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No Freedom of Speech Redefined UK Bloggers – Or Get Fined

This is probably the most important fight for freedom of expression since the internet was invented. Many already agree that the UK gov't's latest move is a lunge towards an East Germany style censored society. Read this and let us know if you support blogging freedom, and support those whom the government wishes to silence...

Press regulation deal sparks fears of high libel fines for bloggers

"Websites could have to pay exemplary damages if they don't sign up to new regulator, claim opponents of Leveson deal..."


Imprisonment of British Nationals Without Trial

fatal mistake by cameron and westminster
claiming the right to murder, and imprison  patriotic british men and women without trial has been their downfall...
Posted by finnbarr
December 6, 2011
The word on the street now is that the police, the british army, navy, and the air force are on the brink of taking violent action against david cameron and the ministers who claimed the right to kill and/or indefinitely imprison brits without trial. The criminal cabal in Westminster. and the city of london may be able to pretend they are setting up a socialist totalitarian dictatorship in the united kingdom, but no serious armed group is going to support them. The same is true in the rest of Europe. it looks like the E.U. has succeded in uniting the people of europe, but only in seeing through its plans to bring in total  dictitorial control... their plans are now doomed to ultimately fail. The simple fact of the matter is that these people simply do not have any reality to back up the numbers they are putting into their financial computers to bribe people and hire bully boys and mercenarys. They are mathematically doomed. The awareness in the thinking part of the population of Western countries has reached a critical mass. The group that is sitting brainwashed in front of their TVs is irrelevant because the contents of their TV mind-programming will change once police and the military remove the criminals now occupying the corporate media.
Anyone who still believes there is an ounce of truth or decency in the large corporate media establishments has to ask themselves why these organizations do not write 911 truth or about the murder of 2 million Iraqis or about the vast bribes most top Westminster corporate government officials have received. They must ask why people are being railroaded via the Syrian massacres into an agenda of war against Iran as a precursor to World War 3.
More than anything else, they need to ask themselves why the so-called governments of the West do not make any serious future plans for the planet other than fomenting war.
In signs of imminent revolution, the ministers who voted to kill and imprison british citizins without trial are being confronted in their offices by angry constituents. even the high levels of the military has told cameron to piss off,
Many veteran groups, and ex-police officers, have contacted the british masonic orders and parlimentry lords still loyal to the british people, and are waiting for the word from buckingham palace to take up arms and actions against the corporate government. masonic allies in the armed forces and the police agencies are asking the veterans to stand down because they say the Westminster and city of london criminals will be dealt with by the law. Clearly, when a group of men who have been bribed by foreign corperate powers occupy the seat of government in Westminster and claim the right to murder and imprison british and foregine citizins without trial, then brits can legally claim self-defense when preventing these scum-bags from carrying out their murderous criminal acts. The question for the decent people in G.C.H.Q, the british armed forces and the police is, “are you going to let the army and police take over or are you going to uphold your vows to the queen and country, and protect its citizins, its constitution, and whats left of our reputation. against enemies both foreign and domestic that are operating out of covert corperate office, its not the fact that we have been sold their lies that sticks in our national gullet, its the fact that we bought it thats pissing so many good people off.

if you want to be like the folks on the hill, then first you must learn how smile as you kill... john lennon...


British politician Ian Duncan-Smith has been embroiled in a fierce row with the new  Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday,
the work and pensions secretary told church leaders there was nothing moral about their stand against his welfare reforms, Duncan-Smith who claims to be a Catholic said "it was neither fair nor moral to trap millions of families on welfare payments which made it not worth their while to get work "
43 Bishops have come out against him on this, as they know there is no work, the jobs have all be exported and millions of foreigners are still being people trafficked in by Ian Duncan-Smith and his political freinds to mop up anything still going,
fear among our own immigrant communities that 30 million Albanian Bulgarian and Rumanians are on the way, and there is expected to be a huge turf war when they arrive, both the Indian shopkeepers assoc and the Gypsy Council have said please dont let these people in, the fact that money for millions of new homes will have to be found, and the strain on Britians NHS ( National Health Service) will be colossal, and hige extra welfare payment monies will have to be found, as the government have outsourced all the jobs so these new incomers will have to live of the state.
Ian Duncan-Smith needs to know there is nothing fair or moral about giving the jobs of millions of his own people to foreigners and then lying about it.
The CBI ( Confederation of British Industry ) who went along with government policies to sell the British birthright
now admit they were wrong to give job preference to alien nationals as that money is not spent in our economy but sent home, if that money had been spent with British nationals, then it would still be circulating in our economy says the CBI.
The figures for Poland alone was £6 billion sent home last year, thats our £6 billion wasted by the 3 main parties, the Archbishop and the church say an extra 20,000 British children will now be pushed into poverty by Duncan-Smiths racist policies, the NUT ( National Union of Teachers ) have already said that many children arrive at school without breakfast, and with no dinner, and this while we allow these useless politicians to give away what generations of our forefathers worked and fought for.
How Duncan-Smith can claim to be a religious man while doing this is baffling, and similar to claims by the mentally unstable Tony Blair, whose wars on Iraq where over a milion people died needlessly for what reason ? a pack of lies.
Many of those British nationals denied jobs and thrown off benefit monies end up on the streets and eating out of bins, this very cold snap has meant many are found dead in doorways in the mornings,  a council survey went round at 3 in the morning in my part of London recently to count the number of homeless, only those standing about or sitting on benches were counted, not those sleeping in tents, abandonded buildings, shelters churches cardboard boxes or on kindly peoples floors and sofas.
Ian Duncan-Smith, you are a toerag and not fit for purpose and should resign.
* My local Bishop says he should stand for political office in Poland where hes better suited.
T Stokes London

