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How To Use Hypnosis For Mind Control and Hypnotherapy

greatfishinginutah asked: In the next few minutes, I am going to reveal two secrets that will allow you to control people's minds. Hypnosis mind control doesn't work in real life in quite the same way as it does in the movies. So if you're expecting to be able to take over someone's mind and turn them into a living zombie, you're probably going to be disappointed. But that doesn't mean you can't control their mind in more subtle ways. Advertisers do this all the time - now it's your turn! The first secret is this helping people day dream. Our resistance levels go down when someone tells us a story. After all, stories are fictional aren't they? But by telling a story, you can control the way the mind works at a deep level. The hypnotist Milton Erickson was famous for doing this - the whole Ericksonian method revolves around weaving stories that relate to the problem the person is trying to resolve. You don't have to go as deep as this - simply asking someone to imagine something is a good start and you can often see them drift off or watch as their gaze changes. Of course, once they're day dreaming they're ripe for you to plant hypnotic suggestions and control parts of their mind. And paint vivid pictures in their minds! Help them to imagine a scenario, even if they almost instantly dismiss it. Our imagination is vivid given even half a chance. Help your subjects to imagine things - embellish on the pictures they're already drawing in their own mind and then use that state ...

Conversational Hypnosis And NLP Used on a HOT Woman

mastermind7720 asked:

Learn to do it yourself: A lot of people have asked me about conversational hypnosis, nlp, mind control techniques, psychological tricks, how to hypnotize someone, a friend, your boss, your dog, anybody really, how is it really done, how to be able to influnce someone to obey your commands, what's the real secret. Well, my personal secret is a combination between my pasion for the human mind and how it works and the material found in the link above. I really hope you guys get to master hypnotizing someone or just playing mind tricks on them, its challenging, fun and a great experience to have. Good luck!

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Bohemian Grove Photo Montage

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Bohemian Grove photos showing the mock human sacrifice the 'cremation of care'. Many photos from the estate of a dead Bohemian Club member. Posted by Mark Dice. Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media plays in shaping our lives. Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world. Several of Mark's YouTube videos have went viral, earning him a mention on ABC's The View, Fox News' O'Reilly Factor,, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post's Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major papers in Pakistan and Iran. Mark Dice appears in several documentary films including Invisible Empire, and The 9/11 Chronicles, and was featured on the History Channel's Decoded. He enjoys enlightening zombies, as he calls them, (ignorant people) about the mass media's effect on our culture, pointing out Big Brother's prying eyes, and exposing elite secret societies along with scumbag politicians and their corrupt political agendas. He also habitually calls into several top-rated talk shows, including the Sean Hannity Show, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage, and verbally battles with the hosts on various issues since ...

Learn Conversational Hypnosis

salamatma asked: "Conversational Hypnosis" learn conversational hypnosis power of conversational hypnosis the power of conversational hypnosis black ops hypnosis buy conversational hypnosis conversational covert hypnosis conversational hypnosis conversational hypnosis...

Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau – Part 3

DebtCures asked: For Part 1 For Part 2: In Kevin Trudeau's Debt Cures They Don't Want You To Know About, Kevin exposes what he terms The Greatest Ripoff of American Citizens in our Nations History. He shows how the Federal Government is in bed with the credit...