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The Secret of the Universe 2 of 6

The ancient secrets of antigravity are revealed as the result of an in depth study - clues left by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle, and the Freemasons Lodge (Grand Masonic Lodge) at Philadelphia. The Golden Ratio (Phi), or the Golden Section, and it's relationship to Prime Numbers, Prime Quadruplets, and the Pyramid Shape with an angle of 51.83 degrees is revealed for the first time! The formerly hidden secrets of anti-gravity and magnetism are here. The Star of David hexagram is a key as well, along with the number 144. Learn how the ancient megaliths of the world were really constructed. The best way to a real antigravity solution - infinitely easier to construct than Searl, Hutchison, etc.

Venus Project and Free Energy Economics

Conspiracy Myth Busters explores from a unique perspective the debate about the North American Union, the Amero and the unsustainable Gov/Corp New World Order agenda for a One World Government and currency. Whilst offering an alternative to liberate people from the Economic Trap with Free Energy Economics, the Venus project and a resource-based economy. Embracing technology and ending money as a currency, the divide of rich and poor and the power a minority of bankers have over the world.

Life in 2100 ABC News. Propaganda or futurists?

What is the future of this crazy world and look at how the major media is approaching these vital topics in our future. Still a lot of talk, talk, talk. Even though it seems that Nero did not ply the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground, from a strict historical perspective, he might play some day soon in our home town.