This weeks gossip in intelligence circles is centred mainly on the Kiling of Ben Zygier, the man imprisoned in Israel as "prisoner X " the Israeli authorities slipped up badly here because he left word that should he "commit suicide " certain documents and letters would be released, first news of this was from blogger and former insider Colin Mc'caffrey who put out info on the jewish active measures against Australia and the USA, the false passports and stolen passports and ID for Isrealis to commit crimes against Australia and the USA, also included are Nationals who assisted them, secret Jews who live under false Christian names.
The Devil looks after his own, was an intel code phrase in the 70s, but it appears in this case the devil did not.
Ben Zygier also had info on Benjamin Netanyahu who is beleived to have overseen several murders of foreign nationals in their own countries, and from other dissidents who now live in fear of similar reprisals, Moshe Solomons on his radio show recently covered this and its links to the Spy in a suitcase, Dr David kelly and Princess Diana who was determined to visit Palestine, but most important were implied threats against Iceland.
In 2009 Icelanders who pelted parliament with rocks demanding their leaders and bankers answer for the country’s economic and financial collapse are reaping the benefits of their anger.
Since the end of 2008, the island’s banks have forgiven loans equivalent to 13 percent of gross domestic product, easing the debt burdens of more than a quarter of the population.
The island’s steps to resurrect itself since 2008, when its banks defaulted on $85 billion, are proving effective. Iceland’s economy will this year outgrow the euro area and the developed world on average, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates.
Iceland’s approach to dealing with the meltdown has put the needs of its population ahead of the markets at every turn. Once it became clear back in October 2008 that the island’s banks were beyond saving, the government stepped in, ring-fenced the domestic accounts, and left international creditors in the lurch. The central bank imposed capital controls to halt the ensuing sell-off of the krona and new state-controlled banks were created from the remnants of the lenders that failed.
Iceland’s special prosecutor has said it may indict as many as 90 people, while more than 200, including the former chief executives at the three biggest banks, face criminal charges. That compares with the U.S., where no top bank executives have faced criminal prosecution for their roles in the subprime mortgage meltdown. The Securities and Exchange Commission said last year it had sanctioned 39 senior officers for conduct related to the housing market meltdown.
Accusations that Iceland is "Anti-Semitic" for its charges against the banks have been laughed at, but according to new sources whistleblowing within the Mossad sector of the show biz and newspaper industry, Iceland will soon become the target for an Anders Breivik type attack in revenge, similar in fact to the Norway attacks in 2013 in punishment for siding with Palestinians.
Truth radio asked the question, what did this man know ? and said thanks to whistleblowers we know Ben Zygier was going to be the first of several defectors with information devastating to the security of the USA.
Ben Zygier may have been silenced, but his documentation is doing the rounds and this will do Israel no good at all.

T Stokes London

Rothschild Rape Two Teenage Girls in the Bahamas

A Rothschild In Hate Rape Of Two Teenage Girls in the Bahamas

The Miami Herald
Robert Rothschild 21, and Florida International University baseball star Garrett Wittels and a group of jewish friends were arrested in the Bahamas last week and charged with the rape of two 17-year-old christian girls.
The incident happened at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in Nassau on Dec. 20. Wittels and two friends were released on $10,000 bond after a court hearing Thursday.
The others involved in the incident are and Jonathan Oberti, 21, Steven Tromberg, of Miami, and Jon Shapiro, according to Bahamian Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez in Nassau.
Wittels and Rothschild were both charged with two counts of raping the two 17-year-old American girls. Oberti was charged with raping one of the teens. Tromberg and Shapiro are still being held in connection with the incident. A hearing in connection with them may be held tomorrow.
Wittels, 20, holds the second longest hitting streak in NCAA history, and in a telephone interview Monday morning, Wittels’ father, Bay Harbor Islands orthopedist Michael Wittels, confirmed that Garrett had been arrested in the Bahamas, but told the Miami Herald Monday that when all the facts come out, his son would be vindicated, and there was no drugging involved.
robert rothschild

According to Michael Wittels, Garrett and his friends met the girls in question at the Bahamian casino, and they later went willingly to a private party.
The age of consent for sexual activity is 16 in the Bahamas, in Jewish law it is not a crime to rape christian or Muslim women, Lord Victor Rothschild used rape or the threat of it many times in W W II
Wittels, who hit .417 last season, is rumoured to suffer from OCD and has several superstitions throughout the hitting streak. He wears the same shorts, sliding pants and socks for each game. Bubblicious Watermelon was the only gum he would chew,  and his uncle brings his voodoo doll to each game.
T Stokes London
* information from David Cohen in New York

Countering Global Mind Control Operations by Using Orgone Generators

bluishhellwave wrote:
Countering Global Mind Control Operations by Using Orgone Generators

Sometime ago I was hearing voices of people talking to me in my head that no one
around me could hear as well as being harassed by agents of the illuminati cabal
(gang stalking).

Here is what I did to counter this; I built an Orgone Generator with a pyramid
shape and with the same ratios as the Giza pyramids and I keep that orgone
generator pyramid under the pillow before I go to sleep. Now I almost hear no
voices now.

An Orgone Generator will transmute the negative energies that are being directed
to the targeted individual and convert it to positive. Putting orgone generators
in the water may increase its efficiency.

Check the videos below for instructions on how to create those devices:

It is important to program the crystal that will be put into the orgone
generator by simply holding it in your hands and while focusing on the crystal
have the intention of redirecting the energy that is being directed to the
individual or neutralizing it. You may want to search the internet for
‘Crystal Programming’.

I believe this is a network of super computers with very advanced artificial
intelligence and that explains why the voices the targeted individual hears look
very real. I also believe that this network of super computers monitors millions
of people around the globe (if not the whole world population).

I think that high powered Orgone Generators will deactivate the nano technology
mind control implants (Smart Dust). I also believe that those nanites are in the
air you breathe right now.

