw that people thought he was going schizophrenic and he began to fear that they might be right, so he preferred not to talk about it at all. Tom-who is a computer programmer by profession, a witch only by religion-later added a bit to this, saying that all that exists is information and coding; we only imagine we have bodies and live in space-time dimensions.

Witch Hunts and Economic Scapegoats – Raymond Fisman

Economist Raymond Fisman examines the phenomenon of economic scapegoating, as illustrated through modern-day witch hunts in Tanzania. 


Raymond Fisman, Professor of Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School, discusses his latest book Economic Gangsters: Corruption, Violence, and the Poverty of Nations.

He explains how seemingly irrational atrocities around the world may have logical causes, as well as logical solutions. - Columbia Business School

Raymond Fisman is the Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise and Research Director of the Social Enterprise Program at the Columbia Business School. Professor Fisman received his Ph.D. in Business Economics at Harvard University. He worked as a consultant in the Africa Division of the World Bank for a year before moving to Columbia in 1999. Professor Fisman's research focuses on corruption and more broadly on what makes people do bad things (he also sometimes thinks about why people do good things). His work has been published in leading economics journals, including the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics. He writes a monthly column for Slate magazine. Economic Gansters is his first book.

What You Don’t Know: Theological Cover-Up of Genesis 6 p2

This from Ancient of Days 2004. Guy Malone talks about the cover-up of Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch, and why its contents are so sensitive and how they apply to today's UFO phenomenon. The book of Enoch is a match stick for so many other avenues of the UFO and conspiracy theory going from the llluminati and the holy bloodlines that claim the divine right to rule.

The Dogon & the Sirius Mystery Part 4

From Coast to Coast AM March 21, 2006.
George Noory interviews Robert Temple about his book The Sirius Mystery and the Dogon tribe of Mali.

According to anthropological studies, the Dogon Tribe of Africa developed a religion based on the Sirius star system and were aware of Sirius B (a companion star that can't be seen with the naked eye) as well as a third star in that system which wasn't confirmed by astronomers until 1995, nearly 20 years after Temple wrote about it in his book. 

The Dogons believed that beings from a planet in the Sirius system came to Earth in the distant past, landing in a place where their ancestors came from (Temple suggested that this was probably Egypt). These ETs were slimy, air-breathing aquatic creatures that had fish-like tails and arms without elbows, and he noted that similar beings have also been described in ancient China, Greece, and Sumeria. The Dogons said that when the ETs were here, a new star appeared in the sky that disappeared after they left. Temple surmised that this was likely their orbiting mothership.

Unhidden Agendas: Exposing The Wizards of Oz

The best parts of "exposing the illuminati from whithin" Set to the music of PhRieQ. This guy has a lot of the documentation to back up his side of the story, and he's not the only one telling this story strangely enough. More to come from the Unhidden Agendas. Freemason, Satanic Luciferian Mormon, Church Of Satan, Priest, Witch Wizard Warlock, Aleister Crowley, Druids

The Temple Apron – Freemasonry

The Temple Apron is a symbol of Satan(Lucifer) power and priest-hood(religion). Freemansonry is in complete control of America, Europe and many other nations.

It is forbidden for a Christians, jews or Muslims to take any secret oaths. there is alot of scriptures that go in detail on how secret oaths are forbidden and must not be taken. 

-------- Holy Quran 7.27 ----
O ye Children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you, in the same manner as He got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame: for he and his tribe watch you from a position where ye cannot see them: We made the evil ones friends (only) to those without faith.

The Buzz Aldrin Masonic apron on the moon picture hangs in the Grand Master Masonic lodge Washington DC Today.