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Spies for Hire, US pays Carlyle Group to spy-2/3


Part 2 of the radio interview. Tim Shorrock is the author of spies for hire and here is interviewed with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now about the entertwined affairs of government and private industry. Heavy stuff. The Bin Laden connection, Abu Graib scandal, and other sensitive areas of intelligence turned into profit centers. If you didn't like the government in charge you won't like their 'for hire' friends. 


Many people think that the Olympic Games is about sport, but that is very far from the truth.

The British government was said by insiders to have pulled both legitimate strings and dirty tricks to bring the games to London that no one here wanted, the games are seen by many as an expensive excuse for nationalism and racism, and the British police to allowed the Chinese thugs to attack British citizens holding up banners when the Chinese thugs came through London, was abominable.

The misuse of sport for propaganda purposes was very evident in Britain during the Iraq wars, when the T V news gave football results before the war coverage, and the ominous deaths quota.

Football like much other sport is soaked in bribery and corruption. When Britain won the world cup in 1966, the then prime minister Harold Wilson told the pop star Screaming Lord Sutch that he had bought the win for Britain, the conversation is on record with the intelligence agencies, and includes the anti German advisors identity to Harold Wilson.

Sutch with his monster raving loony party, was actually very politically astute, and was asked to stand for Labour, but was disgusted with the corruption of British politics and refused.

Much so called news is so slanted and dumbed down as to almost unrecognizable as news, and is easily concealed behind this sport nonsense, a government spokes woman actually described this act recently as “A good time to bury news” No news is impartial, especially in today’s Britain of New Labour.

During the 1930’s economic depression, the B.B.C deliberately slanted programmes to further the cause of Russian Socialism, in fact many of the Philby, Cairncross and Blunt brigade used the B. B. C. and particularly sporting programmes as cover for their anti-British pro-socialist spying activities.

Remember socialist racism was responsible for official estimates of 140 million murders since W. W. II

The communist teams at games in the past were so loaded up with steroidal pills as to make the men indistinguishable from the women, (international sport news 1981) and the Chinese are now said to be using methods on children little more than babies that are unorthodox, immoral and against their human rights.

The queens mothers favourite top British jockey Lester Piggott, went to prison for tax evasion, but special branch files declare they really wanted him for race fixing over a very large time period, he was protected by international crime syndicates.

Muhammed Ali is said to be the greatest boxer of all time, and is still revered throughout the world for his contribution to boxing, his catchphrase; “I am the greatest” became known world wide as his trademark

But according to informed sources and his F.B.I intelligence files, he was chosen to become world champion because he was good looking, smart and funny and had never been in trouble, his intelligence file also says;

“He would make an ideal ambassador for American sport”

Muhammed Ali according to one source, would let the cat out of the bag by such statements as; “he will take a dive in five” this may have been Ali bragging, or it may be that he knew this, because the fights were fixed.

The Kray twins from the London’s east end underworld, had many boxing acquaintances, with insider gossip on upcoming bouts, it is not generally known that the Kray’s as part of the Jewish underground would be part of the same mafia that ran the boxing syndicates in the U.S.A., and while the Kray’s made substantial donations to British boxing charities, they certainly had the pulse of every upcoming heavyweight boxer here and in the U.S.A.

Jack Ruby is on record as saying; ”boxing and criminality are two faces of the same coin”

Ali is reputed by one of his trainers to have been very upset and afraid to have to fight Sonny Liston.

Sonny Liston who on paper should have murdered Ali, but was not held in favour with the F .B.I. because he had killed a man and had a long police record, he was owned like many boxers here and in the U.S.A by the gangsters, so was paid a visit by the mafia who said as he was odds on favourite to win, and had to throw the fight, this meant the mafia and those in the know at the F B I would clean up big time with the bets.

Liston did not hit Ali properly once in the fight, and claimed afterwards that he had gone out to box with a broken wrist, this is untenable and would not have occurred, over the two fights the men had, Liston came out surprisingly badly as Reg Kray said; “as if he was a bad actor”

Liston may have been in much trouble but he was a family loving, big very strong afraid of nobody type guy, from what a sports journalist on the Irish Times told me in an intelligence briefing some years ago, Liston believed he could walk the fight, but his family would then be put at serious risk.

Liston has never had the recognition he deserved, he truly would have made just as great a champion as Ali, but cut from a very different mould.

Its time that sport meant sport, and not disguised jingoism and racism.

T Stokes