Very Important Notice
You need to play those audio files from a speaker while the resin is curing and


NAFTALI BENNETT – Zicharon L’Brecha (R.I.P)

NAFTALI BENNETT - Zicharon L'Brecha (R.I.P)
by Barry Chamish

Netanyahu wins the Israeli election, a given. But according to the polls, second place is a draw between, supposedly Netanyahu's nemesis, the Labor Party, and his supposed ideological natural partner, Habayit Hayehudi or Jewish Home Party led by a newcomer from America, Naftali Bennett. As anyone who understands Netanyahu will suppose, as usual, he will make a coalition with Labor. And as anyone who understands how the system works will tell you, Naftali Bennett better hope he does. It's his best hope for survival.
    As Bennett rose from the wilderness a few months ago, a few of my readers had grave suspicions of him. Those who know my work will recognize their off-the-beaten-track concerns:

What's your opinion of Bennett?
Is he a genuine right-winger with a veneer of honesty?
Will they take him out in New York next week like they took out Kahane?
Or is he yet another CFR-NWO-Shabbatean Raviv-lite operative sent to infiltrate the right?!

This appearance on CNN from the first days of the latest 'cycle of violence' made many Israelis proud of Bennett's appearance here 'against' the Arabs. But what they did not know was that it was not someone supporting the Palestinian side but a representative of the CFR, explicitly spelled out on the screen, and that is when I understood that we were not going to be allowed to win this latest 'cycle of violence'. Bennett has no idea who he is talking to when this sr fellow talks about 'not in Israel's interests' .

But let's not jump beyond the borders of Israel to get to know Bennett. Here is how sympathetic Israeli journalists are covering him:

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett commented Wednesday morning on reports
that the White House is deeply concerned about growing support for his
party, which represents very nationalist interests, and is worried about the
potential sway he may have in dealing with issues such as construction in
Judea and Samaria and negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

The U.S. is particularly concerned over the growing
strength of the proudly nationalist Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home) in
the polls and over the fact that there is hardly talk about negotiations
with the Palestinian Authority as part of the election campaign.
The U.S. is concerned, according to Channel 10, that Bennett's strengthening
will cause Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in turn, to strengthen the
Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

From a candidate in Bennett's party:

Polls show that if only those under the age of 35 would be able to vote, The Bayit Yehudi would be the largest party in the country and Naftali Bennett would be Prime Minister!
Something new really is beginning here - this is the first time I can remember that it is �cool� to be a proud Zionist.

Even from outside Israel, Benett is getting some notice;

The rise of Naftali Bennett of the Jewish Home Party in the polls is,
however, a major news item...The London based The
Independent (January 2, 2013) pointed out that Bennett, who has never
held office before "has shaken up the campaign to such an extent that
Prime Minister Netanyahu has gone on the offensive against Bennett."

In a recent television interview, Bennett remarked that as a soldier
he would not obey orders to evacuate settlers from their homes.
Netanyahu pounced on this and Bennett qualified his initial
statement. But the extraordinary exposure he achieved only
strengthened his support. And, in an interview with the Associated
Press, Bennett stated, "My positions are very clear: I never hide the
fact that I categorically oppose a Palestinian state inside our

With a slate that includes many young newcomers, Bennett launched an
extraordinary campaign, which, according to a recent poll, propelled
the party to possibly gaining 15 seats, an incredible achievement.
The bulk of his supporters are under forty and many are nonobservant...
the prospect of 15 seats is nothing less than historical in scope for this truly
idealistic party dedicated to the love of the land of Israel, the
People of Israel, and the Torah of Israel.

Politicians who are idealistic enough to love the land of Israel don't live long. When Bennett started mouthing off about being an IDF officer who would refuse to evict Jews from their homes, he was suddenly widely noticed. To some, that was treason talk. But to many others, that was what they thought and now they had a voice expressing their deepest patriotic feelings. And one of my readers informed me that either Bennett will change drastically once in power, or go on a hit list. Though a mixture of personalities, here is the hit list he compiled:

This list of assassinations/suspicious deaths involving Israel was written in 2004.
Are there any other names of note that you think that should be added to the list?
Jacob de Haan
Chaim Arlosoroff
Lord Moyne
Folke Bernadotte
Rudolf Kasztner
Ben Hecht
General David "Dudu" Elazar,
Michael Albin
Rabbi Meir Kahane
Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane
General Yekutiel "Kuti" Adam,
Gerald Bull
Major-General Shmuel "Gorodish" Gonen,
Major-General Nechemia Tamari
General Raful Eitan
Amiram Nir
Yedidiah Segal
David Frank
Noach Moses
Robert Maxwell
Ester Werderber
General Mordechai "Motti" Gur,
Jerusalem deputy-mayor Shmuel Meir
the 5 engineers responsible for the safety of IDF "Yasur" helicopters
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Yoav Kuriel
Professor Aryeh Rosen Zvi
Ambassador to France Eliyahu ben Elissar
MK Benny Begin's son Yonatan
MK Rehavam "Gandhi" Ze'evi
Irv Rubin
Wayne Owens

We conclude with a warning to Bennett. Currently, it would appear, you have no idea how thin is the ice you are standing on. You may deny you have anything in common with "radicals" like Meir Kahane or Rehavam Ze'evi. But you do.

...Like a bear who has tasted human blood, Israeli police would start hunting the right.
Israeli services killed Meir and Binyamin Kahane, and Gandhi. They cooperated
with Arab militants to do the job, and also with the mullahs in the Iran-Contras
affair, and with the Pakistani military. Bin Laden similarly accused Israel of
assassinating Azzam with the help of Arab agents. Facts tying Israelis to Sept.
11 could not be just dismissed. Kahane's assassin organized the WTC bombing in
1993. Guards, not Yigal Amir, assassinated Rabin; clear video was censored.
Rabin, his popularity dwindling, was purposefully killed in an extraordinary
attempt to accuse the right and reassert the power of the leftists, all the
while turning Rabin-the-scum into a martyr of peace. Baruch Goldstein, a lone
shooter with three magazines, could not have killed 29 people and wounded 150;
soldiers testified that they had to shoot at the crowd, and later recanted their
testimonies; a weapons cache was found in the mosque, but was never
investigated. They fabricated the case to accuse the right and ban Kach...

