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The Real New World Order

This short video reveals the true aims of the New World Order, which will create regional organizations that will serve on the UN Security Council in the place of their member states. By granting such power to these organizations a world government of sorts will emerge.

The EU Reform Treaty will be the first step towards implementing this worldwide government. Like the EU these regional organizations being built, most notably right now the Association of South-East Asian Nations, the African Union, and the Union of South American Nations, will all have legal personality, be run by unelected elites, and have control of the affairs of their member states.

In the U.S. the first step towards such an organization is being made with the North American Free Trade Agreement, North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation, North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, Security and Prosperity Partnership, and Dominican Republic and Central American Free Trade Agreement. Ultimately these agreements will lead to a supranational government structure. This already has begun with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, North American Competitiveness Council and NAFTA secretariat.

ASEAN is also writing up its new charter and it will likely include a legal personality for the group and ASEAN parliament, likely to pave the way for an EU-style supranational body.

Much like the Club of Rome plans for 10 regions of the world this ongoing movement is gaining significant ground in nine regions and a tenth may be on the verge of forming due to the six-party talks.

The New World Order by G. Bush e.t.c…

See the speaking of those men and think with open mind...!The new world order has already began!!!

      n international relations theory, the term "new world order" refers to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. However, inconspiracy theory, the term "New World Order" (the capital letters are distinguishing) refers to the advent of a cryptocratic or totalitarian world government.

At the core of most theories, a powerful and secretive group of globalists is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an autonomous world government, which would replace sovereign states and other checks and balances in international power struggles. Significant occurrences in politics andbusiness are speculated to be caused by an extremely influential cabal operating through manyfront organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination primarily through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes.

You are property of the Rothschild family!

Jordan States the truth, What we are to the Government - Slaves, For a corrupt banking system, OUR CEO HAS SOLD US OUT as did the last 30 years of them, You really think the new "Team" Obama and McCain are any better? What a joke..

Wake up world we are in End times...Look to people like Jordan Maxwell and William Cooper - RIP for answers.

Ancient Belief Systems Pt 6 – Jordan Maxwell

Ancient Belief Systems
A fascinating look at the influence of astrology and ancient belief systems on modern-day religions.
Throughout history, man has been influenced by various beliefs. Wars have been waged over differences of faith, and as armies and traders moved from culture to culture, they transported their ideologies to people in distant lands.

What are some of those beliefs and how have they impacted other religions? This program examines these ancient mysteries through the study of religion as influenced by Astrotheology the worship of the heavens and examines how ancient belief systems have influenced Christianity and Judaism.

* Discover the stellar god (from the stars), the lunar god (from the moon), and the god El (from Saturn) and how they have influenced various religions.

* Examine the Bible's astrological and Hindu references.

* Gain new insights into Biblical passages that refer to the "end of the world." Study numerous references that illustrate the meaning to be the "end of an age" as in the movement from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius in the Zodiac.

The information contained in this video is powerful, thought-provoking and unique a must-see for anyone interested in the roots of modern religion

Truth about Halliburton, Cheney, and McCain

A little insight on what gov't contracts are all about...
Illuminati Admiral Dick Cheney corrupting and influence peddling the total government and financial and political elites into a quilt of the real winners and only winers of this debacle of a war. Foreign policy is a joke. So is freedom at home. Who feels free in this country anymore? Blackwater in Iraq, storm troopers at the RNC, and cameras on every corner of every city and soon every town. Welcome to the New World Order.

TPMtv: Dick Cheney: Lying Liars Edition

Vice President Dick Cheney was interviewed by Larry King, so TPMtv did its best to point out a few of the more questionable assertions made by the Vice President. This bastard has had a hell of a ride as the Field Marshal of the Right wing Hawks that tore a huge gaping gash in the middle of this nation. Illuminati scumbag.

‘Dick Cheney had a death squad’, but everybody does it.

Dick Cheney was in charge of an assassin ring which killed enemies of the US in Afghanistan and Lebanon, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. Operation Pheonix was the precursor in Vietnam that answered to the old VP and that old man obviously wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Former chair of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and dirty cop on the block, Dick Cheney. Assassin. Whoa, big surprise that is. WOnder what his sweet wife thinks of  that. Probably doesn't give a shit.