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The Cuboid Stargate

An investigation into the syncromystic connections and occult symbolism within Nintendo's GameCube, Super Mario Brothers and other popular culture icons.

Jake Kotze's Synchromystic Cuboid Stargate

An investigation of the cuboid shape and it's significance in conspiracy theory and the occult using synchromystic references in pop culture. Included we see more speculation and verification involving the 9/11 mega-ritual and the occult purpose of the Freedom Tower. - Jake Kotze



John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States, wrote a letter to W.L. Stone in 1833. This great man knew better than most in his time about the insidiousness of Freemasonry:

John Quincy Adams - Masonic Murder"Freemasonry, corporate Freemasonry, is chargeable with the stealing of a free citizen, and the murder of a father and husband. The proof of this subject is perfectly conclusive, and is to be found in the reports of the trials of the kidnappers of William Morgan, and in the official accounts given by different special Attornies. It is responsible for having baffled inquiry, for having defeated investigation by the removal of witnesses, and for having produced the acquital of persons notoriously guilty. It has been decided by Judge Marcy in New York, and by two sets of triers at a circuit court held by Judge Gardiner, in the same state, and by a court in Rhode Island, that the obligations of Freemasons disqualified a man from being an impartial juror in a case where a brother mason was a party; and such undoubtedly is the law of the land. The Grand Lodge of New York has given one hundred dollars, in charity, to one of the most guilty kidnappers of Morgan. The Grand Chapter of the same state has given one thousand dollars to aid and sustain other well known kidnappers, and to enable them to escape from justice, at a time when they had no money to bestow, in charity, to widows and orphans. This has recently been established in the trial of a libel suit, brought by Jacob Gould, which was tried at Albany, New York. But perhaps the most remarkable evidence of the binding force of masonic obligations and of the real power of the fraternity, is afforded in the conduct of those who control the newspapers of the country. When the English forger, Stephenson, was kidnapped in a distant state, and brought forcibly to New York, the whole country rang with the alarm which was sounded by the newspapers and every patriot was called on to resent this invasion of personal liberty. But when a free citizen of America was dragged from his family, forcibly carried through the country and drowned in the deep waters of the Niagra, a death-like silence pervaded the newspapers; or if they spoke, it was to notice the outrage in terms of irony and as a trifling and unimportant affair. The papers of every party teemed with the most gross misrepresentations; a simultaneous attack was made on all who were engaged in discovering the offenders; fabricated accounts of Morgan having been seen at different and distant places were incessantly circulated, and every effort was made to delude the public and mislead inquiry. How tremendously powerful must have been that organization, which could produce this shameful treachery of the press to it's public duties! These facts are as notorious as the sun at noon-day, and a stronger proof of their general truth cannot be adduced, than the single circumstance, that to this day, thousands and millions of reading citizens of this country are ignorant of the history of Morgan's abduction and murder, and are totally uninformed of the abominations of freemasonry."

(John Quincy Adams, Adams letters Addressed to W.L. Stone{1833} 23-24, University of Rochester Library Archives).

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Legend of Atlantis 5: Battle of Armageddon

I have been waiting for the right time to post these, that time is now. Another Legend of Atlantis video will be posted each day over the next few, be sure to bookmark and come back to

Watch part 5 of the video series:
Legend of Atlantis - Battle of Armageddon CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO IN FULL SCREEN

Paul Laffoley’s Hyperspace Art: Disinfo Interview

Paul Laffoley discusses dimensionality, time-machines and the 'Vegetable House' on DISINFO, The Interviews.

Watch the Paul Laffoley DISINFO Interview

In this second interview from the DISINFO DVD, Paul Laffoley explains his UFO-contact painting, the Thanaton III.

Watch Paul Laffoley's 2nd Interview from the DISINFO DVD

Visit for the DISINFO, The Interviews DVD
Laffoley's Odyssey

Chemtrails: Clouds of Death

Is the government secretly destroying the atmosphere and poisons the population by spraying toxic chemicals using commercial aircraft. This dramatic brief film looks at the topic of Chemtrails with a bit more conclusion and dramatic effect.

Watch the Chem-Trail documentary video:
Chemtrails: Clouds of Death

The chemtrail theory is a group of conspiracy theories regarding allegedly unnatural vapor trails purporting to hold 'chemicals.' They are said to be found behind certain aircraft (in certain places and at certain times), leaving behind the distinct trails thought to be laden with so-called 'chemicals.' Conversely, contrails are formed by condensation of water vapor in the aircraft's exhausts. Proponents of the theories maintain that some trails have an appearance and quality different from those of normal water-based contrails, i.e. that chemtrails are not consistent with the known properties of contrails. The general unifying factor is the generally conspiratorial belief that some kind of chemical or biological agent is being secretly released. The term "chemtrail" should not be confused with other forms of aerial dumping (e.g. crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting). It specifically refers to systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for some undisclosed purpose resulting in the appearance of these supposed chemtrails.

Among the theories proposed for the purpose of the alleged "chemtrails" are: atmospheric and weather modification, biological warfare, mind control or occult purposes. They are also theorized to be part of a system to counter the effects of global warming, to create a cheap wireless communications network for the military, or to create a more sophisticated radar system (for both defensive and scientific application). - Wiki

An Anonymous Email From An Airline Mechanic
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Heaven’s Gate Cult Classroom Video Sessions

Beyond Human: Heaven's Gate Classroom Video Session One

Beyond Human: Heaven's Gate Classroom Video Session Two

This year with marks the 10th anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate suicides that took place March 23, 1997 in Rancho Santa Fe outside of Sand Diego in Southern California.

This video features Marshall Applewhite. He was the leader of the Heaven's Gate cult. He died in the cult's suicide in 1997.These are clips obtained while filming the documentary "Heaven's Gate: The Day After. They were given to us by Chuck Humphrey, who was known as RKKody while he was with the Heaven's Gate group, just prior to his suicide in 1998.

While attending Boise State University in the mid eighties director Sergio Myers encountered members of the Heaven’s Gate cult who were on campus recruiting new members. Three years later, after the mass suicide of 39 members, Myers compiled footage taken from the Idaho recruiting session.

It is the director’s goal to portray the cult members as people who loved life, and welcomed the "next level" - not as fanatics. Through the use of their farewell video, one can see the joy on the cult members’ faces two days prior to their deaths. This was not a dangerous group such as the Manson Family or as extreme as the Branch Davidians; but ultimately, as in Jonestown, the lives of numerous people are gone for reasons to complex to fathom.

For more video clips and to purchase the critically acclaimed film on DVD go to:

the Freeman Perspective interview Michael Tsarion

Freeman interviews alternative historian and best selling author, Michael Tsarion on the origins of Atlantis and its effect on the world today. Learn of the portals opened through ancient magical rites and how the secret societies pay homage to ancient Atlantis with the death of millions.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation

Jordan Maxwell: Sons of God Video

In this video lecture from the Bay Area UFO Expo, Jordan Maxwell describes the possibility of religious and biblical doctrine that has been falsely interpreted from the true meaning of pre-adamic hominids, henotheistic beliefs, aliens and extra-terrestrials. Jordan Maxwell points out how the holy bible depicts origins of humanity on earth with humans who came from Lyra and Pleiades then lived on Mars as well as Malona before exploding and immigrating to planet Earth. Watch this fascinating Jordan Maxwell video lecture in it's entirety below.

Jordan Maxwell: Sons of God - Bay Area UFO Expo Video Lecture