The standard question, �cui bono?� answers the question of who killed
Kahane. Arabs had no reason to kill him because Kahane was a scarecrow, scaring
the Israeli and Western public so that the right-wingers could be demonized.
Kahane was barred from the Knesset and posed no threat to Israeli Arabs. He did
pose a huge threat to the Israeli establishment...

The murders of Meir Kahane, his son Binyamin, and JDL members are too much of a
coincidence. Add to these the framing of Baruch Goldstein, who supposedly killed
and wounded more Arabs in the Cave of the Patriarchs shooting than there were
bullets in his cartridge. Soldiers testified they had to shoot to stop a rioting
Arab mob�which was in line with Israeli intelligence, which expected pogroms
on that day in Hebron�but the soldiers were forced to retract their
testimonies. The Israeli government used the Goldstein hoax to ban Kahane�s

The story doesn�t stop with the official Kahanists. An Israeli group of Oslo
promulgators had every reason to murder Rehavam Ze�evi, who firmly confronted Shimon
Peres. Israeli security had no problem asking PFLP to take credit for
Ze�evi�s murder... Shimon Peres brought Arafat back to Palestine as a puppet for a peace
show. Arafat sometimes protested that it was Israel who staged �terrorist attacks,� which
of course were counterproductive to the Palestinian cause, but he was dismissed
as a liar.

To those who asked, yes, I think he's sincere, for now. But he has entered a political mafia Hell that is much bigger, stronger and more vicious than he or his followers want to understand. He changes or he dies.



Readers love my new book, The Stinger Not The Stung.

In 362 pages, The Stinger Not The Stung, removes the blinders of a moral Israeli political establishment. From there, we can easily grasp the political catastrophe afflicting all the Jews.

I already read Stinger.  It is fabulous.
Started the first chapter of Stinger and couldn't put it down.  Well done, even though it is so depressing to realize Israel's leaders are at least as corrupt as our own.
Just a sincere 'thank you' for the book-I am reading it. Wish my buddy who's an assistant prof. at Wake Forest would read your book.  He won't because he is too timid on dealing with evil/adversity-maybe someday!
I purchased it from Lulu, received it and am nearly halfway through your most alarming analysis. If I did not believe that the Lord Almighty was, is, and always will be the King, I would be really frightened. Thank you for your labours and courage to continue.
It is the truth that is alarming! That apparently �good� political leaders can willfully deceive the public; as you with such reliable evidence have shown they do. And how can so many  go on believing their lies?
Excellent, and, as usual, very well documented! You are one of the few who understand the danger that Israel has inflicted upon itself.
Have already read the first 35 pages.....and it is riveting!!!!!!  ALL peoples need to read this book!  Your writing is brilliant!

Get it from me signed personally to you for $29 in the US. Add $13 postage for outside the US. But order now and look what I add:

I am a feature player in a new 3 hour long DVD called Clear And Present Danger. While I was visiting Atlanta, director Steve Stavro filmed me discussing the Vatican and its relationship to Israel. Somehow I fit into the film, which is a serious expose of the Vatican sect, the Jesuits. The most compelling and disturbing sections are the convincing arguments that American Presidents such as Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Lincoln and Kennedy were all murdered by the Jesuits. My role is not so grandiose. I tell how Israel is manipulated by the Vatican.

Shalom Barry !
Just watched Clear & Present Evil. Tremendous !
I THOUGHT that I understood ...
I now understand why Tony Blair converted, Clinton takes the sacrament from the Pope and why Obama & Peres were Jesuit-trained.


Thank you, Mr. Chamish: I did indeed watch the "Clear and Present Evil" DVD the minute it arrived. Loved it very much and have shared with friends. will savor the bonus DVD of your own presentation later this week.

Clear And Present Evil is $25 in the US, add $6.outside the US. I'll combine The Stinger Not The Stung with Clear And Present Evil for $40 in the US, but add $16 postage abroad. That's $40 instead of $60.

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And if you believe, at long last, that I am the only writer telling close to the whole truth, it's time to say so with a contribution!

Barry Chamish
POB 840157
Saint Augustine, FL  32080


Hear my radio show:


                                                    by Barry Chamish

A Texas writer, Robert Morrow, sent me the following:

There is an extremely important book that came out in 2003 and was published by Vision. It is "Operation Cyanide-Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III " by Peter Hounam and it is about Israel's attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967.

Here is the link:

Here is why I know Lyndon Johnson ordered Israel to attack the USS Liberty and that the goal was to blame it on Egypt and justify the USA entering the Six Day War on the side of Israel so the USA could bomb and take out Nassar of Egypt: the nuclear loaded Strategic Air Wing at Beale Air Force Base in California went on alert between 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 hours BEFORE word supposedly got to Washington, DC that the USS Liberty had been attacked by unknown forces.
Only the orders of the President of the USA could have put that nuclear air unit on high level alert.

But only The Council For Foreign Relations could have covered up the crime. Members will be cited (CFR).

- John McCain's (CFR) father, the Admiral, (CFR) led the government commission of inquiry which exonerated Israel for deliberately and with deadly purpose, almost sinking the USS Liberty in 1967.

Of my personal relationship to Hounam, recall me writing:

The issue of the Liberty has deeply poisoned the American relationship with Israel. It is a far greater thorn than Israelis understand because, in fact, Israel did try to kill every sailor on board The Liberty. If I needed persuasion of that, I got it with the correspondence I began with two officers of the Liberty, as well as my personal meetings with British documentary maker, Peter Hounam, who made a highly damning of Israel film of the incident, shown on the BBC...
Lest one think, all this work is borderline and there is no recognition in the controlled mainstream media, I saved one letter and did not tape one phone call from Peter Hounam of the BBC and Sunday Times. He read my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and met me in Israel. In his case, we could be dealing with an objective reporter. He was the reporter who broke the Vanunu revelations in the Sunday Times. Nonetheless, he is convinced my reporting of the Rabin murder is the right version of the facts. I gave him a copy of my new tape, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, recorded at the last Rabin convention in Jerusalem. He phoned and told me it was a "tour de force." He has committed himself to pursuing the Rabin murder in whatever form he can expose the truth. Now this is not the first time an established journalist from a mainstream media has made the same commitment. In every other case, the projects were forcibly halted.

