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Natalie Wood MURDER

The incredibly beautiful  Natalie Wood!   WILL PERVERSION SOON BE COMPULSORY ? Comedian Charlie Chaplin left Londons East End and along with many other jews fled to the USA to avoid the 1914-18 war Charlie became famous in the silent film era after stealing Stan Laurels tramp figure, his liking for underage girls meant the film studios had to give him a permanent minder and pressured (blackmailed ? )  him into being a courier for US Russian communist activities in America during and after W W II, while Hollywood churned out pro Stalinist anti German hate films which are still shown all round the world on a daily basis, and in 1953 Charlie Chaplin to avoid the threats from the Mann act which sought to prosecute men who had sex with underage girls fled to Switzerland where he lived out the remainder his life.

The studios would hide the fact that Charlie Chaplins family name was Thonstein, and the 1948 Jewish encyclopedia lists him as a Jewish actor/comedian.An arrest warrant was put out in 1978 for Roman Polanski the Jewish film director for the drugging and brutal rape of a 13 year old child, Polanski had a reputation for this crime which was as prevalent in Hollywood then as now, and the most famous film actress this century, Marilyn Monroe  has said on record just before she died, "that thank god she would no longer have to suck jewish cock"The talented child actress Natalie Wood was starting to whistleblow over her own Hollywood child abuse and was murdered by the studios to silence as was Princess Grace Kelly and Imogene Hassell, conjecture also includes Jayne Mansfield and many young male stars ( boychicks ) who were beginning to talk such as James Dean, the term "Shiksa" means in yiddish a whore or non Jew and these were just sex objects for the casting couch directors.
Roman Polanski also fled to Switzerland where Holywood  film studios started a campaign to pardon him and demonise the young child as a temptress.The Hollywood film studios have always been a Jewish monopoly, and the head of Holywood films is Edgar Bronfman who is also head of the World Jew Congress, and according to FBI sources linked to organised crime and a recent telephone poll in Florida asked to name just one non Jewish film mogul failed in every case, because the jews hold a stranglehold on film television radio popular music and entertainment.
The publisher Robert Maxwell was British labour party MP and senior political activist and once claimed to party apparatchiks,
 labour leader neil Kinnock  "Would dance to my tune or he would not dance at all"
Robert Maxwell a paid informer to the Gestapo in W W II was given the name Robert Maxwell by M I 6 and used one of his newspapers the New York Daily News to pass encrypted messages from tapped phoned and mass mail intercepts, long before fellow Jew Rupert Murdoch,
and only his threat to blackmail Henry Kissenger about Kissengers alleged abuse and killing of young lads ensured Maxwell's death on the high seas,  this lying thieving monster of a man got a hero's burial on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, he foolishly called Kissenger a "Ben Zova" or whores son.
  Maxwells " Black Widow fund" is a secret stash of huge wealth for fellow Jews to blackmail entrap buy off and coerce non Jews.
The case in point of comedian Michael Barrymore drugging buggering and throwing a "straight" into his swimming pool to drown and getting away with it is down to pressure from these same people.
Tom Driberg the Jewish pedophile  Labour MP who was blackmailed over his many attendences at "Pink ballets"  boys supplied from various care homes to sex parties was blackmailed to work for the KGB, i recall the horror of intel secretaries when  some time later documents secretly came back from the Moscow archivist  on his activities, unbelievably Driberg was an informer on Robert Maxwell to the C.I A   F. B .I   M I 6   K G B.
  P K V V N ( Polish intel ) and Mossad.The recent promotion of homosexuality, and the lessening of child protection laws and the age of consent, is for one reason, and that is that the jewish holy books claim that a jew can rape any child or animal, as long as it is non-Jewish as they have " no souls" and are just Goyim or animals it is not a crime.They say you cant have a situation where to us Jews its perfectly legal and ok, and yet the law of the land forbids it, so therefore the laws of each land we rule must be changed, so all sex crimes are being down graded, homosexuality is fine even preferable now and pedophila is being gradually accepted as normal, the Pope who is also ruled by Jews  in a recent statement said "in the 1970s child sex was not seen as a crime "Morality and ethics are now non existant, just like in Germany before Hitler came to power.
Years back informers from the Board of Jewish deputies tipped off a TV personality called Mary Whitehouse about the agenda for perversionand she went public defending public morals, the Jew dominated press and TV had a roaring time making her a laughing stock, and not one major newspaper or magazine did not carry at least one regular  cartoon demonising her. The US students undergraound mag, " R sole news" tells of the numbers of foreign young male prostitutes flooding into the country and postulates how many are carrying sexual diseases as the fashion in homosexuality increases, the mag also makes the point that the higher orders of Freemasonry like skull & Bones and Bilderberg  has pedophile and homosexual acts as its main rites and blames the jewish influences from the old testament.
So when you wonder who pays to publicise all these gay parades gay marches gay days, gay mags and gay counseling,  gays in schools colleges and TV and films, now you know
Kevin Field  and several other authors
FBI files
Heidi Fleiss
British news archives
T Stokes intelligence gossip.
Blackwater security
Cynthia Payne.
Reform Synagogues.
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The murder of Trayvon martin by George Zimmerman has created long ripples of anger in the black communities
both here in the USA and across the water in Britian's black areas.

