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4D Tesseract 3D projection

4D Tesseract (hypercube) 3D projection with a 2D projection of 3D projection. Contemplating the nature of reality has really come a long way and then maybe not  so far at all. Now computer imaging constructs where imagination use to thread merely in the mind's eye. Theoretical  physics meets  the Buddha consciousness.

The Cuboid Stargate

An investigation into the syncromystic connections and occult symbolism within Nintendo's GameCube, Super Mario Brothers and other popular culture icons.

Jake Kotze's Synchromystic Cuboid Stargate

An investigation of the cuboid shape and it's significance in conspiracy theory and the occult using synchromystic references in pop culture. Included we see more speculation and verification involving the 9/11 mega-ritual and the occult purpose of the Freedom Tower. - Jake Kotze


Paul Laffoley’s Hyperspace Art: Disinfo Interview

Paul Laffoley discusses dimensionality, time-machines and the 'Vegetable House' on DISINFO, The Interviews.

Watch the Paul Laffoley DISINFO Interview

In this second interview from the DISINFO DVD, Paul Laffoley explains his UFO-contact painting, the Thanaton III.

Watch Paul Laffoley's 2nd Interview from the DISINFO DVD

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Laffoley's Odyssey