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Michael Tsarion, Rosicrucian? (1 of 5)

Michael Tsarion Is he a Rosicrucian? Is that a degree offered by the Scottish Rite of freemasonry? Is their goal the unification of world ... all » religions for their world government? Was he trained to be a "world teacher" by the theosophical society? Like Blavatsky and Crowley? Is his agenda "kind of like" or exactly that of the Illuminati networks?

Unhidden Agendas: Exposing The Wizards of Oz

The best parts of "exposing the illuminati from whithin" Set to the music of PhRieQ. This guy has a lot of the documentation to back up his side of the story, and he's not the only one telling this story strangely enough. More to come from the Unhidden Agendas. Freemason, Satanic Luciferian Mormon, Church Of Satan, Priest, Witch Wizard Warlock, Aleister Crowley, Druids

Joe Lieberman Lies About Bush Kiss

Once again, Joe Lieberman is lying about the Bush Kiss, today's New York Times reports he said, "There has been some doubt, based on the postgame films." Actually, the postgame films confirm a kiss.


In all seriousness, for a masonic greeting to be handed out so boldly to ones superior(Lieberman), it can be interpreted that Bush was showing deference and admiration, to one of  his real handlers?

9-11 Speech by Charles Lindbergh

"On a spring day in 1918 several government agents entered a printshop at Washington,
D. C., where the original edition of this book was being printed.
"Destroy all the Lindbergh plates in your plant," they told the head of the institution. He
was forced to comply. The hysteria of war-time brooked no delays. Not only were the
plates of this book "Why Is Your Country at War ?" destroyed, but also the plates of
Congressman Lindbergh's book "Banking and Currency," written in 1913 and attacking
the big bankers and Federal Reserve Law.
So was the pat painstaking effort of months wiped out. Only a few hundred copies of this
book had been printed, and they were sent to Minnesota for use in Congressman
Lindbergh's campaign for the governorship of that state.
In 1923 Dorrance & Company issued Congressman Lindbergh's "The Economic Pinch,"
long out of print, as are his other writings, so that the present volume is the only one of
Lindbergh's books available to the American reading public today.
Lindbergh transferred the copyright to me late in 1923, when I was associated with him
in the practice of law at Minneapolis. We intended to use the book in his 1924 campaign
for governor, but death took him on May 24, 1924, and the project was halted.
As the years have passed the book has become more and more amazing. In the light of
things now happening it is a most uncanny prediction of economic trends, twenty years
ahead of its time."