The killer has not even been arrested and the surge for demands for justice has meant many people are now saying Jews can kill with impunity, Wayne Carlson of the black peoples alliance has said "this is the USA not Palestine" and is speaking about a possible backlash, the fear is that racial unrest will set city centres alight such as seen recently when blacks rioted in Britian after a black man was shot by police and paralells are being drawn with the Jewish murder of Rachel Corrie, a bystander when she was run over by a bulldozer at walking pace and killed, with no one called to answer.

At military bases new bumper stickers say, " one rule for Jews and one for blacks " and some are saying no more wars for Israel until Zimmerman stands trial, anger and unrest with black soldiers is being currently dealt with at high level.

The wider implications show Obama is putting another nation before his own and even in white communities there is talk of injustice.
N. Ahmed

Who Killed Paul Wellstone

Wellstone: They Killed Him

A comprehensive look into the official story of the supposed "accident" ..interviews and analysis of witnesses, first responders and the official report of the fatal crash - October 25, 2002 - including much of the information that the FBI ignored or suppressed.


Craig and Cindy Corrie, the parents of slain US activist Rachel Corrie (the picture on right) who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in March 2003.
Israel refuses to reveal neither the name nor the face of the military bulldozer driver who crushed pro-Palestinian US activist Rachel Corrie to her early death.

The third session of a hearing into the March 2003 killing of the 23-year-old Corrie in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah was held on October 21 in Israel with the presence of the man who drove the vehicle.

Rachel's parents were, however, denied a chance to confront him face-to-face in the Israeli courtroom, Stacy Sullivan who heads the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice told Fars news agency in a letter.

The unidentified former soldier was shielded behind an opaque partition, where he read his testimony about the events leading up to Corrie's death.

In an unprecedented move, Tel Aviv has identified the man merely as a Russian immigrant who entered Israel in 1995.

Cindy Corrie, Rachel's mother, expressed dismay at the "blatantly offensive" behavior of Israeli authorities who even refused to allow them to meet the suspect in private over "security considerations."

According to Sullivan, the bulldozer driver's testimony seemed to be the same as the one he had submitted earlier to the police and was filled with contradictory information.

In the remarks he had made days after the incident, the driver had stated the vehicle's blind distance was three meters -- a distance he put at 30 meters at the hearing.

The man declined an offer by the court to withdraw his testimony, which also differed from the one by a senior officer who was next to him in the bulldozer.

Cindy Corrie said it was difficult to see the impenitence on the part of the driver, who said he had been ordered to continue the demolition work at the site of the incident despite the presence of international activists in a distance of less than 10 meters.

"It was so difficult for me to find no sign of regret in his words or voice. Unfortunately, the only thing I heard from the other side of the story was indifference," Fars news agency quoted her as saying.


by Barry Chamish

It's soon Rabin murder commemoration week, so let us draw a picture of his murderer Shimon Peres. As the day arrives, Peres' guilt brings out his annual display of irrationally crude behavior. Like shooting fish in a barrel, I mostly used one news service to gather this year's continuing saga of nutty self-confession. It was that easy.

So why credit me as the writer who first proved that coroner Dr. Yehuda Hiss changed Rabin's autopsy to save Peres?

( The former #2 in the National Institute for Forensic Medicine (Abu Kabir) says he can't understand why the director, found to have engaged in illegal harvesting of organs, is still the highest-paid person in the public sector. Last week, the Finance Ministry released a list of the highest-paid public sector employees, revealing that the highest-paid of all was none other than Prof. Yehuda Hiss, who essentially heads the National Institute for Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir.

Despite the above, it was revealed last week that Hiss earns nearly 67,000 shekels ($18,150) a month, roughly nine times the national average.

