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Alex Jones Discusses Martial Law on CBS San Antonio

KENS 5 San Antonio CBS featured Alex Jones of and Jeff Addicot-- a "terrorism expert" to discuss martial law, including new provisos under PDD 51. Host Joe Conger gives Jones the benefit of the doubt, but seems to support the idea of limited freedoms in the name of security, suggesting that the loss of civil liberties may be the reason we've not had another 9/11.

Alex Jones Discusses Martial Law on CBS San Antonio

Secrets of Living an Income Tax-Free Life

Did you know there is no law that states you must pay income tax?

You may have seen Irwin Schiff on America Freedom to Fascism, and learned that he is presently a political prisoner, jailed illegally for a NON-CRIME.

Discover exactly how "voluntary compliance" means exactly what it sounds like ie means with regard to the income tax.

Irwin Schiff's Secrets of Living an Income Tax-Free Life Part 1

Irwin Schiff's Secrets of Living an Income Tax-Free Life Part 2

Alex Jones Arrested On Video

During a 1998 Bush rally and speech at DuPont Photomask Facility, Alex asks the following question.

"Sir, shouldn't we abolish the Federal Reserve and the CFR? That's the real reality that none of you will talk about and most of you are members. That's what's destroying this country governor. Don't you stand for America sir? What about the Federal Reserve and the CFR?"

Alex is then grabbed by Texas police, taken outside and handcuffed. The cameraman is threatened as he films the entire incident. Afterwards, Alex was kidnapped and driven around for half an hour before being thrown out on the side of the road. All for the crime of asking a question!

Video of Alex Jones being arrested for asking a George Bush about Federal Reserve and CFR!

CIA Drug Trafficking

Dateline news report on how the CIA brought cocaine into the US during the 1980s, igniting the crack epidemic. The late investigative journalist Gary Webb discusses how "Freeway Ricky Ross" was only a small player in a much larger scheme by the CIA to traffic drugs into America. Former DEA agent Cele Castillo is also interviewed, speaking about how when he worked for the DEA and witnessed drug trafficking, he was told that it was a code operation being run by the White House! After the dateline report, Alex Jones offers further insight into the system of control that the US government has manufactured with it's so called "War on Drugs". This news piece is extremely damning evidence of the drug running conducted by the US government!

Watch the video clip:
Dateline report on CIA drug trafficking into the US
with follow-up commentary by Alex Jones

The Occult World Of Commerce

The Occult World Of CommerceJordan Maxwell honors Jason Whitney with a special twenty-minute introduction into the esoteric foundation of words and terms frequently used in present-day society.

Jason Whitney presents a brief, yet elaborate Power Point production which offers key insight as to how our legal system is predicated upon one thing, "commerce", and the regulation thereof, or better said, the extraction of money "energy" from society.

Understanding of the concepts presented by both Maxwell and Whitney are essential for anyone who desires a greater understanding as to how our out of control judicial/legal/banking systems are designed and operate in America.

Watch the documentary:
The Occult World Of Commerce
with Jordan Maxwell & Jason Whitney
presented by the Law research Group

This presentation addresses:
Man as a Word-Controlled Creature
Civil Law vs. Admiralty/Maritime Law
Maritime/Admiralty Law Superimposed over Civil Law
One's Mother as a Merchant Vessel
Giving Birth as a Commercial Maritime Concept
Hospitals and Energy Farms
Spiritual Beings vs. Human Beings
Freemasonry, Banking and the Court Connection
Judicial Slush Funds
The use of Public Records Act Requests
And more...

"The most eye-opening in some ways was the final presentation. It bordered on the consipratorial but never quite made it into loony territory, and as such was most disturbing. Jason Whitney works for a legal foundation which suggests some interesting ideas about where money goes in the legal system. " --Layer One

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