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The Jesuits Then and Now Part 1

Audio program (radio) on how Weishaup and the Jesuits and the intertwined histories of the organizations. Really cool stuff. Skull and Bones started as a Jesuit organization and spin off. The history of the Illuminati and the lacework of the ages.

Secret Space 11/11

 Heres a great documentary on the hidden details of space exporation which proves the exist. Really strange confluence of science and the occult with the focus being on Jack Parsons and his ties to Aliester Crowley and Jack's eventual leadership of the OTO. The last installment, Illuminati Archives will post more in the near future.

How close are we to Martial Law in the US? ALERT!

Gun confiscation and the elimination of Posse Commotodus and the clergy being used as puppets by the government to placate the public into letting the military do whatever the hell they want under martial law. sounds like Stalinist Russia or a third world country. Republicrats unite!