Dr. Chen Kugel, who served for several years as the Deputy Director of Abu Kabir and was instrumental in exposing serious irregularities there, such as the harvesting of organs without families' permission and testimony given by doctors about autopsies at which they were not present, spoke with Shimon Cohen of Arutz-7's Hebrew news magazine.

Cohen made another suggestion: "There have been rumors for years that Hiss simply knows too much; people have been sent to jail on his say-so, and for instance he knows about the Rabin murder. Perhaps there is a fear that if he is fired, he might open his mouth and ruin some lives."

Kugel guardedly answered, "I don't know if this is correct. I wasn't present at the Rabin autopsy, so I don't know about this. But if it is true, then the situation must stop now; why let it continue?"

The Shamgar Commission determined that Rabin was shot twice in the back. Central to my thesis is my contention that Rabin was shot a third time, from the front. And central to my claim that Shimon Peres organized the murder was his knowledge of that third shot. In my lectures, I show Peres on film stating that, "Three bullets pierced Rabin's body and the songsheet." The songsheet was in his front jacket pocket, thus Peres admits that Rabin was shot from the front, an act Amir could not have committed.

The problem is, Peres became prime minister and accepted the Shamgar Commission's finding that Rabin was shot twice in the back...WHEN HE KNEW THE TRUTH. And that makes Peres, head of the coverup.

I also note that 90 minutes after Rabin was declared dead, Peres conducted a cabinet meeting during which he appointed Rabin's personal bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, his own personal bodyguard. Now if there was one person in the world Peres should not have appointed to guard him, it was Rubin, based on his wonderful protection of Rabin that evening.

But since Rubin was the actual shooter of Rabin, Peres chose to reward him.

At that same cabinet meeting, Peres described how Rabin was murdered. Do not forget that Peres saw Rabin's body barely two hours before. Now remember the photos from the meeting and recall where Peres is pointing to. That, he explained to the world, was where the fatal bullet penetrated Rabin's body...FROM THE FRONT.

Rubin's boss was then-Shabak head Carmi Gillon. To protect his bungled murder conspiracy, Peres sent his partners abroad til the heat died down. Gillon was named the Danish Ambassador, before returning to Israel as head of the Peres Peace Center. Rubin was sent to head the security unit at the Washington Embassy before returning as Ariel Sharon's personal bodyguard. On December 18, '05, Sharon had tea with Peres in a private Knesset meeting. Within half an hour Rubin escorted him to Hadassah Hospital with a stroke. The hit squad was still at work eliminating Israeli prime ministers.

Not that prime ministers are the only victims of Peres. If we could only ask Mota Gur, Eliahu Ben Elissar, Raful Eitan, Judge Azar, Wayne Owens and Rehavam Zeevi:

Ben-Ari: President Shamed the Memory of Ze'evi

( Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari (National Union)
attacked on Sunday afternoon, words delivered by President Shimon
Peres earlier in the day at a memorial for slain Tourism Minister
Rechav'am Ze'evi, who was also known as Ghandi. Dr. Ben-Ari said, "The
President shamed the memory of Gandhi when he turned him into a member
of 'Peace Now' and claimed that Gandhi supported a Palestinian state
in his youth."

Ben-Ari continued, "Peres's obsession brought about the Oslo disaster
and its murderous results, and he is doing everything, including
twisting history around, to continue making his false claims."

Leave it to Peres to change the MO of his victim Zeevi. Permit me the liberty of reminding you why Zeevi died:

Arafat played his cards a bit too confidently about the murder of the Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, who was knocked off five days after he gave Prime Minster Sharon an ultimatum: fire Peres or I leave and take two parties with me. The French-controlled PFLP (Front For The Liberation Of Palestine) were called into action and Zeevi was eliminated six hours before he quit the government, taking nine dissenting Knesset members with him. Needless to say, the leaders of the two dissenting parties, Benny Elon and Yves Lieberman got the message and returned to the government.

Just before Christmas, Arafat went on Israeli Television and said the Palestinians were not behind the Zeevi murder, the Israelis were. It did not take long before Israeli shells landed near his office, followed by tanks to make sure he was trapped there. Even Arafat's cynical plea to visit Bethlehem for Christmas didn't move Sharon to lift the barriers. And the show goes on; while Sharon demands that Arafat hand over Zeevi's murderers, he claims his people weren't behind the murder. Arafat misjudged the wrath that follows such a huge betrayal of Peres.

