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Chemtrails The facts

emetaheret asked:

The chemtrail conspiracy holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. In this presentation we will try to give 4 possible explanations for this phenomena. some of the videos that are used in this clip are from the following YouTube channels: British Chemtrails Documentary: chemtrail chaff (v2): Chemtrails-NWO-Illuminati: Chemtrails weatherman: CONTRAIL vs CHEMTRAIL 101: NASA Appleman Chart - PROOF of Chemtrails: History Channel_ The Truth About Chemtrails And HAARP Technology:

Creepy Illuminati Message in Batman Movie Hints at Sandy Hook School

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

In this movie scene (1:58 into the movie) from Dark Knight Rises, "Sandy Hook" is about the only legible text on the whole map (look left of the walkie talkie in the screenshot above), and a guy puts his fingers on it. Someone says the dialogue at this point is "There are no coincidences.". But we haven't verified that, yet. Allegedly the Illuminati code of conduct mandates that they must place warnings of upcoming events. They don't have to be particularly clear, but they must be there. Read more: CHECK OUT [INFOWARS THE MAGAZINE] Buy it as a Gift or Order one for Yourself. ProPur Water Filtration Receive 15% off with promo code WATER15 - Good Until Dec 10th Alex Jones teams up with ProPur to provide you with the new gold standard of water filtration systems. ProPur takes the traditional gravity filtration systems and updates it for the 21st century. The ProPur Water Purification Systems with its new carbon domed filters are stronger and last longer than anything currently on the market. sign up today and share your UserID/Passcode with 4 extra people!

Chemtrails Assualt Arizona for Doomsday Skywatch Today December 20 2012

CaptainTripps2010 asked:

ATTENTION: ONLY INTELLIGENT COMMENTS ALLOWED SO IF YOU ARE AN IGNORANT TROLL JUST SAVE YOUR TIME AND MINE BY GOING ELSEWHERE FOR YOU ADOLESCENT CRAP. Alert! Monster tornadoes causing massive destruction, killer droughts afflicting huge but well-defined regions, like the one precisely within the state borders of Texas, unexplained animal die-offs in huge numbers, forest fires more fierce than ever experienced before, melting polar ice, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis of suspicious origins and unusual signatures, shattered immune systems, and an unpublished pandemic of new auto-immune and parasitic diseases, Alzheimer-related dementia much more prevalent among younger populations.... This is the new reality that we and our children are suddenly inhabiting. This is not man-made global warming, this is man-made WARFARE against the natural-born humans across our world. What we are seeing above our heads is not water vapor, or condensation trails. Many soil and water, also air, and now even blood tests have confirmed over and over that we are being inundated with heavy metals: aluminum, barium, manganese, iron, chromium, etc. YOU TOO CAN GATHER SUCH EVIDENCE OF THE CRIMES AGAINST US! You can see here how Robert, our fellow Arizonan, explains with Doppler Radar that these are not contrails at all. These are chemical and biological aerosols, also called "chemtrails", that are one part of a hijacked natural system that is being weaponized in the war against us, the natural ...

December 20, 2012 – Chemtrails are Killing Children over Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, California

Manny Rivers vs. Chemtrails asked:

Chemtrails are killing far more children than any one man could ever. The Connecticut shooter was a moron, obviously, he will face God's judgement, but his crime is a grain of salt in comparison to OUR GOVERNMENT SPRAYING US WITH TOXIC CHEMICALS AND HEAVY METALS. LOOK UP AND WAKE UP. Fact: You are being sprayed by jet aircraft under the United Nations mandate "Agenda 21". Who: The United Nations What: Is attempting to depopulate the planet by 90% When: Right now Where: Every United Nations country, including Russia, China, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc, etc. Why: The leaders of the Nations worship satan. (Seriously, research the Bohemian Grove) How: Through disease, famine, drought, geo-engineered storms and earthquake catastrophes; all of which Chemtrails are to blame for. A video documentary of the chemtrail operation over the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, California. Please watch "what in the world are they spraying?" and "why in the world are they spraying?" on YouTube for answers to those questions. To protect yourself from the effects of chemtrails, one should be aware of their surroundings. Just because it is clear above you doesn't mean you are safe. Look where the wind is blowing in from, that is where they will be spraying. Also, look toward a familiar distant area, such as a mountain range. If it is smoky white, than chemtrail residue is likely the culprit, unless there is a fire nearby which is causing this. Remember, some chemtrails do not fall for 24 ...