And Hounam was stopped before he could break my Rabin work. One more of life's disappointments.
     At this moment, in the US, a new version of the Liberty scandal, the President ordering his Navy to abandon a ship under attack, is being repeated, only this time the President ordered his Navy to abandon an embassy under attack in Benghazi, Libya resulting in the murders of four staff, including the Ambassador. And the President and Secretary of State, were watching the attack live via satellite tv in a White House media room. The details get murky from here, did Hillary bring the popcorn, did Barack sneak his arm around her shoulder, all fuzzy. What has to be investigated is who gave the order to "stand down," from the besieged embassy:

Among the allegations, Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin said "sources who were on the ground in Benghazi" said CIA operatives about a mile away from Amb. Stevens' compound were told twice to "stand down" after hearing gunshots during the night of the assault. (The gunshots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m.) Additionally, Griffin's report says that former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods disobeyed orders to "stand down" and rushed to the U.S. compound housing Amb. Stevens alongside at least two other personnel. After receiving fire from militants near the compound, the team reportedly evacuated everyone they could find and returned to the CIA annex to call for more backup. "At that point, they called again for military support and help because they were taking fire at the CIA safe house, or annex. The request was denied," reported Griffin.

Changes are taking place at State. Hillary "wants" to quit and her choice as new Secretary of State, Susan Rice (CFR), was chosen to be the scapegoat for the Benghazi embassy abandonment, though she had nothing to do with the real scandal of who gave the order to stand down from saving the compound. All she did was announce that the reason for the attack was an American movie insulting Islam. So she made a mistake. She did not commit a deadly crime. That honor goes to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
    Hillary had a busy month. First she flew to the Middle East and forced Israel to accept the Moslem Brotherhood of Egypt as negotiators of their ceasefire with Hamas. Obviously a fair mediator. She left the region and the very next day, Egyptian leader Muhammed Morsi declared Sharia law had taken over the country. This, we ask, was without Hillary's consent?
   Perhaps Morsi's actions weighed on the Secretary because she caught flu, passed out standing up, hit her head and suffered a concussion. On the day of the Newtown massacre, Obama spoke to the victims, trained to wipe his eye for effect. It worked with Reagan. It didn't with Obama. That took up all but a fraction of the news and in a small slice of the remaining time we learned that Hillary Clinton was excused from testifying to the Congressional Benghazi Commission because of her concussion. Lucky break.
    Replacing Susan Rice (CFR) is John Kerry (CFR). Susan Rice was John Kerry's foreign policy advisor during his failed candidacy for President. He is a graduate, like both President Bushes, of the occultic Yale University cabal, the Skull And Bones Society. The well publicized CFR agenda insists on Israel withdrawing from Gaza, Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem, making Israel unviable as a state. To that end, like Dean before him, Kerry has promised to appoint Jimmy Carter (CFR) or Bill Clinton (CFR) as his administration's Middle East advisor. Not that Kerry will receive any new advice from either of them, since his campaign manager is Alan Solomant, an executive of the far left Peace Now - America.
But as his prominence grew, so did the investigation of his past. And what did we recently discover; why Kerry is Jewish on his father's side. Kerry was Kohn. Somehow, he forgot the fact that his grandparents were prominent Jewish business people in Prague and that his father is 100% Jewish. Ask yourself, do you know anyone who doesn't know his father's religious background?
The Middle East has drawn the Presidency and State Dept. into a scandal as deep as Watergate. Except, I'm betting they'll successfully cover up for Benghazi just like they did The Liberty.


I sent out my new book, The Stinger Not The Stung. Some of you got the rare author's galley with its mistakes, some got the perfect final copy. You're starting the react:

A powerful indictment of the CFR. - David S.

Yeah! FINALLY my good friend Barry Chamish sent the book I asked for eons ago. OK... I know the book just came out!... I'm just busting your chops!
Thanks Barry!
I'm already enjoying the read... so far.
Tell me... do you think "regular" people would believe your reporting of these events? Even I find it ALMOST unbelievable!
As usual I love what I've already read. I'm sure it will be another "page burner" for me! - Bill C.

In 362 pages, The Stinger Not The Stung, removes the blinders of a moral Israeli political establishment. From there, we can easily grasp the political catastrophe afflicting all the Jews.

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Obama’s Marxist Agenda will use Sandy Hook Murders to gut 2nd Amendment

Chocolate Jesus Walks Upon Dead Children and Cries Crockodile Tears!

As he reached far back into his Animatronic memory to produce a single, liquid crockodile tear to display before his servile audience of press corps sycophants, Barack Hussein Obama did his very best to convince his electronic world-wide viewers that he really and truly did care for the innocent children and adults who were murdered in cold blood at a gun free zone at The Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut this past Friday.   Undoubtedly, he relied on Americans’ noted non-ability to recall any details beyond the latest “Dancing with the Stars” winner, or the finalists names on “America’s Got Talent.”  Otherwise, those with longer memories might reconsider the incongruities of this theatrical display by our acting President, a man who appears to care so deeply about the tragic, senseless deaths of children and adults while his Communist core is already salivating over the ways this tragedy can be -- pardon the expression -- ‘capitalized’ and exploited to push the last yet most essential element in his quest for his consolidation of power and control over America -- complete civilian disarmament and the nullification of the 2nd Amendment to The Constitution of The United States.