Three days before he died, Rehavam Zeevi attacked Shimon Peres viciously in the government's cabinet meeting. He told PM Sharon that if Peres wasn't sacked, he would resign from the government and take seven Knesset members from Moledet and Yisrael Beiteinu with him. Sharon refused to fire Peres, so Zeevi wrote his last essay, for the Arutz Sheva website. It read in part:

"But what is understood in Washington is apparently not understood
here. Prime Minister Sharon, who himself fought for many years against
Arab terrorism, is not strong or consistent enough in this fight during his
tenure as Prime Minister. In order to keep Shimon Peres in the national
unity government, he gives in to Peres' dictates and allows him to continue
talking with the top brass of the evil Palestinian Authority, which is a
terrorist headquarters in every sense.

Peres conducts diplomatic negotiations, while the Palestinians continue to
shoot at our communities and on Jews - and he is doing all this just in
order to revive the Oslo process, which brought catastrophe upon us and
could, in the end, lead to the collapse of the State of the Jews.
Peres is doing this possibly because he believes in it - or possibly
because he wants to save his place and reputation in history."

Zeevi went on the warpath against Peres, not a wise strategy. Others have tried and others have died.

It was just seven years ago that 250 of us protested Peres' tax-paid 80th birthday party bash. We made it a flop. This year the murderer holds another wingding and not a soul is there to protest it. But look who his guests are. Look who is protecting the killer! All but the last are or were members of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). Google them if you don't believe it. Here are the folks offering the Butcher protection from prosecution for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and more:

> ( More than 1,500 guests from around the world will take their places in this week’s second annual Facing Tomorrow global conference in Jerusalem, initiated last year by President Shimon Peres and co-sponsored by Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It will be held from Oct.20-22 in Binyanei HaUmah Convention Center.
> Among the guests who will be taking part are:
> Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales
> Garry Knell, President and CEO of Children's Television Workshop (the non-profit organization behind Sesame Street)
> US Investment Strategist for Goldman Sachs Abby Joseph Cohen
> Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer
> Former US Administration officials Stuart Eizenstat and Elliott Abrams
> Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Edward Luttwak
> Executive Chairman of the Rothschild Group Baron David de Rothschild

And who has fallen for the Butcher's charms? None other than the current prime minister, who does not want to join Rabin and Sharon on the Peres hit parade.

Peres assures West that Netanyahu is no longer right-wing

Israeli president says Netanyahu has really come around to left-wing
way of thinking since taking office.
< >


I just completed a 3 lecture tour in Southern Florida, Sumass and Omak, Washington. As expected, the Jews of Florida provided the weakest reception, while organizers Bill, Cappie, Greg and Nancy made Washington highly successful. I sold all my books but it cost me over $1000 to purchase them from So, I'll send you any book for $20. plus postage.
Read on and write me.

Meanwhile, I've put this off for ages but will offer a DVD not yet made. I have the videotapes of The Secrets Of Rabin, a film that should have been made a decade ago but was shut down.
Within are over 20 hours of some secret, some public, some amateur, some professional, all powerful testimonies of how Yitzhak Rabin was murdered.

For me to edit, convert to DVD, create English and Hebrew discs, will take me weeks and will be costly. Tell me what you would be willing to pay for this disc, and I'll decide to go ahead or not based on what you decide. It's up to you.

In Hebrew:

The Wickedest Man in the World 4


"Some of the things Aleister said to me," Grady replied carefully, "could be interpreted as hints pointing that way." He went on to quote Crowley's aphorisms about various of the standard entities contacted by Magick. The Abramelin spirits, for instance, need to be watched carefully. "They bite," Aleister explained in his best deadpan am-I-kidding-or-not? style. The Enochian "angels," on the other hand, don't always have to be summoned. "When you're ready, they come for you," Aleister said flatly.
(The Enochian entities were first contacted by Dr. John Dee in the early 17th Century. Dr. Dee, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth and also an important mathematician, has been controversial from his own time to ours, some writers regarding him as a genius of the first rank and others as a clever lunatic. 

According to two interesting books, "The World Stage" and "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment," both by a most scrupulous historian, Dr. Francis Yates, Dee was almost certainly a prime mover in the "Illuminati" and "Rosicrucian Brotherhoods" of that time, which played a central role in the birth of modem science. The alleged UFOnaut from Uranus which communicated with the two Naval Intelligence officers gave a name, AFFA, which is a word in the "angelic" language used by the entities Dee contacted. It means Nothing. George Hunt Williamson also got some words in "angelic" from his Space Brothers, remember.)

Mike Ruppert – CIA – tears apart 9-11 part 11 of 15

Michael Rupert ex CIA officer / narcotics whistleblower shows why the 9/11 attacks had to happen for the good of the US economy.