illuminatiMediaTV asked:

Title: Illuminati the freemasonry & zionism - The Master Plan To Rule The World 12 mins preview Full Version coming soon - Duration 2hr33mins Follow me on facebook Follow me on twitter My previous original channel (BANNED) An adventure unlike any other, enhanced with brilliant effects, re-mastered digitally in Dolby HD Surround. Experience a gripping and compelling adventure through the realms of time. Explore the cloaked hand that has been responsible for some of history's most important turning points. The same hand that now controls every medium, exploiting it for their sole ambition of total global domination with a one World government. Be there when we uncover the gripping truth surrounding from Masonry to zionism, past and present, that is exposed in this exclusive insight never before revealed.

Chemtrails Killed the Honey Bees – Secret NATO and UN operation CAUGHT IN ACTION!

fyrstikken asked:

Add me on & follow me on READ ME - READ ME - READ ME Chemtrails Killed the Honeybees - the reason for spraying the sky with Barium and other toxic chemicals was too destroy the honeybees who pollinate the fruit-flowers so that fruit and vegetables can grow. Without honeybees, no fruit, no vegetable, no food - and people will die. The Chemtrails or chemical trails from the sprayer planes is part of the elites plan of depopulating the world. When people are hungry, they will riot, when they riot they will be arrested, when they are arrested, they will be questioned, and put into three different groups - one they will kill immediately, one they will torture and question further, and a small group which they will chip and send back into the New World OrderCall no man upon this place good - there is nobody here that is good, the author of this video is not good, you are not good, your mama is not good, your brothers and sisters are not good - if you where good, you would not be here, you would be home safe. The Earth is not your home - it is a maximum security prison reform school with no bars - and you and me are here to learn to be something we currently are not, we are here to learn to be good! Religion has nothing to do with truth - avoid religion, become individual - choose to listen to the good voice inside you and reject the evil voice inside you - this is something you can do - make it a sport for yourself to accomplish what you taught was ...

Chemtrail/Geoengineering Programs discussed on the Discovery Channel

Maui Skywatch asked:

Michael Murphy of "What in the World are They Spraying?" and most recently "WHY in the World are They Spraying?" is interviewed on Discovery Channel's "America's Most Secret: Structures" Barry Kolsky, editor of both documentaries, appears briefly. The second half of this segment features Dr. Nick Begich from the documentary "WHY in the World are They Spraying?" Michael's interview was filmed in the studios of Cut My Flix where the documentary was edited. for more info:


FreeTruthShow asked:

SKYWATCHERS UNITE. Update on the brave efforts of Swedish Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg to raise the issue of Chemtrails to the public. VIDEO INTERVIEW Facebook group GSOC GO SWEDEN ON CHEMTRAILS Please join my Facebook group to support this lady. One of the first politicians in history to publicly address the issue of Chemtrails. Please send messages of support to her at and also show your support for her by emailing the Swedish embassy in your country and the Swedish Green Party. We have been complaining for years that no politicians address this so now is the chance to show how much we really care about our children and our environment, for real. Click like and subscribe and share the group and related videos also. This situation could lead to heights even we can't imagine. If the Swedish mainstream media are forced to address this then the Swedish public, (who are an extremely conscious environmentalist people), realise what is happening who knows where this might lead. It could snowball to a critical mass. What we've been hoping for for many years. We've always known that if enough people knew about Chemtrails and HAARP then it could be stopped. Now is your chance. Take it. patrick lynch PUBLIC TALK ON CHEMTRAILS Thank you to host alex hunter of the ADVANCED ACTIVIST ADVISORY on for having me as a guest on his broadcast. See alex hunter Facebook or ...

Military & Police React to Obama’s Total Gun Confiscation Plan

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

Alex returns to the airwaves on this Thursday, December 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show. On the show today, Alex talks about the growing momentum of Democrats led by California's Dianne Feinstein to ram through legislation in the new year banning a large number of firearms and rolling back the Second Amendment following the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut earlier this month. He talks about the collectivization of America and covers the so-called fiscal cliff as Democrats and Republicans fail to come up with a deal as the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect. [American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan] [Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts] [Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America] [Youtube Video] Israeli Statement On NRA [Youtube Video] Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America [Youtube Video] School Obamas's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards [Check Out Ultimate Tangy Tangerine] (Liquid Bottle)