There are those who will read the words above and recoil in shock and horror as to my apparent callousness and cynicism.   They will remind you that Mr. Soetoro, aka, Obama, has two young school age daughters whom he clearly loves, and use this as proof that his grief is genuine.  To this I replay that this same Barack Obama is the man who voted to allow the killing of children who accidentally survived abortion outside the womb; who has allowed and expanded the remote drone strike killings of ‘suspected’ Al Qaeda terrorists throughout the Middle East, drone strikes which routinely kill 80% of non-intended victims who are then described as  “collateral damage” -- a euphemism which a more civilized person might more accurately describe as women and children.  Yes, this is the same bronzed demi-god who walked thru a corridor of Greek columns to accept the laurel wreath of victory during his first Democratic Party nomination --  only to silently collude in a treasonous conspiracy with his racist Attorney General, Eric Holder, to violate both international and constitutional law to allow thousands of “high powered assault rifles” to be ‘walked’ directly into Mexico, an act which produced hundreds of murders of Mexican men, women and children, and finally resulted in the killing of U.S. Citizen and border agent, Brian Terry, which is the only reason the American main stream media even bothered to report it.

Of course, many liberal/progressives will object and state that no linkage between The White House and this “rogue” gun walking operation out of Arizona was ever established.  True, the American Public was harassed and cajoled by the Establishment Press and The White House to view this ‘gun walking’ operation as something that was developed totally independent of the knowledge of Eric Holder or Barack Obama.  Yet think of the absurdity of low level bureaucrats of the ATF deciding, on their own, with no knowledge, communication or involvement of anyone higher than their local Phoenix office, instigating a program of ‘walking’ thousands of ‘high powered assault weapons’ over the Mexican border to known drug dealers and drug gangs, without the knowledge of either Washington or Mexico, in order to supposedly ‘track’ these weapons to see where they would end up -- altho they had no way to ‘track’ them once they left their straw purchasers, as they did not bother to imbed the rifles with any remote tracking devices!  What a truly amazing oversite!

Yes, it’s almost as if someone wanted to have all these weapons smuggled into Mexico so that all the killing they produced might be considered as proof to a supine American media that lax U.S. gun laws had resulted in the death of hundreds of Mexicans, and that something had to be done to stop such carnage.

For those of you who think this scenario is too cynical, consider that the mainstream media never even told you that similar operations were happening spontaneously out of other ATF offices in Texas and Florida and even Indiana!  Yes, you see, all of these ATF offices and the people in them had the same idea -- at the very same time -- without ever communicating among themselves or with their superiors in Washington, DC, to allow illegal straw purchases (felony) to be made multiple times by known felons (felony) and for their purchases to be given to known criminal drug gang members (felony) and have these weapons brought across international borders (felony and violation of international law) to be ‘tracked’ and ‘traced.‘   Their desire to ‘track and trace’ these weapons may have been thru psychic means, as all of these ATF field offices never bothered to insert any remote tracking devices into their firearms to allow this ‘tracking’, which was the alleged media inspired ‘reason’ for this operation, to occur.

Yet the biggest miraculous coincidence of them all is that neither President Obama nor his 2nd in command and head of The Justice Department, nor the head of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms knew a thing about it!  Which explains why,  when the feces hit the fan, that St. Obama invoked Executive Privilege.... because, of course, he knew nothing about it, and by invoking Executive Privilege, he made sure WE would learn nothing more about his non-involvement in this treasonous conspiracy with Mr. Holder.

I say all this just to illustrate the fact that the only lives that are meaningful to the people who currently run our government are the lives of people that they can use to push their agenda; and nothing is of more paramount importance than the evisceration of the 2nd Amendment and the disarming of the American Public so that the ‘progressive’ Utopian vision of a ‘Unitary’ Executive, a vision which appeals equally to ‘Neo-Cons’ as well, will be established.   Another word for this flowery title might more properly be termed ‘Dictator’, and both NeoCons and Progressives, being at their hearts twin heads of the same Socialist serpent, see an American Dictatorship as something for which they both yearn.

What makes the killings of innocent men, women and children at Sandy Hook, Connecticut even more reprehensible, is that their is already substantial evidence to point to a staged government psy-op!   That is, the official story of yet another ‘lone’ gunman going berserk may really have been another staged event to push naive, low-information Americans, led by a primed American media, to demand “gun control” as a panacea and a preventative so that such horrific violence would never happen again.

We are told by the lemming lame stream media that the lone gunman, Adam Lanza, 20, came to school with weapons and went on a shooting spree, killing 20 children, and 6 adults, including his mother, before killing himself.  No motivation is offered, other than he was a loner who had problems relating to people, despite the fact that he was quite intelligent.  No one event seemed to precipitate this outburst of violence.  Yet already there are major discrepancies in this very pat story which seems tailor made to push the Obama/Progressive disarmament gun-control agenda to fruition.

One major discrepancy is that the Medical Examiner has declared that every child and adult was shot with a .223 round at least 3 times, and some as many as eleven times.  Yet the .223 Bushmaster ‘assault’ rifle used to do the killing was not found near the alleged assailant’s body, but locked in the trunk of his car.  Two handguns, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, were found near his body, but apparently these were not the firearms used to kill the children.   Police reported finding numerous casings of spent .223 ammunition, yet both handguns shoot 9mm shells.

A further anomaly is the simple math involved.  If every person murdered suffered at least 3 shots from the .223 Bushmaster, that would mean that at least 90 shots were fired (including the person shot 11 times).  However, the Glock pistol holds no more than 17 rounds; the Sig no more than 15.  Even the .223 Bushmaster holds no more than 20.  This sort of massive killing would then require multiple magazines of ammunition to be used, but none of these magazines have been found at the scene.  However, police did announce that a Henry repeating (lever action) rifle and a shotgun were also found.  Curious, isn’t it, that one person would be able to carry 3 long guns and two hand guns onto the crime scene with no apparent help from anyone else.

But perhaps there was someone else committing this crime.  Eye witnesses describe two men running into the woods at the time of the shooting, and YouTube video shows the police actually catching one of these men, who is wearing a dark jacket and camouflage pants!  Yet he protested his innocence (innocence of what?  How did he know anything had happened, and if he were innocent, then why did he run away from the police?)  There is also a YouTube audio of police calls (lasting 37 minutes) where this man is apprehended by the police and made to lay on the ground in a ‘prone position.’

