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Are the beliefs about celebrities being in “Illuminati” true?

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K, my friend who wants to be some sort of demonologist was talking about like that there are some celebrities on like MTV and stuff that are satan worshipers. Like the time when Kanye West interupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs, my friends says that that was like her initiation into the Illuminati. And that same day during Lady Gaga's performance she like gave a sort of blood "sacrifice" at the end of herr song, my friend says that it was real blood from a dead Illuminati member and that shes also a member. She also mentioned that Jay Z is part of it and that he thinks that he is god because if you put "hova" after "jay" it sounds like "jehova" which is hebrew for God.

So are all these things about Illuminati true?

Was Michael Jackson Illuminati?

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I think that MJ was a high ranking member of the Illuminati. If you look at the album cover for dangerous, you'd see that it has Free Mason imagery on the front. And it's spooky, also Michael Jackson songs had some stuff about the masons in it, and the new world order. Also the fact that he had molested kids, which is said to be a mason ritual to rape kids to get in. He also lived like mason king, with a lot of Victorian items in his home.
Tiffany, shut the fuck up bitch.
People taking this serious *Face palm*

Is there anyone besides me who is sick of the “Illuminati” conspiracy theories?

illuminati conspiracy

And how apparently EVERY single singer is a member of it, including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jay-z (I personally can't stand those singers. They go on about how Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain were killed by the Illuminati. I like Nirvana and The Doors, but they were both druggies at the end of the day. So is there anyone else who is sick of these theories? If there is one thing I actually hate, it's conspiracy theorists, with all the hatred they spread.

illuminati conspiracy?

illuminati conspiracy

Why is it that so many of us are blind folded to believe that there is no such thing as the illuminat?Are we so proprosperous and self-centered to believe that there is no other group more powerful than us the relentless human race that is made out to erase proverty prone Caucasions, Hispanics, African Americans and other people of color?