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UFO Shot Down!

ryanuk1981 asked:

UFO Shot down to earth in battlefield bad company 2!! It appears we have more to worry about then the enemy soldier,Have you had any "encounters" online? Extra tags (ignore)~ yt:quality=high definition hauppauge hdpvr sony vegas playstation acr m16 tar 21 f2000 m4a1 scar h ak47 fal...

(MUST SEE) Illuminati Satanic 2012 UFO event, Bill Cooper and silenced NWO researchers

Xendrius asked:

UPDATE: There are many people still saying that these aliens are good, out there to help us. If you believe that, the Illuminati got you where they want you. Because the plan is to make the aliens come in peace and promise to help us with all our problems, the reason why they didn't make their move yet is because they want to make sure that when they reveal themselves, we have no other choice but to accept whatever they propose. Because the Illuminati is now going to create massive problems on earth, polution, oilshortage, food and water shortage mixed in with crashing markets. SO I WILL BE MAKING A VIDEO ON THE ET MESSAGES. If you still have doubts about UFOs or still need some visual evidence as well as the testimonies of respected NWO researchers, here is the video to see. Covers John Todd's, Kent Hovind's, Bill Cooper's and Fritz Springmeier's reesarch into ufology, the disclosure project hoax, and the Illuminati plan for 2010-2012 and more. This is a very important video, I wish everyone in the world could see it, even if people don't believe it now, they certainly will once when the Illuminati plays their UFO card, and trust me, after all the disasters, earthquakes, polution, oil-spillage and fuelshortage the Illuminati will move for phase 2. Noone knows what they plan to do next but they certainly plan to depopulate the planet by around 6 billion, They will probably do it after they have dealt with all other WMD countries one by one or try to create their third ...