Unfortunately, young Adam Lanza, the alleged lone gunman, supposedly shot and killed himself, so we will never be able to ask him why he supposedly did it.  Nor will we be able to ascertain that he was as much of a ‘patsy’ as Lee Harvey Oswald.  It will be interesting to see if Adam used one of the 9mm handguns found near his dead body.  Or whether he shot himself with the .223 Bushmaster rifle found in the trunk of his locked car....

Now the incredulous among us must become even more so, because there is also a strange ‘link’ with this shooting and the recent Aurora, Colorado theatre massacre alleged to have been committed by one Jason Holmes.  Please consider the remote mathematical probabilities of these ‘co-incidences’ actually occurring.

It turns out that there is an interesting connection between the father of Adam Lanza, alleged shooter and killer at Sandy Hook Elementary school, and the father of James Holmes, the ‘Joker’ shooter in the Aurora, Colorado ‘Batman’ movie massacre.  Both of these fathers, Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes, were scheduled to testify before a U.S. Senate committee to discuss the LIBOR rate fixing scandal that has cost investors billions of extra dollars around the world.  Robert Holmes is the lead statistical scientist for FICO, which most of us know does our credit scores.  Peter Lanza is a Vice President and Tax Director of GE Financial.  Really, just what are the ‘odds’ that these two would have sons who would be involved as the perpetrators of mass murder within months of each other?

In fact, this strange relationship also brings to mind the recent case of the two children who were murdered in their New York City high rise condo by their ‘nanny’ of many years.  It turns out that father of the children and husband of the wife whose children were murdered, Kevin Krim, is the same Senior Vice President and television executive who decided to post the story of the $43 Trillion dollar law suit involving all the major figures of the Obama administration and the New York banking and finance community on the CNBC website, and then 3 hours later, after an anonymous phone call, had it hastily removed.  A day later, two of his children were dead.  Coincidence, especially when dealing with the corruption of the international banking elite, is a curious thing.  But I digress.

A common theme of mass shootings is that they happen where guns are banned (gun free zones) and no one is armed.  Think on this.  How many ‘mass murders’ can you recall ever happening at a police station?  Why do mass murderers always choose places where the odds are that no one will be armed?  Simple -- because they want no resistance to their homicidal urges and even in their demented state realize that a person with a weapon willing to use it is sufficient to thwart their plans.

Now as to the discrepancies mentioned previously, it would be a simple matter just to examine the video recordings of external and internal cameras at the school to determine if there were truly more than one shooter.  However, I will hazard to guess that for some inexplicable reason, those cameras were not operational that day, or the recordings were somehow lost or destroyed.  It will just be another co-incidence.

The bottom line in this tragedy is that the progressive liberal agenda, headed by Barack Obama, will use this mass murder for further political fodder to try to ban all semi-automatic handguns and rifles; after that, their next goal will be to completely ban the civilian possession of firearms  of any type.  This feeding frenzy to further gut our Bill of Rights seems curiously tailor made for their agenda, for in their world, ‘gun violence’ can only be stopped by the elimination of guns.  Let us totally forget that it is not the gun that commits the crime (which is what the non-sequitur, ‘gun violence’, actually implies); it is the individual who uses that lethal tool in a criminal manner.  For if we, as a society, were truly interested in eliminating ‘things’ which cause children’s deaths, we would also eliminate swimming pools and bicycles, both of which cause more childrens’ deaths annually than firearms.  But don’t expect a federal/media campaign to outlaw either within your lifetime.

What truly leads to the use of violence and mass murder committed with a firearm?  Is it the ‘easy availability’ of these weapons to the general public?  Consider that semi-automatic handguns and rifles have been a part of American culture for over 100 years; it’s only been since the killing of Robert F. Kennedy in 1967 that ‘gun control’ took root in the psyche of the American ‘progressive’ Left.   It was even easier for teenagers to buy howitzers and bazookas as well as semi-automatic ‘assault’ rifles thru firearms dealers before 1967, yet where were the mass school murders and shootings before that time?  Essentially, mass school shootings were nearly non-existent.

So what has changed in our lives, our society and in our culture since the late 1970’s, when mass school shootings started to occur in our society?  While it is true that our media culture has become more violent, and violent video games have become extraordinarily popular, while single family parents are nearly the norm, where child abuse and teen-age pregnancies soar against a backdrop of over a million abortions a year, while all of these things are a factor in the psychic background of these murderers is true, the one almost universal commonality found in nearly 100% of all the mass school shooters is that the perpetrators were on prescription psychiatric, psychotropic drugs.

If you go back thru all the school shootings of the last 30 years, you will notice a constant litany of these shooters on ‘approved’ psychiatric drugs, such as Ritalin, Luvox, Effexor, Valium, Prozac, and a whole host of anti-depressants and serotonin uptake inhibitors, which are known to produce violent mood swings, psychotic breaks, suicidal impulses and murderous rages.  Since Adam Lanza was described as nearly autistic and also suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, it is more than likely that he was being ‘medicated’ to deal with his mental ‘issues.’  Yet have we ever heard even one politician or media personality call for an end to this massive psycho-therapeutic assault on the mental health of our nation?  Even tho such prescription drugs can be found in use by nearly 100% of every school shooter since this phenomenon began?

This hypocrisy is even more incongruous when seen against the backdrop of our current societal fixation with drugs.  On the one hand, we have ‘zero tolerance’ for drugs, campaigns to ‘Just Say No’ to drugs, and countless television police reality shows which show the devastation of drugs; yet we think nothing of allowing psychiatrists, psychologists and others to prescribe drugs for our children, drugs which have a trailing history of death, suicides and murder, yet we allow their use in the hopes of modifying the behavior of a loved one in a positive direction.  This is the true insanity.

The mental illness, precipitated by psychiatrically prescribed psychotropic drugs IS the issue which Obama should have addressed and highlighted.   But the donations of Big Pharma to the coffers of both Democrat and Republican campaign machines will certainly preclude the media spotlight from ever being shone on this one indisputable commonality among nearly 100% of every school mass murder.  All we can look forward to is a constant barrage harping upon the evils of firearms in private hands, especially those deadly semi-automatic ‘assault’ weapons.  Almost as if on cue, media personalities sing in unison to ‘get serious’ about ‘gun control’ and always without addressing the underlying issue of the latent mental illness which is the fomenter of these atrocities, the driver which causes an unstable person to plan these murders and pull the trigger.

Yet while the media refuses, as usual, to investigate the story surrounding this event and prefers their normal prone posture of simply acting as a government conduit for ‘official’ news while relegating uncomfortable, non-conforming facts to the memory hole of obscurity and oblivion, the bottom line is that there also appears to be more than co-incidence at work here.

The idea that such murderous situations being conceived, scripted and carried out by a small, secret faction of our government may seem preposterous to many.  Yet there are simply too many ‘co-incidences’ and unanswered questions in both this particular atrocity, as well as many others in the past, which cries out for full investigation.   But whatever you do, please do not expect any member of the so-called ‘main stream media’ from following leads into uncomfortable areas or unchartered waters.  They had their grand opportunity to do that with a thorough investigation of the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal, and did nothing more than regurgitate the repeated lies and obfuscations of the Obama Administration, rather than following the trail of leads back to their source in The Oval Office.  Now that The Anointed One has captured another second term, the media mouthpieces will be even less inclined to pursue The Truth, no matter where it may lead.

The problem, of course, is that it may lead directly back to the current puppet in the White House, and his puppet master, George Soros, also a perpetual proponent of ‘gun control’ and complete civilian disarmament.  After all, it will be so much easier to corral the great mass of Americans and herd them into FEMA camps when the economy totally collapses under the weight of massive derivatives fraud, stock and bond price manipulations, and endless TARP ‘stimulus’ programs, with the resultant hyper inflation of prices combined to coincide with the planned deflation of our currency.

What a heady brew!  And since most American’s will have been disarmed to ‘save the children’ they will no longer be able to save themselves from the intended consequences of this manufactured calamity.

copyright 2012, LCVincent, all rights reserved


A freind who is an OAP who can only walk short distances with a stick went to see relatives last week in Doncaster Yorkshire last week, after a rainstorm he noticed two official looking men walking behind him as he smoked a cigarette on his walk back from the shops, after finishing his ciggy he bent down and put the butt down a roadside drain, it was only as the two men grabbed him he realised they were folowing him to see what he did with the butt, he was fined on the spot £75 which was close to the total he had in the bank.
Many towns in Britian now like Doncaster cannot go for real criminals because of political correctness, and having to balance Foreign/British black/white prosecutions, this allows mugging gangs free reign in our town centres, house burglaries mean most times the police do not even come out of the nice warm  police station any more, the police may not go for real crimes but they now go for cigarette smokers litter droppers and people allowing thier dogs to fowl.
Other categories openy targetted are motorists and young skate boarders.a pocice insider said that inner city thugs and problem families are being deliberately moved into council houses in villages, this is so governments can say their policy has lowered crime in the cities! its been going on since Blair was in power, as apparently pretty little villages in Devon where crime was virtually unheard of are now becoming crime hot spots!
He knew of one case where a toerag was caught trying to nick a stereo out of a car, in a Devon village. He was caught and when he spoke he had a Tyneside accent!  he was one of many that had been moved,  messrs Blair and Cameron and their fellow bunch at Westminster are the real criminals!
Police were heavily criticised recently for ignoring Asian gangs targetting young vulnerable English girls for years, until the situation became intolerable, political correctness also means the part of Inner London where i live is a tourist zone, but public toilets are closed outside office hours, police say that gays use them for casual sex, they are not alowed to intervene so have the toilets close, this means that tourists have to go in alleyways.
 A recent politician called the police "Plebs" plebs is short for Plebians which  comes from ancient Rome and means someone who is vulgar coarse or common and from the lower classes.
British police have lost the support of the public afer targetting the public with violent attacks, killing a newagent walking home, shooting the Brazilian lad Jean Charles de Menezes and other stupid blunders.
PIC British police.
The sliding of crimes across from one category to lesser ones is just one example of official dishonesty, others showing police racism is that we have a black and Asian police assoc, a black lawyers and solicitors assoc, a gay Lesbian and transgender police assoc, but we are told any associations for white policemen are racist, work that one out !
We recently had in Britian the chance to vote for a Police cheif, the official candidate A or the official candidate B, most people relsied what a farce this was and either abstained or put Mickey Mouse on the ballot paper,one official said To Russia TV, " good job Mickey Mouse was not runing he would have won it hands down "
Many people do not realise but all voting papers are numbered, and the police have been monitoring who you vote for over some time, and if you do not vote for the official three parties candidate, your name will go on a blacklist as happened to the couple who voted UKIP, this can mean further down the line being labelled as a domestic terrorist and not allowed  goverment employment, to foster children, and it may affect your mediacl and later pension rights, and if you disagree with homosexuals being allowed to marry or muticulturalism, you could also be in big trouble later on. 
The security for the London Olympic games was a complete farce, several newspaper reporters breached the athletes zone to chat with the athletes, we are told by insiders Al Quaeda does not really exist and its really a CIA/Mosad/MI5 frontto bring in repressive new laws.
The British bobby has been gradually replaced with army style heavy handed armed units, under Tony Blair the remit for the police was changed from protecting the public to defence against terror, so real crime on our streets is largely ignored.
The Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski has implented for £2 a week Russian street patrols in high crime areas, many of these men do not speak English but they have helped cut down on many street crimes.
The real reason that our police are slowly being disbanded is to bring in the Israeli G4S security to patrol our streets, they have an awful name in Palestine and  this will be a "pay as you go" what this means is that they will function from the fines they make, so people will be fined on the street and the suggestion is that anyone and everyone will be vulnerable to make up fine moneys, The British public have constantly said "The British police are no longer fit for purpose" and to watch you are not attacked on the underground and shot 7 times in the head, this looks increasingly likely with Israelis doing our police work.